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Bristol Crew Leaves TB: Allegation That I Pocketed Donated Money Intended For Rian Waters’ Victim Disproven By Invoices From Counsel


Bristol Turtlechick is no longer with Turtleboy Sports as of Wednesday. It’s been brewing for a few months now, and I won’t bore you with all the details. Some things were going on regarding money that I was not made aware of, which is not good because I owned the platform and should probably be made aware of stuff like that. It caused a rift and she left. During the live show last night I addressed this in detail, including several allegations that Bristol is now making that I pocketed donated money that was intended to go to Sam Cardin to help her get legal help against Rian Waters (he sued both of us).



Normally I wouldn’t bother, but there are a lot of loyal turtle riders who are denouncing me, calling me a liar, saying they’re never reading Turtleboy again, and blindly believing this lie in a Discord group.

As a result of this some of these turtle riders flooded the live show last night with questions and comments about whether or not it was true. Clearly then this is having an effect on the legitimacy of what I do, and needs to be addressed. I won’t remain silent as turtle riders who have been following this blog for years, suddenly leave because they’ve been told a lie. I owe you people the truth at the very least.

On January 9, 2019, both Bristol and I went to Hampden Courthouse for a hearing with Rian Waters. Samantha Cardin was there with us since she was being sued as well. My attorney Kevin Chrisanthopoulos spoke for me, and stood next to Sam Cardin in court and spoke on her behalf. The result was Rian Waters dropping his lawsuit against Sam. I paid $300 for that, as you will see in the invoice below.

On January 10 I paid Kevin $45 to write an affidavit for Sam Cardin.

On January 15 I paid Kevin $150 to travel to her house in Palmer and have her review and sign it. Here is the proof of all of that:

Sam Cardin never paid a dime for legal defense, nor should she have. She is a victim of domestic violence and it’s a travesty that her abuser is allowed to do this to her. I would estimate that I have paid Kevin around $5,000 in total to help me with the Rian Waters lawsuit, which is much cheaper than the other attorneys. (Kevin is the man. Hire him if you live in Western Mass and have any legal needs. I couldn’t recommend him enough.) After Bristol wrote a blog about this we raised about $2,500 (estimate) in donations. All of it went to our legal defense, and I thank everyone who donated for helping advocate for victims of domestic violence and protecting free speech at the same time.

The allegation is now being made that Sam didn’t see a dime of the money raised.

But why would she? Your donation money to Turtleboy went to my attorney who spoke on her behalf in court. Was I supposed to call Sam up and brag to her about it? I was under the impression just covering it and not letting the world know how virtuous I am would be a better way to go. But that’s just me.

Even if I hadn’t paid any money to help Sam out, we made it clear that our fundraising efforts were always for the Turtleboy legal defense fund. To my knowledge I haven’t seen anything where I ever stated I was raising money for Sam, although I was happy to help her out. This is a pathetic smear.

She’s now claiming, after seeing the receipts, that my attorney didn’t speak for Sam in court. If you guys would like I will gladly petition to have the tapes pulled from court that day, or I can just ask Kevin to confirm.

One more thing – if Bristol thought that I pocketed Sam’s legal defense money for over a year now, then why is she just bringing it up now? If she was so morally outraged by what I did, then why did she use the Turtleboy platform to build up her following? Without the Turtleboy YouTube channel they’d be talking to a wall every week. I guess needing to use Turtleboy to get a leg up in the YouTube world was more important than doing the right thing.

This is some pied piper crap if I’ve ever seen it, and it’s sad to watch. My worry was that this platform that I’ve built over the last 6 years was being used for clout by the Bristol Crew, and that they’d use the fame they built off of Turtleboy to start their own business, bring my followers with them, and then turn them against me. This is exactly what has ended up happening. They’re perfectly within their rights to do so, and I’m not mad at them so much as I am frustrated with myself for not seeing this coming. I’m new to business, and this was a lesson I learned the hard way, but it won’t happen again. It’s why businesses who train their employees have them sign non-competes.

I didn’t want it to be this way, but I’m not going to stand by and watch some of our most loyal fans trash me as some sort of con-artist thief. To clear things up further I will be putting every allegation that has been made against me out there later on in a blog and I’ll be addressing it all on the live show tomorrow night.

P.S. If you’re one of the turtle riders who blindly fell for this and jumped on the bandwagon, I have no intention of dragging you into any of this. Any comments made will have names redacted, just as they were above.


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