Boy Leads Brookline High School Track Team To Victory At State Track Invitational, Says Girls Need To “Deal With It”


Brookline High School competed over the weekend at the Mass State Track Coach’s Association Northeast Invitational, hosted by the Reggie Lewis Center in Boston. They did particularly well in the girl’s 4×200 sprint relay at the 5:57:30 mark of this video, largely because their second leg was a boy.

His form is horrible, but it didn’t really matter because his male bones and muscles gave him a much longer and more powerful stride, and the girls had no shot.

The athlete’s name is Chloe Barnes, and as you can see he is a dude who had the luxury of going through male puberty which gave him an obvious advantage over his female competitors. He also cheated and should’ve been DQ’d for running into the third lane, but since no other team was close to him it didn’t really matter. He could even afford to look back and jog in the first 50 meters.

Chloe was featured in the Brookline High School student newspaper last June as a sophomore.

Regardless of poor weather or faltering energy after a long day, without fail, sophomore Chloe Barnes arrives precisely at 3:30 p.m. everyday for track practice at Downes Field ready to train. As she runs through the hurdle drills, her feet pound on the clay pavement and in the next lanes over, her teammates from the girls track team do the same. However, at meets, she competes alongside the boys track and field team. This is because Barnes wasn’t assigned female at birth and because she is fearful of the public’s response if she runs with the girls team at meets

He wasn’t “assigned” female at birth because the doctors noticed he had a cock as a result of his XY chromosomes. Although he could have, he chose not to run against the girls because he rightfully would’ve been embarrassed to defeat a bunch of girls, especially considering he’s not very good.

The girls and boys track and field teams train separately during practices but attend the same meets. Although Barnes is a member of the girls track team and field team, they said they requested to race with the boys track team in hopes of avoiding questions from spectators.

“I’m in an arrangement with my coaches where I practice with the girls team but compete on the boys team,” Barnes said. “It was more a result of me just being afraid of other people watching [me] race.”

He’s actually quite bad for a boy, and Brookline is the best track and XC program in the state. They won both the boys and girls state championships in Cross Country in November – a feat that’s almost impossible for one school to pull off. Barnes’ 5K time is over 21 minutes, which wouldn’t even come close to making the Brookline boy’s varsity roster (or any team outside of Southbridge or Assabet Valley), and he would’ve finished in close to last place in every race.

For that reason Barnes decided he was going to compete against the girls this year, just because he felt like it. And if any girl had a problem with that he had a message for them:

Next school year, Barnes said they won’t allow their concerns to deter them from competing with the girls team. They said they plan to compete on the girls cross country team next fall.

For people who want to restrict transgender athletes’ presence on athletic teams, Barnes has short a message.

“Deal with it,” Barnes said. “Just deal with it.”

Just deal with it. His delusions are your problem to get over, not his. Now shut up and take your top off in the locker room.

You may also notice he goes by “they/them,” even though he claims to be a girl, because kids are brainwashed by their schools to make up pronouns and genders as they go along. None of it has to make any sense or be grounded in science. It’s just whatever you feel like that matters.

Chloe’s times are so bad as a boy that they aren’t going to win him many races as a girl. But they are good enough to beat the top runner on less competitive teams than Brookline, since they’re the top team in the state. Only the top 7 runners compete in the varsity race, and Chloe appears to be the 8th best runner on the girl’s team, so he has competed in varsity races. He won the league championship in the JV race and set the course record, leading Brookline to the team championship and displacing a freshman girl from his own school named Hannah, who otherwise would’ve won the race.


He may make the varsity roster next year though, since he has the advantage of having gone through male puberty.

He didn’t compete in the State Championship because he wasn’t as fast as 7 other girls on the team. He was there for them in spirit though.

In their victory photo his face got cut off because he was taller than the real girls.

This indoor track season he converted to sprinting and competed in the 300 meters and 55 meter hurdles.

This is the perfect event for a boy to beat up on girls because the hurdles are much taller for boys, and spaced further apart. It’s important for hurdlers to be able to take just 3 steps between each hurdle in order to not interrupt their cadence. He’s not fast enough to 3 step on boy’s hurdles, but he’s definitely fast enough to do it on the girl’s, and can basically step over them.

There is a woman in Brookline named Carol Barnes, who is a psychologist in Needham. I can’t confirm if this is his mother, but it wouldn’t surprise since no field of study has become more bloated with activists pushing transgenderism than psychology. These are the people telling parents that if they don’t “affirm” their kid’s gender by giving them puberty blockers, then their kids are going to commit suicide. There are parents who literally allow these people to dictate to them how they should raise their children.

It should be noted that one of Brookline’s top runner is the daughter of failed Democratic Senatorial candidate, and failed Attorney General candidate Shannon Liss-Riordan, who lost to Andrea Campbell despite being endorsed by Michelle Wu and Elizabeth Warren.

From her campaign website Liss-Riordan made it clear that not only does she fully supports boys being able to beat up on girls in high school sports, she also wants schools to push transgenderism on kids in the classroom.

With a troubling number of states implementing dangerous legislation targeting LGBTQ+ youth – particularly transgender youth – Shannon is committed to ensuring that Massachusetts remains a safe haven for all LGBTQ+ people. Shannon will ramp up enforcement of our civil rights laws on a systemic level to root out discrimination against LGBTQ+ indivduals, particularly in housing and employment where such discrimination is still persistent. Shannon will also support efforts to implement LGBTQ+-inclusive curriculum in schools and efforts to strengthen our anti-bullying laws so that LGBTQ+ youth are safe and affirmed in our schools. 

That’s what “BLT-123 inclusive curriculum” means. And “affirmed” means, “pick your own gender and we’ll play along.” So obviously her daughter and her classmates are unlikely to stand up and say how wrong this is.

Meanwhile, Brookline also has a girl on their team who thinks she’s a boy. Her name is Adair, and last year she said she wanted to compete against the boys. There’s just one problem though – the boys have to run longer miles because they have male bodies that can withstand that sort of training. Adair has a girl’s body because she’s a girl.

Sophomore Adair Bluman also runs for the girls track and field team but said he hopes to transfer to the boys track and field team next year to match his gender identity. However, the girls and boys track and field teams have different mileage and workouts. While the distance athletes on the girls team might run 30 miles on an intense training week, the boys will run up to 45 or 50 miles. Bluman said that he finds himself in a difficult position even though his coaches and teammates are caring and supportive.

“It’s sometimes hard for transgender people to be on a team that doesn’t match their gender identity. I feel like that is definitely hard for the people around. It would be nicer if it was easier to switch [teams],” Bluman said. “It’s difficult because I have to do all this stuff, talking with the different coaches and there’s differences in training.”

It would be so much nicer if switching teams was as easy as declaring that you’re a member of the opposite sex. Unfortunately there are biological realities that make it difficult for kids like Adair to do that. For a girl, she’s not bad. She would probably beat Chloe in a race, running close to 12 minutes in the 2 mile.

If Adair continued to race against the girls she’d probably make varsity and help Brookline win a state title. If she ran against the boys she’d get destroyed. So I guess it wasn’t a surprise to see her posing with the girls in their state championship photo.

Almost as if this has nothing to do with “gender identity,” and everything to do with competing against easier competition.

If Coach Mike Deyoung had any shame at all he wouldn’t be bragging on Twitter about how he has a boy beating girls in cross country. But the Boston Globe and MSTCA both named him coach of the year, so he’s loving the attention.

What we are allowing the BLT-123 cult to do to girls, and only girls, will go down as a dark period in our history. Unfortunately the only people who have the power to stop it are girls. If they refused to compete it would end. But that would require sacrificing scholarships and making themselves targets for public scorn. Men don’t mind this as much as women do. 

The reality is that boys in drag can beat up on girls in sports because girls allow it. They might want to say something, but they’re afraid of the consequences. There’s a reason all of Lia Thomas’ teammates who spoke up against her did so anonymously – they were afraid of the consequences. 

This might be controversial to say, but it’s the truth – this willingness to accept blatant oppression is why women couldn’t vote until 1920. You’re meek, afraid of conflict, and allow yourselves to get walked on. Men would never put up with this sort of shit. The majority of people we learn about in history are men because only those who take great risks make history. Eventually a Rosa Parks or a Harriet Tubman comes along and changes that. Maybe JK Rowling will be that hero this time around.


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