Brigham And Women’s Nurses Bully, Intimidate, And Demean Fellow MNA Nurses Who Don’t Want To Be Forced To Take COVID Jab


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Forcing the COVID vaccine on people is rape.

If a person does not want to have a needle penetrate their body and insert a substance they feel they don’t need, then that person has been violated. It’s also not their choice if the options are getting the vaccine or becoming destitute. And if the “essential workers” who went to work throughout the pandemic when there was no vaccine have decided the vaccine isn’t for them, then that should tell us something. Surely first responders and healthcare workers do not have a death wish. They’ve just looked at the data, realized that COVID is not likely to be a deadly threat to them, weighed their options and made a personal healthcare choice. Perhaps they’ve already had COVID and know that natural immunity from that is far more effective than a vaccine. Whatever their reasoning is doesn’t matter, they’re grown adults and their position regarding their own healthcare choices should be respected.

But it’s not.

Like many employees, the nurses of Brigham and Women’s Hospital are being forced to get vaccinated or lose their jobs. These are the heroes that our government and the media glorified not too long ago, but next month hundreds, if not thousands, will be laid off because they’re unwilling to put a vaccine in their body that they don’t want or need.

Where is the union (Mass Nurses Association) on this? Surely management terminating their dues paying members for not allowing a vaccine to be forcibly put into their bodies against their will would be something they would fight against.

Unfortunately for hundreds of nurses in the MNA who are not vaccinated the MNA is siding with management. These nurses are being ostracized, belittled, and bullied by some of the most evil, despicable, and vile members of their union. Recently a nurse posted in a Facebook group for MNA nurses at Brigham and Women’s, asking the MNA to support nurses like her who have not been vaccinated and are in danger of termination.

“I am asking our colleagues to respect fellow nurses’ decisions and not ostracize us, not discriminate against us, and not make us feel like less of a nurse because of our choices.”

This sounds like a completely reasonable thing to ask for. Regardless of your stance on vaccinations its dehumanizing to discriminate and ostracize people because of their personal healthcare choices. But her post did not go over well with several nurses. The worst among them was this woman:

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Julie Gibbons is a horrible person and a disgrace to nurses everywhere, who told this woman that she doesn’t want to work with anyone who isn’t vaccinated, despite taking a vaccine that allegedly protects her from COVID.

“I also seriously question their clinical and medical expertise.”

Another nurse who had COVID and has natural immunity took offense to this quote and explained her reasoning. Julie Gibbons responded with fearmongering and lies.

I don’t believe for a second that every patient she had with COVID the past few weeks died from it, but if they did this would mean she’s really bad at her job. Maybe she should try actually saving lives instead of casting judgement on her patients. Or perhaps she could talk about the poor health choices most people who die from COVID made prior to getting the virus, and urge people to eat healthy and exercise. The patients she is seeing die from COVID are not healthy middle aged women, therefore there’s not reason they should be forced to get vaccinated.

She then went on to call nurses like Angela (who have remained silent for fear of bullying and being treated like a leper) selfish, and accused her of threatening her safety.

“A cancer patient in Florida I read about on the Internet was kicked out of the ICU for an unvaccinated COVID patient.”

Source? Some guy’s Tik Tok. Literally the only person who reported that story, which was never confirmed by the hospital. This is where the “follow the science” people get their news. Tik Tok.

If all the people dying from COVID are unvaccinated, and you have your vaccine, then what are you worried about? If your vaccine protects you then what are you worried about? They never ask themselves these questions because it’s too logical.

Other nurses didn’t believe that every single patient Julie Gibbons saw with COVID died from it, because she’s obviously making that up.

If you have to choose between allowing your employer to forcibly stick something in your body against your will (rape) and losing your ability to provide for your family leading to destitution and starvation, then you don’t really have a choice. Anyone suggesting that this is a choice is a dishonest person speaking in bad faith, and should not be taken seriously.

The posts on Julie Gibbons Facebook page are more alarming though. She flat out said that she doesn’t want any unvaccinated people near her or her family.

Treating your fellow man like they are disease infested murderers for making a personal healthcare choice makes you the bad guy, not the good guy.

She believes that personal choice stops when others die because of your choice.

Except when it comes abortion, in which case your personal choice is your personal choice.

She constantly complains about patients of hers who are unvaccinated.

Imagine if a police officer or teacher talked about people they interact with like this on social media. Imagine a teacher shamed a student’s parents for sending them to school without breakfast, or not helping them read at home. Imagine a paramedic shamed a junkie for overdosing on heroin. It wouldn’t be tolerated, but Julie Gibbons’ bigotry is tolerated because her virtue signaling cuck husband says she’s a hero.

“She’s so f***ing brave.”

She’s a vaccinated person who’s afraid to be around unvaccinated human beings. She is a coward, and brings shame to her profession. She’s also overweight, and people who have her BMI disproportionately clog up the healthcare system. Maybe she should eat healthy and exercise or be denied healthcare.

Julie’s page is nothing but vulgar, demeaning, left wing bigotry, fearmongering, and self-glorification because she went to work during a pandemic.


She’s also an anti-semite, who does not believe in Israel’s right to exist.

She doesn’t like Jews and believes that we should segregate and ostracize a minority of the population that she blames for the problems of the majority. Genocidal regimes could never exist without people like her.

And for all the talk about misinformation she regularly shares content that gets labeled as misinformation by Facebook.

The other ringleader of the bullying against unvaccinated nurses was Patricia Powers, a leader in the MNA.

According to her nurses aren’t being forced, they just have to choose between being destitute and allowing their employer to violate them.

Either do it or you can’t “participate in most of society.” See? It’s a choice.

Patricia said that she doesn’t want unvaccinated nurses to be ostracized, she just wants them to be fired if they don’t get the vaccine, and won’t back them up if they’re terminated.

She’s really worried about her immunocompromised mother. So worried that she goes out to restaurants with her where no one is wearing a mask, and she has no idea what anyone’s vaccination status is.

She also recently got married and had a maskless celebration with her friends at a crowded bar.

But she’s really worried that she might die from COVID even though she’s vaccinated.

Her Facebook is even worse than Julie Gibbons’. Here she is calling parents who don’t want their children to be masked “losers,” and bragged about how she would be doing CPR on you, even though she herself is one of these unmasked losers.

She also regularly shares fearmongering posts that present her as some sort of brave hero, and demeans those who aren’t vaccinated in the most vulgar way possible.

These people who claim the virus is not political are ALWAYS the most vocally political hacks you can find on social media.

Yea, COVID is spreading like crazy and 13 marines were just killed for no reason in Afghanistan, but at least there are no mean tweets.

Maybe we shouldn’t elect dementia patients who tell us they’re going to “shut down” an airborne virus, and then don’t explain how they’re going to do that.

Patricia also spreads misinformation regularly.

We should trust her though. She’s done her research.

Other nurses like Susan Demby is sick about hearing people talk about silly stuff like “individual rights.”

Because rights no longer exist when a virus with a 99.9% survival rate exists in combination with a readily available vaccine.

Nurses like this are monsters. The way they treat their fellow nurses, and the disdain they have for their own patients disqualifies them from working in healthcare. They’re more than willing to see their intelligent, thoughtful, hard working coworkers lose their jobs if management isn’t allowed to rape them with a vaccine against their will. What is happening with the mandated COVID vaccinations is the most Orwellian thing I have seen in my lifetime, and my heart breaks for anyone who will be forced to make this decision in the near future. Eventually when people feel hopeless and desperate they will explode. People will die, lines will be drawn, and our country will fall apart. It would really be in their best interest to quit now while they’re ahead. You’re not going to like what comes next.


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