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Boston Residents Admonish Police For Responding To Larceny Call After Woman Interferes During Incident With 2 Black Men


This is Zunaira Malik from Boston.

She was on her way home from grocery shopping yesterday when she saw Boston Police responding to a call on Columbus Ave in which two black men were involved. Naturally she inserted herself into the middle of it, assumed the cops were racist, couldn’t believe it when one cop told her to mind her own business, and proceeded to report this immediately to a South End Facebook group.

In summation:

  • Two black guys in two cars were near each other and one of the cars seem damaged
  • At least nine cops showed up to see what was happening, and within minutes all but one was gone
  • Zunaira felt the need to play savior for these two black guys, who would’ve been killed by the cop at any minute had she not intervened
  • The cop told her to mind her own business, and within minutes he was also gone
  • She then went over to make sure the black guys were OK, because these grown men needed her to save them
  • They told her they were perfectly fine, that the brakes on one of the cars were broken and that the other guy was there to fix his brakes in the middle of the street for some reason

That’s it. That’s the whole story.

But she got exactly what she wanted out of the post – praise for saving their lives, and condemnation of the police for doing their jobs by responding to a call. It started when one woman pointed out the obvious – no one had any idea why the cops were called. She of course got attacked for not being woke enough.

Yea, no one has ever called the cops on two white guys before. Ever. Good comment Robert.

I laugh every time I see Dianne Wilkerson show up in one of these comments sections. Like we all forgot about that time the former disgraced State Senator went to jail for 3 years after she got caught in a FBI sting stuffing $23,000 in bribe money into her bra, blamed it on racism, and then got an award from Marty Walsh for being one of the “18 women of color changing our world.”

The fact that she feels the need to chime in on stuff like this using her real name and gets zero blowback is all the evidence you need of who has the REAL privilege in our society.

Not a single one of these people was there, nor did they make any attempt to find out why the cops were called. More importantly, by her own admission the two black guys were perfectly fine and probably wondered why she wasn’t minding her own business. Luckily one group member actually attempted to find out the answer to those questions.

Oh look, the cops were responding to a call for theft/larceny because someone called and reported that tires were being stolen off the car, because it’s kind of weird to see Columbus Ave get turned into a Jiffy Lube. The two black guys were appreciative of the police response and were probably confused when this chick with a nose ring assumed they needed her help.

But even with these facts presented and the underlying point that people should wait for details before drawing their own conclusions about an unconfirmed Facebook post, the woke mob was even more upset with the guy delivering the facts.

Guys, Katie from Northeastern is disappointed.

Bow your heads in shame.

How dare Steve Fox present facts that interfere with her preconceived world view that cops harass black people for no reason. She’s TERRIFIED! Now please, check your privilege.

Don’t you just hate it when white cops murder black people for absolutely no reason? Happens all the time.

Oh wait, no it doesn’t. A total 9 unarmed black men were killed by cops in this country in 2019, and 8 of them were justifiable since the deceased were using vehicles as weapons against police officers. Then again, Sam Shoap is the kind of guy who can’t understand why he’s not allowed to blockade a major interstate whenever he feels like it, so his ignorance isn’t surprising.

Next up was Micah Belyea.

When the comment matches the face.

Micah is “incredibly uncomfortable” that someone would do basic research and present facts rather than jump to the conclusion that the Boston Police are all racist. How dare he “shame” the OP by answering her question and finding out what happened during the incident. Anyway, if you need Micah he’ll be blowing Doug from Game Stop for helping him find a used XBox controller.

Also upset was Robert F. Wainblat.

Yes, check your privilege sirs! Robert F. Winblat always checks his.

Of course this guy went to Duke too.

I could’ve told you that just looking at him.

When Robert F. Wainblat isn’t admonishing people for not checking their privilege for asking questions on Facebook, he can be found suing Comcast Cable for using his data to direct ads at him for products he’s more likely to purchase.

He lost, by the way.

Peppertits Patty Dejuneas wasn’t happy either.

They’re so fortunate to survive that harrowing ordeal of fixing their brakes in a public street and being asked by police what they’re doing. Too bad they didn’t commit a crime and get arrested because then Patty could’ve charged them an obscene amount of money since she’s a criminal defense attorney.

Finally at least one black person who hadn’t been to jail for bribery chimed in.

Guys, she was traumatized because her neighbors called the cops on her for blasting her music. She’s had a VERY hard life due to the color of her skin.

How will she ever survive?

The bottom line is, if you see a bunch of cops responding to a call and you insist on finding out why they’re there instead of minding your own business, you should probably find out why they were there instead of jumping to the conclusion that they’re racially profiling black people for fun. Just sayin.


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