Boston Teacher’s Union Allows BLM To Hold Workshops With Kids About How To Defund The Police, Teaches Them That Police “Only Protect Some People”


As part of Black History Month the Boston Teacher’s Union and Black Lives Matter is offering kids a different workshop every day to help them learn about black history. Except that’s not actually what they’re doing, and in reality they are brainwashing children to hate police. Here’s a flyer that was posted in McKinley Elementary School in Dorchester explaining the various workshops that would be held throughout the week.

“Have students budget out new ways to spend the $4 million BPS spends on police.”

School resource officers in the Boston Public Schools are essential for safety. A City Council meeting in Worcester with 20 people attending has a police detail, so there’s zero reason why a police officer shouldn’t be inside a public school with 2,000 kids in it. Kids who are gang affiliated are easily identified by school resource officers in ways that teachers cannot because they lack the training. The presence of a police officer in the building makes kids less inclined to fight each other or assault staff. Resource officers were added in Worcester over 5 years ago and immediately suspension rates plummeted. School resource officers also give troubled kids someone to talk to who can relate to them. The bonds that a resource officer develops with kids is just as important as the bond that kids develop with their teachers.

Yet BLM, a left wing political action group, wants police officers out of schools after being invited in to poison the minds of children by the BTU. This is yet another way that critical race theory has manifested itself in schools, and there is zero pushback. BLM is an organization that wants the police and prisons to be abolished, and they have no place indoctrinating children in schools.

This is Condon Elementary School Principal Robert Chisholm.

He’s a Harvard grad who sent out slides to faculty, explaining how the defund the police workshop would work. One of them stated that a police officer’s job is to make sure people are safer, but that in reality officers actually hurt and kill black people more than they do non-black people.

Another slide on police brutality states that although cops take an oath to protect and serve, “we know that police only protect certain people.”

People who live in high crime areas need the police more than anyone, but BLM is telling them that they aren’t there to protect them. Do you understand how dangerous that is? If a black kid learns this and sees someone getting mugged on his block, or assaulted, or raped, he’s going to be scared to call the cops now because the cops might show up and shoot him instead.

None of this is true either. According to FBI data, black and white people are killed at almost the exact same rate for every 10,000 people who are arrested for violent crime.

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More white people are killed by police every year than any other race. Although it’s true that black people are disproportionately killed by police, that’s simply because they commit a disproportionate amount of crime. Men are killed by police at 10 times the rate as women, but nobody suggest that the police are sexist against men. Men just commit 10 times the amount of crime as women.

Here’s the budget brainstorming lesson plan for teachers that Principal Chisholm sent out to teachers in an email today.

This is so horribly dangerous because kids don’t know any better. First of all, $4 million spread out throughout the entire BPS system isn’t going to do much to improve the schools. Condon Elementary is not going to get all of that $4 million budget. But they’re telling kids that they can buy whatever they want with that $4 million if only they get rid of the racist police officer in the school. This does nothing but create animosity towards the police.

Keep in mind that the Boston Public Schools remain closed because the mostly white teachers union is afraid to be around black children because they believe they might carry disease. Black and brown students are suffering disproportionately due to school closures. And now the racist BTU is further trying to divide children along racial lines while directly putting them in danger and making the community less safe.


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