Bridgewater Professor Arrested For Raping Student In His Office After Meeting On Sugar Daddy Website Is Heavily Involved In Boy Scouts And Stoughton Government


Bridgewater State Professor Nicholas Pirelli was arrested last week for raping a student on campus.

The story is kind of long so here are the bullet points:

  • The incident happened in October with a student who was not one of his students, but met him on a website for sugar babies and sugar daddies (men who provide money to women sometimes in return for sexual favors or just companionship)
  • They exchanged noodz and he sent images of his sex toy collection
  • When he found out she was a student at BSU he wrote ,”we will have to be discreet” in a message to her
  • He was looking for a woman to dominate him, peg him, whip him – the Steve Levine special
  • He sent her Venmo payments of $5, $20, and $50 to go “shopping” and take a cab to meet him at Dunkin Donuts
  • He contacted her to meet up in his office in the school library to “help her with an essay”
  • When she got there he locked the door and they actually worked on the essay for 30 minutes while he sat at his desk and she sat in a beanbag chair
  • He made his move and leaned over and stuck his tongue down her throat as she sat in the beanbag chair
  • She felt “trapped” because it was in the corner of the room and put her hands in front of her chest in an attempt to keep him away
  • He then “performed forcible anal oral sex on her”
  • She told the BSU police that it was unwanted and just went there to work on her essay and résumé
  • She reported the incident to her two roommates the night it allegedly occurred and detectives found her credible
  • The police did not find him credible because he lied to them several times, including claiming that he didn’t know the student, denied sending her money, and changed his story that he “may have” known her and had her in his office alone
  • When asked about the unwanted touching he said, “that is extreme,” said that he did nothing wrong, and denied any physical encounter with the student
  • He continued to communicate with the woman afterwards and she even met up with him to “appease him,” because she wanted to “let him down easy” so as not to hurt her chances of obtaining a job through the school

Sources tell us that he’s asked women in the past to put a ball gag in his mouth, peg him up the glory hole with a strap on, and then urinate on him. I know we’re not supposed to judge people for what they’re into sexually, but if you’re into the R Kelly special I’m going to go ahead and judge you anyway. It doesn’t mean that you’re a rapist, it just means that you’re definitely more likely to rape than someone who doesn’t like to get urinated on after being dominated by a sugar baby.

To be fair, the victim is hardly sympathetic. Not that I don’t believe this guy is a lying rapist, because I do. But what exactly did she think she was going to his office for? She sent him noodz, she accepted his money, she met him on an app where women go to meet older men specifically so they can get free stuff in return for sex, she knew he was a freak, and she admitted that she kept talking to him afterwards because it could benefit her with a job down the lie. The mere fact that he possessed a sex toy collection should’ve been a red flag.

She also wasn’t his student, so why would she go to his office to “work on an essay?” That is straight out of the Zack Morris playbook, if Zack Morris was into eating glory hole and rape. Which in hindsight he probably was.

With that said, no still means no. And the fact that she pushed him away should’ve ended it right then and there. This man is well known for this sort of behavior, and rape fantasies are part of the kink lifestyle for some. I’m sure he’s pulled this move before and it’s worked out for him because most women who accept venmo payments to be a sugar baby probably have daddy issues to begin with. Once you get in the zone that every woman wants you to dominate them I would imagine it’s hard to snap back to reality.

So yea, gun to my head I’m confident he did this, and the fact that he lied to police about it makes him seem more guilty. He’s obviously arrogant, acts recklessly, and isn’t used to consequences. Just look at this guy:

Plus he had a beanbag chair in his office. Never trust a person who owns a beanbag chair.

He’s also a well respected member of the community who has served in the town government of Stoughton, ran Canton’s park rec, and was very involved in boy scouts. And we all know that no creepy men have ever gotten involved in the boy scouts. Ever.

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But when the doors were closed her was a freak. Which is fine, as long as you don’t perform your bizarre fantasies on unwilling third parties. I’m willing to bet that there are more women who will come forward with similar stories. Guys like this don’t just start eating ass without consent. They do it because it worked before and no one reported them. If you’ve ever dealt with Nick Pirelli and have something to add feel free to send me an email at [email protected] Then maybe go to the police too.


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