British Beer Company Owner Gary Simon Says He Won’t Be Paying Employees Despite Recently Selling A Location Because The Government Hasn’t Bailed Him Out Yet


This is Gary Simon, the owner of the chain restaurant British Beer Company, which has nine locations from Cape Cod to New Hampshire.

A location in Worcester opened up a few years back and lasted about as long as a virgin with his first lap dance. Although I do like their food, their marketing is horrible and there was zero buzz for the restaurant in the city.

He also recently closed the Portsmouth, NH location so he should have plenty of cash on hand to pay his employees during the COVID crisis. Except according to an email he sent out to his GM’s, he won’t be paying them for work they’ve already done, and is blaming Washington DC for not bailing him out.

“Remember you are only one of many millions of people that they’re dealing with.”

Is that supposed to make people feel better? You’re also one of the many business owners affected by this, but it doesn’t mean you’re allowed to not pay your employees for work they’ve already done.

One of the managers sent him an email telling him that his employees would not take this news well.

But he’s still complaining that Donald Trump hasn’t sent him a check yet.

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Dude, you just sold your Portsmouth location. You own several other other locations and according to the Barnstable County Registry of Deeds you own all this too.

Is he honestly saying that their weekly paychecks were conditional upon him being able to sell bangers and mash? I can understand down the line having to lay people off, but we are talking about work that has already been completed. You should have any cash on hand to be able to pay your employees one week into a quarantine. Plus, many of these people work off tips anyway, so I’m sure the checks aren’t that big.

He was also recently whining about the commie cold and its effects to the Cape Cod Times:

St. Patrick’s Day is also a typically busy time at the British Beer Company, which has 10 locations, including Falmouth Heights, Hyannis and Sandwich. The restaurants will begin to offer a limited takeout menu and delivery starting Tuesday and will operate daily, except Mondays, from 4 to 8 p.m., with family-style corned beef and cabbage dinners available for the holiday.

“We are going to do what we need to do to stay open,” founder and owner Gary Simon said. “We have been open for 23 years, and this is probably the biggest challenge, but we’ve seen other hardships. We have a great following and employees and hope to keep the staff working and serving our loyal guests.”

Although some employees will likely need to seek unemployment assistance, he hopes the new delivery service will help provide income for some staff members.

“We are in uncharted waters,” Simon said. “Every day will be a learning experience.”

Yea, he has a great following and employees. Just not great enough to pay them apparently.


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