Breaking News: Kylie Kirkpatrick Arrested By Napa Police, Charged With 7 Felonies, Held On $100K Bail


Kylie Kirkpatrick has been arrested and charged with 7 felonies and 13 misdemeanors by the Napa Police.

According to the Napa Valley Register the arrest occurred earlier this afternoon.

The Napa woman who received widespread national attention in 2019 after her son paid off the outstanding school lunch debt of his entire third grade class was arrested Thursday and charged with 20 counts of theft. Kylie Kirkpatrick, 42, told media outlets, including the Register, that her son Ryan Kyote paid West Park Elementary $74.80 from his own savings account after he saw a news story about a student elsewhere being “lunch shamed,” or publicly being denied a hot lunch because of outstanding debts.

That story led to appearances on television programs, including “Access Hollywood,” and an outpouring of support from individuals, celebrities and companies. The youth was treated to tickets to sporting events and was cited by Gov. Gavin Newsom as he signed a bill strengthening the state’s rules against lunch shaming. The Napa Valley Unified School District already had a policy in place against lunch shaming before Ryan’s story hit the news.

Napa police opened an investigation in January after receiving a number of complaints that Kirkpatrick was using the fame to enrich herself and her family. A Massachusetts blogger, Aiden Kearney, who publishes under the name Turtleboy Sports, picked up the case and published a detailed series of posts accusing Kirkpatrick of fraud and other misbehavior. He pointed to Kirkpatrick’s long record of lawsuits and restraining orders, both by her and against her, by former friends, family, and other parents at West Park. She was accused in court records by multiple people of harassing them in person and online. Kirkpatrick denied those charges and often accused those people of harassing her.

Police did not detail the evidence against Kirkpatrick on Thursday, but they said she faces six counts of felony grand theft, one felony count of obtaining aid by misrepresentation, 12 counts of petty theft, and one count of theft by false pretenses.

“Police served search warrants on several financial institutions, electronic payment platforms, email and social media providers seeking evidence of fraud allegedly committed by Kirkpatrick,” police said in a news release. “Additionally, police interviewed several people related to the case.”

She was arrested as police served a search warrant at her west Napa home and booked into the county jail. Her son, now 10, was placed with a family member, with the approval of Napa County Child Welfare Services. Because she was in custody, Kirkpatrick could not immediately be reached for comment, but she has previously denied committing any fraud in the case or harassing any of the people who accused her. She had also denied that there was anything fraudulent about the initial story about Ryan’s initial donation to the school. Some critics had questioned whether the money came from Ryan’s account at all.

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How many felonies?

That’s a lot of felonies! And all from the date when she first made up the lie that led to her massive campaign of grift. If you need to catch up on all things Kylie Kirkpatrick, click here.

Kylie Kirkpatrick’s reign of terror on the good people of northern California is finally over. Great work by Detective Darlene Elia and the Napa Police, who clearly took this case seriously. North Attleboro Police should take notice – this is how you do your job. The investigation went on for months, and this wasn’t a harmless crime that Kylie pulled. She hurt a lot of people in the community. She forced an elementary school to shut down its social media pages. She sued multiple people for attempting to speak out against her and reveal the truth. She defrauded many gullible people because of a lie she repeated over and over again about her son donating his allowance to pay off non-existence school lunch debt.

To show how serious this is, Kylie is currently being held on $100,000. Due to the coronavirus we are unable to see what is in the complaint, but for bail to be that high it’s probable that her crimes were worse than we reported.

Reports are coming in that the police raided her house and that Ryan was home alone because Kylie fled as well. Perhaps she pondered whether or not it was wise to poke the turtle during her last few moments of freedom.

The Napa Valley Register was alerted about the fact that Kylie was lying in October and chose not to write about it because they preferred the fairy tale.

“Because it was a sweet thing to do for the kid.”

Except the kid didn’t do it, and he was used as a pawn to lie for his mother for months. As a direct result of their inaccurate reporting the story was picked up by bigger media outlets, which enabled Kylie to make TV appearances, solicit unknown quantities of cash in donations, and get flown to the Super Bowl by the Raiders. Kylie and Ryan met with or were endorsed by Governor Gavin Newsom, Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, Kamala Harris, Ilham Omar, and countless others. Actual legislation was passed as a result of this lie.

Countless citizens, including this reporter, contacted the NVR with evidence that the money was from a GoFundMe, and that Kylie was committing fraud. But they sat on the story because newspapers no longer report the news. They regurgitate police reports like they did today, and “report” politically charged propaganda that tugs at the heartstrings. They no longer find the news, they just wait for the news to come to them.

I personally contacted reporters from the NVR, New York Daily News, Time Magazine, Huffington Post, Providence Journal, and many other outlets that reported and spread this lie. Not a single one of them retracted their story, or even wrote an update. Not one.


Ryan “Kyote” (that’s not his real name, and was changed last year by his mother, most likely because she ran up credit in his name( is at an age where he now has to adjust from 10 months worth of trained lying and fraud, where he got everything material he could ever want for free, and go back to living life as a child without a mother. He will need serious therapy and likely will be emotionally damaged for quite some time. What his mother did to him was evil and she deserves to rot for it.

Days like today make all the heartache I deal with doing this job worth it. Tomorrow I will be personally contacting each and every reporter who spread this fake news, to ask if they will be updating their story. Now that she’s been arrested and there’s a press release they might actually consider doing their jobs.


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