Brockton Man Who Killed Guy With Shovel After His Prostitute Girlfriend Lied And Said She Was Being Raped, Gets 10-13 Years While She Remains Free


Back in early 2017 SSTG published a series of blogs about a murder in Brockton. A man named Mike Pircio was arrested for murdering a man who his girlfriend Mary Louise Hill claimed was raping her. In reality she was cheating on him, and manipulated both of them. When Pircio came home and found him on top of her in bed he bludgeoned the victim with a shovel, assuming that his girlfriend was being sexually assaulted.

But the reality was that Mary Louise Hill is a drug addicted prostitute who gets off on seeing men fight over her. She said as much a month before the incident.

Others who knew him had tried to warn him that she was bad news.

She was picked up on warrants at the courthouse for her boyfriend’s arraignment after showing up high as a kite and put on a show for the cameras.

She went to jail for a few months, and once released she was right back on TBS covered in track marks with a new boyfriend, despite claiming to stay loyal to the man who was sitting in jail for defending her honor.

Then last year around this time she was arrested three times in 10 days, including one during a prostitution sting in which she offered a cop $40 for felatio. She even bragged about how sexy her mugshot was, which is the most Brockton thing ever.

Yet she remained free.

And while all this was happening Michael Pircio awaited trial, which came and went this past week.

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Brockton EnterpriseProsecutors said Michael Pircio committed murder in February 2017 when he beat his neighbor to death with a shovel. A jury, however, determined after a seven-day trial that Pircio, 37, of Brockton, was guilty of one count of voluntary manslaughter. Pircio was sentenced to 10 to 13 years in state prison by Brockton Superior Court Judge Angel Kelley after the jury reached its verdict on Monday. The Plymouth County District Attorney’s Office, which had sought a murder conviction, had recommended a sentence of 14 to 16 years.

The victim, William James Porter, was pronounced dead at Good Samaritan Medical Center in Brockton on Feb. 21, 2017. Police said Pircio admitted to hitting Porter in the head twice with a roofing shovel. Pircio claimed he was defending his live-in girlfriend, Mary Louise Hill, as Porter was sexually assaulting her. They lived in the same apartment building at 18 Menlo St. Pircio was at work and said he was receiving Facebook messages from Hill about Porter making advances. Police said Pircio had called them earlier in the night, before the deadly assault took place, but Hill made the officers go away, fearing they would arrest her on a warrant.

Hill has a lengthy criminal record, including assault charges and restraining order violations. She was not charged in connection with Porter’s death, prosecutors said. Hill claimed that Porter’s sexual advances became more serious and aggressive later that night. Pircio said he found Porter on top of Hill when he returned to their second-floor apartment.

“I believe he would have raped me if Michael didn’t come,” Hill allegedly told police.

Prosecutors painted a different picture, stating that Hill told police there were no problems. Throughout the day, Hill and Porter were spending time with each other, even using an Uber together to visit a store to buy drinks and food, said Assistant District Attorney Jennifer Sprague. Sprague said Hill sent a text message to Pircio, claiming that she felt Porter “might rape her.” Police responded to a call from Pircio, and officers then found Hill outside 18 Menlo St., and she appeared “under the influence” but coherent, according to the prosecutor.

“She said there was nothing going on and there was no problem,” Sprague said.

Porter was facing Hill, trying to kiss her and making comments, when Pircio struck him from behind with the shovel, Sprague said during the arraignment hearing.

“She stated later they were in the apartment on the couch,” Sprague said. “Mr. Porter was facing her when the defendant struck him in the back of the head.”

During the arraignment, Sprague said Pircio and Hill gave conflicting accounts of the sequence of events. Sprague said Pircio told police that Porter reached for his pocket after being struck in the head once with a shovel, as if Porter were reaching for a gun. But Hill told police she saw Porter trying to get up from the first blow to the head when Pircio delivered the final blow, Sprague said.

This woman manipulated two dope fiends into believing that one of them was raping her, and in doing so got one of them killed and the other one sent to prison for 10 years. Don’t get me wrong, bludgeoning the guy with a shovel was a little bit over the top, but none of that would’ve happened if this crackopotamus didn’t lie about being raped. She did it because the idea that men would fight on her is something that turns her on. Now she’s off partying like none of this ever happened.

She’s taking road trips to Maryland with her boy Money.

Doing her Newport makeup.

Counting her hooking money.

Bragging about how she’s been clean for all of four months before the inevitable relapse.

Building up a fan club of horny guys who have a very good chance of dying or going to jail if they ever actually get the chance to give her a tongue bath by posting noodz on Facebook.

Duncan Purdy is single and ready to mingle ladies.

She’s “engaged” with what appears to be a guy who hasn’t been able to open his eyes since 2002.

Chris Chamberlain put it best.

“You certainly weren’t worth bashing someone in the fucking head for with a shovel.”

Need that on a t-shirt.

Here’s my question – if Michelle Carter can go to jail for words, then why can’t Mary Louise Hill? What she did was even worse. Michelle Carter just gave really crappy advice. This woman lied about being raped when she was really cheating on her boyfriend, knowing full well that he would defend her if he felt she was in danger. She should be in jail too.


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