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Brockton Enterprise Reporter Makes Up Story About Elderly Woman Dying From COVID After Attending Funeral, Family Upset


Yesterday the Brockton Enterprise published a story about a woman who had died from coronavirus.

“Wispy haired passenger.”

Be more dramatic. You can’t.

Apparently this mystery woman being buried was one of the 205 Brockton residents who died form the commie cold, and the Enterprise was writing about it because they wanted to spread panic porn about a virus that isn’t a realistic statistical threat to anyone under the age of 70.

But the problem was this was a completely made up lie.


After they got called for attending the funeral of a complete stranger just so they could use her death to fear monger about the commie cold and thus extend the lockdown for longer, they did issue a retraction. But you could only see it if you follow that specific comment thread of the Brockton Enterprise on Facebook.

“We work hard every day to ensure the accuracy…”

Clearly you do not. First you hired this this man to write it.

That haircut just gave me coronavirus.

Ben attended Brown and majored in economics and urban studies. 

In other words, he wasted his money and acceptance into an Ivy League school.

He can’t seem to keep a job, as he keeps moving from publisher to publishers, but somehow has won awards for his work “government and transportation reporting.”

In reality these awards are just a way for newspapers to pat themselves on the back and make their welfare-salaried reporters feel good about themselves.

Obviously this young man is not qualified or experienced, but he knows how to use unnecessary adjectives while writing stories that add drama, but little when it comes to actual substance. Ben Berke had an agenda ready to go, he looked in the obituaries for a dead person to exploit, he contacted their family, he attended the funeral, and he made up a story about her dying from COVID. But then somehow this lie made it past the editors for publication, because they liked the fake story more than they did the truth. Now they’ll profit off of it while a grieving family suffers. All you get now is a blank page online, but it will be front page news tomorrow, which will be great news for the primarily elderly crowd that still gets home delivery of the newspaper. 

If you don’t see now that the mainstream media is the enemy of the people it’s because you’re not paying attention.


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