Boston Mayor Michelle Wu Let’s 70 Pre-Selected Kids Decide If Boston Will Continue To Mandate Masks In School


The Boston Public Schools will not be allowing children to go to school without masks on, and this is how Communist Mayor Michelle Wu came to that decision:

Hitler governed the same way. Hey kids, who likes Nazis?

That settles that. Nazis are good now.

Be like this girl.


  1. Why is the City of Boston’s public health policy being dictated by hand picked children?
  2. The fact that Boston Public School high school students would be so stupid as to believe that wearing masks in school will stop them from dying from COVID says a lot about the failure of the BPS to adequately educate students.
  3. If they actually believe this it’s because they’re kids and have been taught to believe that adults like Michelle Wu are honest people who wouldn’t lie to them about masks not working.
  4. We don’t know how these kids were chosen, but more likely they’re all politically active and liberal, and they do in fact agree with everything Michelle Wu believes.
  5. We don’t know what question was actually asked that prompted 70 kids to put their hands up. They could’ve been asked if they want ice cream.
  6. The fact that it wasn’t done anonymously meant that kids would be intimidated from not putting their hands up, since everyone else is doing it.
  7. If the kids didn’t want the mask mandates Michelle Wu would ignore them. She’s only pretending their opinions matter because they align with the regime.
  8. These kids can all continue to wear masks for the rest of their lives, even if the mandate ends.

Communists love to use children to push their political agenda because it’s easy to hide behind them. No serious adult actually believes that 16 year olds have enough world experience to govern though. But Michelle Wu is not a serious adult. She’s a 36 year old carpetbagging trained Marxist who was groomed for this position by the most powerful people in the state. And she believes that everything these pre-selected children want is what’s best for everyone.

It’s their job to stop the spread of COVID and save the planet from climate change. They’re much smarter than grownups who haven’t learned a thing during their extra time on this planet, and we should allow them to dictate public health policy for the City of Boston.

This is why you shouldn’t elect a millennial mayor – because “clap backs” on Twitter mean more to them than actual governance.

Your party is funding the distribution of crack pipes to drug addicts in order to advance racial equity.

You’re not in the position to laugh at anyone.


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