Brighton Teacher And Mom Of 2 Felons Harass Boston Cops, Call Them Racist For Arresting Teen With Loaded Gun And Warrants For Breaking Into Cars During School Hours


This is Jeff Banks, a teacher at Mary Lyon Pilot High School in Brighton.

On Friday 4 of his students were playing hookey outside of the school and trying to break into cars on Faneuil Street when someone called the cops on them. One of the students had open warrants for gun charges (normal), and when he was detained they found a loaded gun tucked in his sock. According to the police report Jeff Banks and the teen’s mother India Crawford both attempted to interfere with the arrest, accused the cops and the caller of racism, and prevented them from doing their job. When another teacher showed up to help identify the four future felons Banks admonished her for cooperating with the police in identifying him. 


About 10:14am on Friday, 03/18/22, Officer Keogh in the K426D responded to a call from a concerned citizen for an attempted breaking and entering into vehicles at 426 Faneuil Street, Brighton. Officers Walton & Caron in the K104D also responded to assist. The witness, redacted, called Officer Walton’s cell-phone and stated that he saw a black male wearing a green hooded sweatshirt, gray winter jacket with fur and blue jeans walking down Faneuil Street pulling door handles to various vehicles, attempting to open doors. Coleman stated that the suspect was heading towards Kiki’s Kwik-Mart located at 236 Faneuil Street, Brighton in the direction of Arlington and Faneuil Street.

Upon arrival, Officer Keogh was flagged down by redacted, who was standing in front of Kiki’s next to a pickup truck, pointing over the roof of the truck towards a group of four individuals. Redacted stated that he observed a black male wearing a green hooded sweatshirt and gray winter jacket walking down Faneuil Street attempting to open car doors. Redacted pointed at a Gold Lexus SUV parked on Faneuil Street and stated that the suspect had opened and closed the door to that Lexus and had tried to open the doors of two other cars parked behind the Lexus.

Officer Keogh observed the suspect, later identified as Tyshor Edwards (DOB: 11/25/05) with three other juvenile individuals, later identified as Cameron Franco (DOB: 08/03/2005), Dennis Rivera (DOB: 12/07/05), and Paul Sousa (DOB: 07/22/05), walking away from Kiki’s, down Faneuil Street in the direction of the Mary Lyons School.

Officer Keogh stopped the group and asked for Edwards’ identification, to which Edwards stated he did not have one. Officer Keogh asked for Edwards’ name and date of birth, which he provided. CJIS inquiry of Edwards revealed that he had an outstanding warrant out of Suffolk County Juvenile Court (03/10/22) for Unlawful Possession of a Firearm (MGL c. 269, s. 10(h)) and Unlawful Possession of Ammunition (MGL c. 269, s. 10H), Docket No. 21DL0099BO, Judge Peter Coyne.

Officer Keogh placed Edwards under arrest and called for additional units. Officer Keogh, concerned for his safety due to the nature of the warrant and being outnumbered, ordered Edwards to sit down on the curb and ordered Franco, Rivera and Sousa to stand away until additional units arrived. Officers Walton & Caron in the K104D responded and assisted conducting CJIS inquiries of Franco, Rivera and Sousa, none of which had identification. CJIS inquiry revealed that Franco, Rivera and Sousa did not have any active warrants or restraining orders. Sousa initially refused to provide his name or date of birth.

While attempting to conduct CJIS inquiry, a man who initially identified himself as Edwards’ teacher, Jeffrey Banks (DOB: 08/12/71), arrived to the scene and stated he had observed Edwards, Franco, Rivera and Sousa “sitting quietly” at Kiki’s and inquired about the caller’s race. Banks refused to assist Officers identify Sousa and refused to identify himself to Officers. Banks asked if the caller was white and stated “of course you will believe them.” Banks stated “funny we are all paid from the same payroll.” Banks stated he had “distrust issues” with Officers and continuously made comments about the Officers being white.

While Banks was eating a breakfast sandwich, he told Officers that the group did not do anything. Banks was continuously within close proximity (under 5 feet) to Officers while they were attempting to conduct a police investigation. Banks continuously interrupted Officers while they attempted to conduct their investigation, obstructed Officers from doing their investigation and distracted Officers when they were pat-frisking Edwards.

While attempting to conduct CJIS inquiry, a woman who identified herself as an employee of the Mary Lyons School, redacted, arrived to the scene and assisted Officers in identifying Sousa. While Officers were talking with redacted, Banks asked her specifically not to provide Officers with his name or identification.

While attempting to conduct CJIS inquiry, Edwards’ mother, India Crawford (DOB: 08/06/77), ran across Faneuil Street from the direction of Oliveira’s Deli Market (243 Faneuil Street, Brighton) and began screaming at officers. Crawford was yelling about why her son was under arrest and began filming with her cell-phone. Crawford yelled that Officers “were waiting at her door” and were going to follow Edwards throughout the day. Crawford became increasingly confrontational when she was informed her son, Edwards, was being arrested for an outstanding warrant and screamed “Racist Motherfuckers” at Officers.

When Officers told Crawford that her son had been observed attempting to open car doors, she responded and said that her other son, Jaylenn was in Court and that Edwards was not the one who did that. Another unknown individual and unidentified employee of the Mary Lyons School then arrived on scene and began asking Officers what was going on. Officers conducted a pat frisk of Edwards’ torso and legs down to the knees and placed him in the back of the K426D.

The scene was continuously escalating with Banks and Crawford interrupting and distracting Officers from completely pat frisking Edwards. Edwards was transported back to D14 for booking. During the booking search, Officers discovered a loaded Bersa .380 caliber firearm with four rounds in the magazine (no round in the chamber) tucked within Edwards’ right high-top sneaker. The Bersa had a partially obliterated serial number (135725), and black electrical tape on the handle.

Officers also observed an ankle monitor bracelet on Edwards’ left ankle. The firearm was transferred to Detective Fancelli (K805). Officers logged the firearm in the D-14 Firearm Log (Page 62). Edwards was read his Miranda Rights at the booking desk. Officers demanded Edwards’ FID and License to Carry, which he stated he did not have one. Edwards was charged with the following: • Unlawful Possession of a Firearm (MGL c. 269, s.10(h)) • Possession of Firearm with Altered Serial Numbers (MGL c. 269, s. 11B) • Unlawful Possession of Ammunition (MGL c. 269, 10H)

If only Violence In Boston was still around to help these kids find a better path in life. Instead Monica Cannon-Grant blew all the money on vacations, nails, and Uber eats so they had to go around scratching serial numbers off guns and breaking into cars.

The two adults involved in this are everything that is wrong with our society and culture today. This 16 year old is a dangerous and violent felon already, and he’s walking around with an ankle bracelet on, carrying a loaded weapon while skipping school. He got this way because no one ever instilled any discipline in him, and the chances that he has a Dad in his life are slim to none. Instead of holding him responsible for his behavior his ratchet Mom Pakistan showed up and called the cops racist for doing their job, when in fact she completely failed at the only job she had to do – raising her kids not to be criminals.

Then the white savior teacher, who’s supposed to be setting an example for children, encouraged them not to cooperate with law enforcement and tried to prevent an actual responsible teacher from identifying who the teens were.

He assumed that a racist white person called the cops on them because that’s what we do now in a society that vilifies, doxxes, and cancels white people who call the cops on someone who doesn’t look like them. Ya know, because that’s how BLM taught him to be a good “ally.”

The best part was that the mother tried to get her criminal son out of trouble by blaming his crimes on her other son Jaylenn because he had court that day. Because somehow that would prevent her other teenage criminal with outstanding warrants for gun charges from breaking into cars. It’s so out of character for him. 

Newsflash – if a 16 year old who already has gun charges is walking around with a loaded weapon in his socks, then he’s got nothing but bad intentions when he wakes up every day.

This is Mom.

Sometimes she likes to get together with her friends at funerals for graveyard glamour shots.

Her other criminal son Jaylynne was also missing last month too apparently.

Ya know, because she’s such a good  mother. Maybe if she put half the effort into raising her sons, disciplining them, teaching them to respect authority, follow rules, and obey the law, as she did into figuring out girl names to give them, then they wouldn’t end up on Turtleboy before their 18th birthday.


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