Brockton Woman Announces She Caught Ex-Husband Pleasuring Himself To Kiddie Noodz, Is Ratting Because He Stopped Paying $200 Monthly Blackmail


Here’s an example of how some people just aren’t a good match with the Internet:

Where else but the Brockton Hub can you read a full fledged ratchet confession of a jilted lover blackmailing her pedophile ex-husband for $200 a month? Little did he know that the moment that first check was late she’d run right to the Brockton Hub to tell the world about that time she saw him making tummy pancakes to kiddie porn when he thought she was sleeping.

But Karen’s post didn’t go as planned. Ya see, she wanted to get revenge on her ex-husband, not because he’s a pervert looking at child porn, but because he wasn’t writing her a check every month. After all, she’s not the porn police:

She’s also not the murder police, so one can assume that if you kill someone in front of Karen Monahan she’ll be keeping her mouth shut, as long as the $200 checks keep rolling in.

Posts like this don’t come along every day. More like every other day in Brockton. And immediately the turtle signal went out from the two first names crowd:

He’s right – this one is way too good to pass up. This chick was a ratchet wet dream. She apparently lives in a bus down by the river:

Because….of course she does. Does this look like a chick who doesn’t live in a bus down by the river?

So she’s apparently in her late 40’s. But as you can see that’s like, 74 in Brockton years. I can smell the Parliament Lights and Mad Dog 20/20 from Worcester. And no wonder she wants that $200 a month. She needs to get that matching Space Jam titoo. Because what kind of respectable woman doesn’t reach a point in her life where she says to herself, “time to get a Space Jam tittoo.” And she’s really not happy about the fact that she can’t get her complementary flapjack artwork:

Especially since the free ride appears to be over:

Yea life was good for Karen Monahan. As long as she kept her mouth shut about all that child pornography!

Oh well, his loss!!

She really misses her husband a lot. Well, she misses his money at least:

So what does she need the cash for? Well, she apparently moved to Myrtle Beach and she really, really, really likes benzos, adderall, and of course meth:

Oh, and she’s totally not addicted to heroin either because she takes suboxone. She even takes cab selfies on the way to the “sub doctor”

And by “sub doctor” she means “guy on Craig’s List who gives her suboxone in exchange for some of her world famous yogurt cannon yaffling.

Living this sort of lifestyle in a bus down by the river might seem glamorous, but it comes with a lot of negative side effects though. For instance, sometimes you wait for your ride to the methadone clinic, but you forgot that your ride isn’t coming because you switched to suboxone three months ago, and you have no idea where the meth clinic even is:

Hate when that happens.

Although when you’re living Karen Monahan’s lifestyle it’s sometimes better when you don’t remember:

Oh, and you start to develop strange sleeping habits:

The next thing you know you’re squatting down at the gym and ripping butts in the shower:

Some suggested that Karen was only trying to extort money from ex-husband because she needed drug money, so she wanted to set the record straight – not ALL of the $200 a month is going to drugs:

Just some of it apparently.

Anyway, when we first saw this we figured it had to be a troll account. But after going through her Facebook page it was clear that Karen Monahan is way, way too real. And the fact that she sees nothing wrong with covering for her husband’s alleged child porn habits in exchange for monthly drug money is so Brockton it hurts.


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