Bristol Mother Who Smashed Into Cops And Led Police On High Speed Chase From Auburn To Dudley After Robbing Home Depot Has Completely Ran Out Of F***s To Give


This is Jolene Aylward from Bristol, CT.

She’s a well known fentanyl slampig from that area.

Yesterday morning she decided to cross state lines, rob a Home Depot in Auburn with a man who could barely keep his eyes open, get in a Grand Cherokee, nearly run over a cop, lead police on a high speed chase through Oxford, Webster, and Dudley, smash into a Webster cop twice, and finally crashed into a gas station in Dudley before attempting to take off on foot.

Do these look like the faces of people who pay full price for plywood?

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If the trash could go ahead and stay in Connecticut, that would be great. We have plenty of guttermuppets here and can’t take anymore.

Not sure what Shotput Shirley was doing out joyriding with Nathaniel Narcan at that hour of the day, considering she’s Facebook married to this guy:

His name is Matt Aylward from Bristol, and he’s a career criminal.

He probably couldn’t make it out this time because he was picked up last month for selling deadly doses of fentanyl to junkies.

So Jolene had to settle for this guy:

Surprisingly he crashed into everything. Go figure.

They don’t have much up on their Facebook page, except for their recent engagement photos:

Nothing says true love like motel selfies with your needles and heroin for a romantic backdrop.

She apparently has kids too.

You know you’re a piece of shit and proud of it when everyone on your friends list comments about what a filthy pig you are in the comments, and you don’t even bother taking them down after two years.

Don’t worry – she’s going to learn absolutely nothing from this and will continue to rob Home Depots everywhere so her and whatever guy she’s porking while her husband’s in jail can get high, now that Matt can’t give her freebies.



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