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Brockton Man Takes Girlfriend Out To Dinner After Running Over And Killing Elderly Woman, Family Defends His Honor On Brockton Hub


WCVBA man appeared in court Friday in a hit-and-run crash that killed a 72-year-old Brockton woman earlier this week. Marie Rose Bien-Aimé was struck Tuesday evening in Brockton near 259 Pleasant St. She was taken to Good Samaritan Hospital where she was pronounced dead. Officials believe Michael Blanche, 33, of Brockton, was the driver of vehicle involved in the crash. The car was later found abandoned behind a building, partially hidden under a tarp. When Blanche was arrested, he admitted the pedestrian went through his windshield, officials said.

“Somebody that knowingly strikes a 72-year-old woman and leaves her suffering in the road, I mean you don’t get much more cowardly than that,” District Attorney Timothy Cruz said.

Blanche was charged with leaving the scene of a crash causing death, negligent motor vehicle homicide, speeding, failure to yield and operating a motor vehicle after a license suspension. Marie Rose Bien-Aimé was the mother of 11 children. Her oldest son gave an example of her selflessness.

“She took a baby because her mother passed away three months after that. And that baby finished school and is going to university,” Marc Bien-Aimé said.

“This is not a question, not an instance whereby this individual didn’t see what happened. He knew what he hit. He saw the woman hit his windshield, and he left the scene,” Cruz said.

Blanche was held without bail and is set to appear in court Tuesday for a dangerousness hearing.

“He feels very badly about this. My deepest condolences for the family. I can’t say anything else,” Blanche’s girlfriend said.

As if this story wasn’t bad enough this lardvarks also went out to dinner with his girlfriend Cassandra Hilts AFTER he told her that he just killed a woman.

The Facebook filter tells me everything I need to know about this one.

Nuff said.

Turns out sloppy junkboxes are kind of this guy’s thing, since he is allegedly the father of legendary hosebeast Mary Louise Hill’s child.

Same woman who was caught by her boyfriend getting drilled by her drug dealer, then told her boyfriend she was in the middle of being raped and watched gleefully as her boyfriend beat the man to death with a shovel. As it turns out she will let any man who’s capable of murder give her the mushroom stuffing.

According to the Brockton Hub the fact that he killed an elderly woman and then went out to dinner is par for the course behavior.

He did have one defender though.

Dog filter.

Nuff said.

“People didn’t like him because he didn’t take anyone’s shit.”

Translation – he wasn’t afraid to smack a ho, liked to knock up junkies, and will run your grandmother over if she gets in his way.

“Panic sets in.”

Yea, I’m sure there is a lot of panic that goes through a person after they run an elderly woman over. A great way to relieve that panic is to hide your car under a tarp and go out for some Denny’s.

The bottom line is he ran a woman over, was uninsured, probably drunk, and didn’t want to face the music. So he ran like the coward that he is, hid the car, and him and the newest slam donkey girlfriend in his life went out to dinner and continued to harbor him for days as the police searched for him. The curse of Mary Louise Hill continues.


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