Botham Jean’s Brother Is A Saint For Hugging And Forgiving Amber Guyger After Sentencing, Blue Checkmarks Last Out At Him Anyway


In one of the most amazing videos I’ve ever seen, Botham Jean’s brother got on the stand after Amber Guyger was sentenced to 10 years in jail for killing his brother, and not only forgave her, but told her he thought she shouldn’t go to jail and asked her for a hug. Watch.

That’s one of the most powerful things you will ever see. That man right there is Solomon-esque, and clearly Botham Jean came from good stock. I’d likely be far less forgiving under the circumstances.

I’m probably in the minority here, but I don’t believe Guyger is a murderer. To me murderers are built differently. They’re cold blooded and have something in them that allows them to take a human life and think little of it. Amber Guyger was incompetent, she freaked out and did something terrible that she can’t take back, but she isn’t a cold-blooded murderer and she’ll be out of place in prison.

Either way, in a sane world this would be a moment that everyone could appreciate. The fact is that she is going to jail, there was justice, and the dead man’s family has made peace with it.

But this is not a sane world. Instead the woke Twitter mob is upset not only at the majority black jury who sentenced her to 10 years, but they’re furious with the victim’s brother for using his free will to forgive the woman who took his brother away from him.

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“Bishop” Talbert Swan is such a fraud, and one of my life goals is to completely expose this Springfield charlatan. He’s allegedly a bishop and he’s railing against forgiveness, because he’s consumed with hatred and division. It’s how he makes a living. The fact that he masquerades as a man of the cloth while he sits on Twitter all day and spews nothing but pure hatred makes him the lowest of the low.

This blue checkmark wanted people to stop sharing the picture/video.

Yea guys, stop pretending that forgiveness is a good thing. Society needs more division and anger in order for hustlers like April Reign to profit off of the racism-industrial complex.

Pronouns in bio, title of “equity advisor,” famous for starting a hashtag, and a self-proclaimed “diversity and inclusion advocate. Nuff said.

None of these people are related to Botham Jean, and none of them actually cared about the man or his family. For them this trial was about revenge. Botham Jean’s death was useful for them because it gave them a chance to avenge what they perceived to be injustice for Michael Brown, Travyon Martin, Freddie Gray, etc. Nothing less than life in prison would’ve satisfied them. They needed Amber Guyger to be an evil villain, and she’s just not. They wanted Botham Jean to be consumed with the same hatred they are, but he’s not that person either. And their bloodthirst is what made me apprehensive about this case from the beginning. Amber Guyger was completely in the wrong, but you’ll never convince me that she wasn’t a sacrificial lamb for years of perceived injustice in the criminal justice system.


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