Canton Cover-Up Part 13: Brian Albert’s Daughter Who Allegedly Left House 3 Minutes Before John O’Keefe Arrived Is An Investigator For Attorney General’s Office

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We had to temporarily make last night’s live stream private because of comments we made towards a certain protected community earlier on in the live stream. We’re making a brief edit and re-uploading the show, because it was a good one. One of the things we discussed was a tip that came in about Brian Albert’s daughter Caitlin Albert, who was at the house on 34 Fairview Road the night John O’Keefe was killed. According to a police report written by Canton Police Sgt Michael Lank (the only officer who stepped foot inside the house that night), Brian and Nicole Albert told police that their daughter Caitlin had left the house at 12:15 AM when she was picked up by her boyfriend Tristin Morris.

That was certainly convenient timing considering that according to his cell data John O’Keefe arrived 3 minutes later, was thrown down a flight of stairs 9 minutes later, and his body was moved to the front lawn 16 minutes later. Keep in mind, the number one priority for the people in this house was to protect the other people in the house, particularly the younger ones. They likely had nothing to do with what happened, but their mere presence in the house would make them witnesses. It’s why Michael Proctor spelled several of their names wrong in his report. It’s why Colin Albert was calling people looking for a ride at 12:31.

It’s also likely why Caitlin coincidentally was picked up by her boyfriend Tristin Morris right before O’Keefe arrived, so that she wouldn’t have anything to say to offer the police. No police work was done to confirm that Caitlin was not in the house, because the possibility that a murder took place inside the house was never investigated.

Perhaps Caitlin Albert needed extra protection because of her job as an investigator for the Massachusetts Attorney General’s Office.


Last year, thanks to Caitlin’s work, a CNA plead guilty to assaulting a 91 year old patient in Springfield.

If your father is a cop, and your uncle is a cop, and your other uncle is a Selectman, and you’re connected to the police chief, then you too could get hired to be an investigator for the Mass AGO in your early 20’s.

And for what it’s worth, one of Tristin Morris’ pictures with Caitlin was liked by another name that I recognized:

Emily Fabbiano was listed in Trooper Michael Proctor’s report for being inside the house before John O’Keefe arrived. And just like Sarah Levinson, Julie Nagel, and Kathryn Doody, her name was also intentionally spelt wrong.

How does Trooper Proctor still have a job? Clearly this was intentionally done to protect people from being involved in a murder. Any case he was ever involved in is tainted, as its improbable that this was the first time he did something this unethical. How has no other media outlet picked up on this? The lack of coverage this story is getting is criminal, and at this point the corporate press is just as complicit as all the other people covering up what really happened to John O’Keefe.


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