Breaking News: Ashley St Angelo Arrested By East Providence Police Today, House Condemned By Animal Control After Deplorable Living Conditions Discovered


Editor’s Note: Yesterday our GoFundMe for legal defense that raised over $14K was removed after being mass reported by Hamdia Ahmed and other BLM activists, looking to protect a child abuser. She bragged about this online:


All donations have been returned. If you don’t want to let people like Hamdia Ahmed and Ashley St. Angelo win, then I welcome you to donate the money you go back to a trust fund that has been set up in my name by my attorney, by clicking here. Thus far was have raised $6,500. The best way to stick it to GoFundMe, Judge Darigan, Hamdia Ahmed, and Ashley St. Angelo is to raise even more than we did the first time. You have a right to give your money to whoever you want to, and they can’t stop you from supporting free speech. 

Breaking News: Ashley St. Angelo was arrested today by East Providence Police. Additionally, according to sources in the neighborhood his house was condemned after finding neglected animals and his autistic 15 year old son living in a flea and vermin infested home. It is now boarded up, and ACO was there with the police.

This comes 6 days after my court hearing in Providence Superior Court with Ashley, in which he was attempting to weaponize the courts against me in order to obtain a restraining order on myself and unrelated members of my family.

On February 12 Judge Noonan in Leominster District Court held a hearing in which he put a restraining order on Ashley St. Angelo that was good for one year. Conditions of the order were that Ashley was not to contact me, anyone in my family, or any of their employers, since he’s been harassing an elementary school in Fitchburg for months now. In early March Fitchburg Police reported that he had called the school once again, threatening to show up there, left a voicemail, and a warrant was put out for his arrest.

However, the warrant was not extraditable across state lines, so he continued to remain free and harass us from East Providence. After the hearing I alerted the Worcester County District Attorney’s Office that he was continuing to harass us and violate the order, and they agreed to make the warrant extraditable. It finally went through this morning and he was arrested at his home in Rumford.

Ashley now faces charges as a fugitive from justice, and his house has been condemned. His special needs son, whose education has been neglected as a result of being trapped in a home with a mentally unstable father who was in charge of his remote learning, was apparently used to living in the filth that animal control found at the house today. I will be getting the police report in a few days that contains more details.

For now it is unclear if Ashley St. Angelo is in a men’s or a women’s jail, where he will spend the night and remain until he makes bail. He has male reproductive organs, is quite large, and would be a physical threat to female prisoners. He has an imposing presence and a muscular build that would be threatening to most women.

This once again highlights the complete and utter incompetence of Judge Melissa Darigan. She took the word of a mentally unwell and abusive man over the sworn testimony of the Holden Police Department and two well respected innocent civilians. She punished his victims by forcing them to retain counsel and travel to Providence at their own expense, while waiving the filing fees for Ashley St. Angelo, who lives 5 minutes from the courthouse. She is paid nearly $180,000 a year to use her judgment, and she failed to do so. She is disqualified from serving as a judge in Rhode Island and should be removed immediately.

I discussed this all and declared war on GoFundMe last night on the Live Show with Attorney Marc Randazza. Never miss an episode every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday night at 9 PM by clicking here. Also follow us on our new IG page here

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