Bridgeport Woman Says 8 Week Old Puppy Taken From Her At Gunpoint, Won’t Call Police Because “We Hood, We Don’t Call The Cops”


A woman from Bridgeport, CT is alleging that a man with a gun pulled it on her while she was walking her 8 week old puppy, and stole the dog.

Thots and shares.

That post is now up to 5,000 shares to be exact, because people blindly share everything they see on Facebook in 2019. If it’s not on Facebook, did it really even happen?

Sure, it might seem strange that they didn’t rob her for money, jewelry, a car, or even kidnap her like the pumpkin spice mafia. These crooks just wanted the puppy, because apparently they can’t buy one of their own.

Why not just call the cops? She has a perfectly reasonable explanation for that.

“We hood. We don’t call the cops.”

I need that tattooed on my face.

She was robbed at gunpoint, but didn’t bother to call the cops because she “hood.” In fairness, I almost respect the fact that as a person who likely doesn’t pay any taxes and leeches off the system, she’s considerate enough not to use first responder resources that the rest of us pay for. I’m sure that’s her reasoning, and it has nothing at all to do with a drug deal gone bad. Does this look like the kind of woman who would find herself mixed up with drug dealers in Bridgeport?

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I know when 95% of a person’s pictures on Facebook involve them sticking their love canal in your face, it just screams “bring her home to Mom and Dad.” That right there is a magnet for attracting men who are two classes short of finishing their GED, but can’t do it because they’re working on their rap careers.

You’d think that if she really loved this dog and it was taken by a man with a gun then she’d be doing everything in her power to get it back.

But evidently she’s more concerned with keeping it real, and sticking to the code of “f*** the po-lease” rather than taking appropriate actions to get the dog back. Everyone knows that posting on Facebook is a much more effective way to solving a crime than calling the police.

Good luck even finding her original post because if you look at her Facebook page you’ll have to scroll through 45 minutes of ghettorific memes just to get to the December 22 post. On Christmas Day there were over a dozen posts before 6 AM.

She did update that she found out who the person was who robbed her.

But yet here we are a week later and no dog. On Christmas Day she lamented on how tragic it was that people aren’t helping her find the stolen puppy because she won’t call the police. The ALL CAPS line is priceless.


Yea, that actually explains a lot. I’ve seen your friends list.

According to her she still hasn’t called the po-po because BPD has bigger crimes to focus on.

“Bridgeport cops are worried about drugs, shootings, and crime.”

What exactly do you think armed robbery is dear? Even in Bridgeport I believe that classifies as a crime. A man literally pulled a gun on you and stole your living, breathing property. This is not 101 Dalmatians, and you’re not going to get the dog back by telling people a story that no one actually believes.

What happened to knowing the person who did it?

Oh I see. She was about to tell everyone who did it, but then she didn’t. Thank you for clarifying.

Nevertheless this blue checkmark noob from the news fell for it.

Yes, let’s follow up on this story for sure. We need justice for Casey Rose.


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