Boston Paralegal Forces 7 Year Old Twins To Attend Super Spreader Women’s March While Holding Signs They Don’t Understand The Meanings Of


Last week President Fauci cancelled Thanksgiving.

Luckily no one is listening to this moron any more, because he had absolutely nothing to say about the stampede of clucking hens known as the Women’s March gathering by the tens of thousands all over America to protest Trump like they always do.

Showing up to a super spreader like this is your right. I just never want to hear you whining about “cases” or how Trump can’t contain the virus ever again. Ever.

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Showing up to these protests is a complete waste of time and accomplishes nothing, but if you’re inclined to do so that is your right. What you shouldn’t do though, is drag your children along to every protest you go to because you want to use them as props. That’s exactly what this woman right here does a lot.

Her name is Justina Gilliam, and she claims to be an office manager and paralegal at Henshon Klein law firm in Boston.

She forces her biracial twins to go to every protest and political event with her.

There isn’t a single kid in the entire world who can possibly contemplate the abstract concept of “systemic racism.” There certainly isn’t a child anywhere who wants to spend their weekend holding a sign bragging about how they’re an “anti-racist” in training. These kids are having their childhoods stolen from them by a selfish woman, who clearly gets off on parading around two black kids because it improves her street cred in social justice warrior circles. She even brags about how her kids are called SJWs in her bio.

No kid wants to do this. Ever. It’s abusive. All kids want to do is play with their friends and have fun, but their childhoods are being stolen from them by people like Justina.

Over the weekend she forced them to go all the way to Washington DC, because apparently the Women’s March in Boston didn’t have enough angry cheesehogs for her liking. Here’s how she made them dress.

Every person who tweeted out support or took a picture of them is complicit. These children are 7. The girl clearly did not write that sign, likely has no idea who Amy Coney Barrett is, cannot comprehend the idea of the Supreme Court, and now believes that she’s smarter than one of the most intelligent jurists in the country because Mom told her she was.

The worst part are the outfits and the masks. It pains me to see children like this normalizing the covering of their faces.

I mean, what the hell is this?

How do you explain to a kid what the Handmaid’s Tale is? How do you explain to them who these freaks are, and why they’re dressed up like this? Stop normalizing this garbage and let kids be kids.

And look at these signs they see at these protests.

That’s the kind of language you wanna subject your 7 year olds to for sure.

But they weren’t just there to protest for abortion, they also wanted to talk about climate change!

No kid in the history of the world has ever cared about climate change.

People like Justina virtue signal and pander on social media, but at the end of the day they have no legitimacy without a black family member to parade around. So they overcompensate by posting stuff like this.

Imagine being such a narcissist that you assumed every black person interacting with police needed you to save them?

She rightfully got ripped apart on Twitter and called out for being the horrible disgrace that she is, and she responded to pretty much everyone who had something to say.

“You do realize children have thoughts, opinions, and felling about the future, right?”

Not about climate change, abortion, and fracking you simple minded dolt.

Oh right, they had masks on and were socially distanced in a sea of tens of thousands of people. The virus can’t spread that way.

According to her the girl is really into civics.

No, you’re into civics, and you’re telling her that she is so you don’t have to be a real Mom. You’re just too selfish to give up your own hobbies and do things they want to do.

She also claims that her kids were the ones who dragged her there.

Ignoring the fact that no child would ever choose to drive to Washington to protest the inevitable confirmation of a justice, there’s also the fact that she’s on record as saying that she goes to this protest every year.

When you have kids you’re supposed to give up certain things for them. I used to like going to the casino on weekends to play poker. I stopped doing that because my kids have different interests, and it’s my job as a parent to take an interest in things they like, not vice versa. Clearly Justina Gilliam missed the message, and is actively engaging in child abuse to stroke her own ego.


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