Brockton Enterprise Reporter Chris Helms Says He Can’t Find Public Court Documents On Tony Branch, Only Interviews Branch, Refuses To Correct Defamatory Statement


Yesterday the Brockton Enterprise finally wrote a story about alleged pedophile Southeastern Regional School Committee Chairman Tony Branch.

But don’t get too excited, because the whole thing is nothing but a coverup for Branch. For starters, it took 2 reporters (Christ Helms and Christ Butler) almost a month to finally write this, and only because they were shamed into doing so.

It starts off with a defamatory lie from Helms, claiming that I alleged Branch stole grant money.

Branch doesn’t even allege that in his complaint, nor was any grant money ever referenced in the 2016 blog he’s suing me over. The only way Helms could’ve reached that conclusion is if he spoke to Branch, Branch told him that, and Helms blindly took his word for it.

Helms and Butler claim that they couldn’t verify the divorce documents in which serious allegations against Branch are made, including that he had sex with a 15 year old girl, because those documents are “under advisement.” Nor does the Enterprise say what those “incendiary personal allegations” are.

These aren’t “personal allegations” from a bitter ex-wife. They are findings of fact by not one, but two judges. Their rulings are publicly accessible to anyone. Chris Helms “reporting” on this consisted of him asking Tony Branch about the documents, Branch telling him they are impounded, and Helms blindly believing him. But here are PDF’s of both the divorce case and the recent court ruling that substantiated the allegations:

Doc 1 (3) (9)

Chris could’ve gone down to the courthouse and gotten these himself, but that would require actual work. Instead he just took the word of a pedophile. Judge Glenny ruled two days ago that calling Branch a pedophile is “substantially true based on the court testimony of Branch’s ex wife that he had sex with her while she was under the age of legal consent.”

Helms also lied about the crowd size.

There were at least 20-30 people there to protest Branch, but only 5 of them were wearing Turtleboy gear.

He didn’t interview any of the members who voted to censure Branch, but he did interview pedophile enabler Robin Zoll.

Both my attorney and I reached out to Helms to correct his story, but he has not responded despite reading the message.

Chris knows the truth, he’s just refusing to report on it. And for that he’s being appropriately skewered in the comments for protecting a pedophile.



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