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Bridgewater Mother Starts Online Mob Alleging Racism Against Bridgewater Elementary School For Calling Her Because Her Daughter’s Backpack Reeked Of Cat Urine


Two years ago an elementary school teacher in Bridgewater had her life turned upside down when a misinformed parent organized a social justice rage mob on social after he post this picture on Facebook.

Local race-baiting provocateur Monica Cannon-Grant, who runs a non-profit in Boston that can only make money if people keep murdering each other in the streets, organized a mob that began harassing the school for this alleged act of racism.

Once Shaun King got ahold of it this teacher and her school were crucified.

Except the problem was that it wasn’t racist and the woman in the picture wasn’t the teacher, she was a Plymouth Plantation re-enactor who shows kids how infants learned how to walk with tethers back in the day.

The mob apparently wanted the woman to tell the little black girl who volunteered to play the part of the baby that she was ineligible to do that because a mob of woke lunatics would call it racist. It nearly ruined the dedicated teacher’s career, and it was all based off of a lie that was blindly shared by misinformed individuals on social media.

Well, it happened against yesterday in the Bridgewater-Raynam School District, as a mother posted this yesterday.

Rule #1 of the interwebz – don’t trust anyone who ends a post with “help me make this go viral.”

Rule #2 of the interwebz- don’t trust anyone who uses the word “microaggression” and isn’t doing so unironically.

Our latest victim is upset because she sent her daughter to school with a backpack that her teacher said smelt like cat urine. The principal must’ve concurred so they made the girl put all her belongings in a trashbag. Yet she says the nurse told her nothing smelt wrong with the bag (and provides no evidence of that) so obviously then her child is being “tormented” and attacked because she is a student of color, and this entire episode was one giant microaggression.

Is there any evidence that this happened because her child is a student of color? Nope.

Is there any evidence that the contents of that big didn’t smell like cat piss? Nope.

Did she try to schedule a meeting with the teacher? Doesn’t look like it. Instead she went right to Facebook, which tells you everything you need to know about her parenting skills.

The rage mob started tagging some familiar faces. They started with a local politician.

Michelle Dubois. The same woman who demanded that the Thomas Hooker entrance at the Statehouse be changed because his last name is offensive to women. I wish I was making that up.

Recruiting Michelle Dubois to take up your cause is a great way to make sure that no one takes you seriously.

Momma Microaggression said she contacted the NAACP and she’s hiring an attorney.

What exactly will she be suing them for? Sending her daughter’s belongings home in a trash bag because they allegedly smelt like Garfield’s litterbox? How exactly is she going to prove it didn’t reek of cat urine? Is the picture a scratch a sniff?

Tony Branch, who according to his bio is the Brockton chapter of the NAACP’s first Vice President, the chair of the Brockton Diversity Commission, and a Bishop all at the same time, says he has her back.

This is why it’s hard for any fair minded person to take the NAACP seriously these days, and why you should be weary of anyone who calls themselves a Bishop and has a job due to the racism-industrial complex.

“A child does not get sent home because a back pack has an odor.”

You’re right Tony, they don’t. Because she wasn’t sent home at all. If you read the post carefully you’ll see that she says her daughter came home from school with the bag on the bus. School buses are not Ubers. They leave school once a day at the end of the day. And he wants this woman to call the state, file a complaint, keep her urine soaked trash bag as “evidence” (probably was planning on doing that anyway), and get her daughter some counseling for the trauma of living in a house that causes her to go to school with a backpack smelling like cat urine.

Tony knows what he’s talking about, as you can see from his runs for political office in 2015


and 2019.

He got 89 votes out of thousands of ballots cast for Mayor. That’s less than 1% of the vote. Robert Francis O’Rourke is even laughing at that.

And finally after consulting with failed politicians and other blindly outraged yahoos they decided to go for the mainstream media too.


Because they know what we know – the mainstream media won’t investigate this, and is always looking for a way to get cheap clicks with imaginary racism.


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