Boston Police Officers: Marty Walsh Came To Several Districts To Ensure Cops He Supports Them, Calls Ayanna Pressley “Clueless,” Won’t Publicly Support Them Though


Reader Email (from a Boston Police Officer):

Hey I messaged your twitter and thought you’d guys would like to know that Marty Walsh has been going to roll calls the last few days at police stations saying that he 100% supports us and that people who don’t think we did a good job are “clueless”. He also said his quote in the Herald was edited. When asked if he would issue a statement or even a tweet he wouldn’t answer. He went to district 4 and 1 yesterday and district 11 so far today.

Marty Walsh might be the most pathetic, gutless politician of all time. He supports the police, he just can’t say that publicly because then people will think he supports the police. What a coward.

On the day of the straight pride parade he attempted to take a middle ground between Antifa and the straight pride parade organizers, but he ended up getting ratioed instead.

I mean, how tone deaf can you be? Take a look at the events in your city? Thirty four terrorists were arrested, many of who assaulted cops, simply because John Hugo and a group of conservative trolls obtained a permit to march through the streets for a few hours. Looks great Marty.

Two days later Wash told the Boston Herald that he takes allegations of police misconduct seriously, after radicals on the left organized another protest on Saturday at City Hall (and started a Facebook group for it) because they’re angry that he allowed the parade in the first place.

He wants the far left to think he’s taking a page out of the Joe Curtatone playbook by going after the cops, while at the same time not explicitly saying he’s going after the police so as not to upset the rank and file.

What he doesn’t realize is that all this is going to do is make both sides upset. Social justice warriors want scalps, not moderation. And police know that they did nothing wrong, and can clearly see that the Mayor is too cowardly to publicly support them.

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That’s why he had to show up at at least three districts in the last two days – he wanted to make it clear to the cops that he supports them. He just has to keep his support private, because if he comes out and publicly supports them his own party will go after him. He knows that Boston politics is controlled by people like Ayanna Pressley and Rachael Rollins. And if he attempts to be a moderate, or support the police at all, they will do to him what they’ve done to Joe Crowley, Richard Neal, Nancy Pelosi, and every other elected official who crossed “The Squad.”

The fact that he told the police that he considers people like Rollins and Pressley “clueless,” is definitely a good thing, but at the same time it shows how gutless he is. Marty Walsh is just another politician whose only goal is to stay in office. This is why Donald Trump resonated with so many people – he’s the only politician I can ever remember who simply does not care what anyone thinks about anything he says or does. At the same time Marty Walsh knows that people like Pressley and Rollins are the reason Trump is President in the first place. He knows they’re destroying his party from the inside, he just dares not cross them because he’s petrified of their ability to mobilize a woke Twitter mob, even though the woke Twitter mob already hates him and will no matter what he does.


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