Lawsuit Against Kirk Minihane Filed By Somerville Mayor Joe Curtatone Is Dismissed, Internal Emails Show Taxpayer Money Being Wasted Over Prank Phone Call


In June Somerville Mayor Joe Curtatone announced that he was suing Kirk Minihane and Barstool Sportsafter he was pranked into believing that the radio personality was actually disgraced plagiarizing Boston Globe columnist Kevin Cullen, and conducted a 20 minute interview. I highly recommend watching it if you haven’t already.

It began when a SJW reporter from the Boston Herald pretended to be outraged because Barstool Sports sponsored towels at Game 2 of the Stanley Cup Finals in Boston. Curtatone virtue signaled about it, and baselessly called the company racist.

Minihane wanted to see if he could give an example of the alleged racism, but knew that Curtatone would never sit down with Minihane, or any reporter who he knew was not on his team. Thus Minihane, in order to get the interview, had to pretend that he was a Globe columnist who was recently suspended for lying about being at the Boston Marathon bombing several times, as well as pretending to be personal friends with Martin Richard’s family and several first responders. In Curtatone’s world view Kevin Cullen has more legitimacy than Kirk Minihane, simply because their world views align.

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Instead of just owning the fact that he was foolishly catfished and embarrassed by Minihane, the Mayor announced that he was suing Minihane and Barstool Sports in Middlesex Superior Court.

Curtatone Complaint and Jur… by on Scribd

He hired high priced attorney Lenny Kesten and the media wrote all about it. Then seven months later this happened.

Dismissed with prejudice. Didn’t even make it to the discovery phase, never mind trial. As it turns out a recording isn’t a “secret” recording if Curtatone agrees to take part in it.

Embarrassing. This is the Mayor of your city Somerville residents. You did this. You elected this fool. Well done.

Question – will he still be donating to the women’s shelter?

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Or was that only contingent upon bankrupting Barstool Sports?

Just like with our lawsuit with Gaffney, the media wrote all about it in June. Internal emails show that they were hounding the Mayor’s office for comment because he was going after someone they don’t like.

And just like with our lawsuit with Gaffney, the media was nowhere to be found when it was dismissed. Almost as if they want the headline to come up on Google that you were sued, but they don’t want the public to find out that the lawsuit was completely meritless.

Time and money was wasted on this lawsuit, paid for by the taxpayers of Somerville. Internal emails show that Michael Meehan, the city’s Political Communications and Digital Media Specialist (because the Mayor is too busy or lazy to write his own speeches) was sending drafts of the speech shortly before Curtatone made his statement that Barstool Sports is racist and sexist.

“White, male grievance.”

Mr. Meehan, you are a white male filing a grievance.

But you’re calling someone else racist, which makes you by default one of the “good ones.”

This guy was getting paid to write that draft. This is what your tax dollars go towards.

Meghann Ackerman, the city’s communications director who likely set up the interview in the first place, contacted the real Kevin Cullen to give him additional comments to add to his story.

But since Cullen wasn’t writing a story and didn’t conduct an interview, he was very confused.

In fairness, not being at a place has never stopped Cullen from pretending he was at that place before.

Meghann Ackerman is exactly what you pictured a political hack in Somerville would look like.

Do you have a door knocker on your nose? Do you hate Donald Trump? Do you like getting paid to fall for prank phone calls and set up your boss to be humiliated? You too could be the next Communications Director for the City of Somerville.

Ackermann and Meehan continued to send emails back and forth about the statement they were putting out.

This went on for hours. This is how they spent an entire day of work. Good thing there’s no potholes in Somerville that need fixing.

Here’s more emails Curtatone’s office received from some real winners who were cheering him on. Like this one from North Falmouth’s Brian Sullivan, with the subject “Portnoy hate speech facts.”

Imagine waking up every day and being this guy?

Having an arsenal of 10 year old tweets and comments to discredit a website you simply don’t have to read? He must be a real sport when his whilst being pegged by the wife.

Here’s another from old man Bill Peverill of Watertown.

“WE THE PEOPLE OF BOSTON need to hold them to the same standard we would hold those whom they hold in contempt.”

I don’t think you or anyone else even knows what that means Billy. However, if you’re going to say “we the people of Boston,” you probably shouldn’t have your address as Watertown. Just sayin.

And finally this one from Ryan J.

He archived an old post that they deleted! How did Curtatone ever lose his case with that one?

I contacted Lenny Kesten for comment on the dismissal, and asked who was paying him.

Lenny, I’m really disappointed in you. You said a lot of nice things about me in 2017  when you were representing the state troopers I went to bat for after their bosses forced them to redact a drug addict judge’s daughter’s arrest report. That was a noble cause, and now you’re reduced from taking money from this degenerate Mayor? Sad.

You and I both know this case is in fact over, and Mr. Minihane’s behavior was patently hilarious. Your client is just a beta male cuck with pie on his face, and he ran to you because you had no problem cashing his checks. Win or lose, you still get paid.

Interesting that he said that no city funds were used, thus implying that Curtatone paid out of pocket for this. But the problem is that taxpayer money was spent on this because Meehan and Ackerman both work for the city. If it were a private lawsuit, as they all claim, then city officials would not be involved at all.

I also texted Meehan for comment, and he was exactly the drip you imagined he would be.

Remember Somerville turtle riders – you paid for this!


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