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Braintree Mother Films Herself Yelling Vulgarities At Braintree Police Officers, Urging Son Not To Cooperate While Being Detained For Suspicious Behavior With Stolen Moped 

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This is Jaclyn Smith from Braintree.

Here’s what she looks like without filters.

Jaclyn is a mother of two with several Google trophies for assault and battery on a family member, A&B with a dangerous weapon, A&B on a police officer, witness intimidation, and driving with a suspended license.

But being a shitbag herself wasn’t enough for Jaclyn. She has made it her mission in life to train her two kids to be just as useless and despicable as her, particularly her 18 year old son Sean.

On Christmas Eve Sean was out with three of his friends acting suspiciously on mopeds when someone called the cops. They were seen messing with a moped with screw drivers and starter fluid when police arrived, and like all innocent people they immediately ran away in separate directions. Two of them got away, but Sean and another one of his junior hoodbooger friends got caught and detained. Like the little crybaby bitch that he is, Sean called his cop blocking Mommy who immediately jumped in the car with Grandma and began to film herself berating the Braintree Police for doing their job. Her two videos of the encounter on YouTube have millions of views, and perfectly encapsulate what a disgusting, vile pig she is. Here’s part 1.

Of course it wasn’t enough to just harass the cops for doing their job, she also had a shine a flashlight in their eyes as she demanded their names and badge numbers.

You know you are a complete and total failure as a parent when you spend your Christmas Eve humiliating yourself on the Internet, and you’re such a trashbag that you don’t even realize it.

“I taught my son not to talk to you guys. If you f***ing take him you’re the worst f***ing cops I’ve ever seen.”

“Sean, this is why you record every time”

“He won’t identify himself? That’s the fourth amendment.”

“He’s a f***ing pig. I know you like it you f***ing losah! Go f*** yourself, your mom, and every family member you have.”

“We have the right to talk shit to these pigs.”

You can tell that her son hasn’t quite learned how to be a full grown guttermuppet like his Mom, so she was there to coach him through his first detainment.

“So Sean what are they arresting you for? Ask them. You have to ask them. Sean, you have to ask them! You literally have to tell them. I know my rights!”

Mommy taught them how to cry too:

Sean: “You guys f***ing threw me around like a rag doll. They pulled up and put tasers on us saying they were gonna tase us.”

Mom: “For what?”

Sean: “We ran.”

Yea, generally when you run from the cops and they have to detain you it’s not gonna be gentle. You could always just, not run.

She kept coaching from the sidelines, but it backfired:

“Keep asking them Sean. Ask for a supervisor.”

“I am a supervisor.”

“Sean, ask for a Lt right now.”


Then she went full legal zoom on them:

“Sean I’m gonna tell you about the law right now. 98 subsection D means cops lawfully have to ID themselves, right? That’s for you guys, right. To have to give your name and ID you have to be arrested, but guess what? They just fucking redid that. You don’t have to give your ID when you’re arrested anymore.”

Maybe if you spent more time raising your son properly instead of training him to be an a waste of space like you, then he wouldn’t be spending Christmas Eve stealing mopeds with his homies.

Luckily Grandma was there to do legal research on the spot.

“Mom, look up the law on IDing yourself. Google when do you have to ID yourself to cops.”

“You messed with the wrong f***ing one tonight.”

At one point Grandma tried to get her to calm down, but she was in full ratchet momma bear mode:

“You have that blue line f***ing desecration of a flag right there. That’s disgusting. That’s a felony you know that right? I am a f***ing nice mom. I’m a momma bear. We take care of mine until we do. Get a real job. Shut up Mom. Get a real job where you don’t f***ing ruin people’s lives. I’m gonna FOIA everything, your salary, your oath, when you started, all your IA reports. Trust me Walsh it’s gonna be all over the web. F***ed with the wrong one tonight mother f***er.”

The irony of someone who clearly hasn’t had a job in years, telling productive members of society to get a job, isn’t lost on anyone. However, the thin blue line recognized officers who were killed in the line of duty. In 2021 two Braintree police officers were shot and a K9 was killed. That symbol honors their sacrifice. She’s right about one thing though – it’s going all over the web. Just not for the reasons she hoped it would.

A normal parent would ask the police what their son did to see what they could do to help. Not the Braintree Bratwurst Bronco though. She was there to argue with the cops, set the worst example possible, and swear at public servants working on Christmas Eve just because it’s not illegal to do so.

“Do you know my son’s name yet?”

“He won’t give it.”

“Exactly, his mom taught him well.”

“Having a merry f***ing Christmas ya filthy animal.”

“It’s literally our right to sit here and talk shit to this clown Sean.”

“Under the constitution I have every right to sit there and tell you how much of a cock sucker I think you are.”

Under that same constitution we reserve the right to name and shame you, so that when people see you in public they’ll be able to point and say “there’s that horrible mother with the free range feral children that we read about on Turtleboy.” Bow your head in shame, and accept your place in society as a last call consolation prize at the local spoke.

The cops told her that her son ran away as soon as they got there. Instead of reprimanding him for that she told them that it’s not illegal to do so. But if they weren’t doing something illegal then why would they run? They couldn’t tell the cops who the moped belonged to and they had equipment that you use to steal mopeds. Gee, I wonder what they were doing?

When the cops finally let them go she asked to see their wrists, presumably so she could file a massive lawsuit for abuse. Before even seeing them she was already shrieking in horror. Just look at those injuries!

Thots and shares!

As soon as her son and his friend opened their mouths it was quite evident that they will both spend the majority of their lives avoiding child support payments and disappointing their probation officers.

“Wack ass cops n****a.”

“I’m on probation”

“They took my knife too.”

Of course the first thing Mom told her son’s friend was to tell his parents to do what she did:

“Listen, get your parents and go to the police and file reports. I broke so many laws getting here.”

Chances are that kid’s mother is much too high to figure out how to get to the police station though.

The sperm donor of the little mutt appears to be this gentleman:

Like his son, his name is Sean Perry. If he looks familiar that’s because Junkie Julian Edelamn was featured in a 2019 blog, when he got caught having sex with Miss Meth Massachusetts in the backseat of a car parked outside a Best Western in Sharon. Not only were they too poor to get a room inside, but when three hotel guests saw them boning and told them to get a room, Miss Meth Massachusetts (Allison Maitland) slashed all three of them with a machete.

So clearly he has a type. Unfortunately it looks like his seed will be growing up to be just like his old man.


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