Brockton Woman Dubiously Claims Pizza Joint Wrongful Terminated Her For “Medical Issues”, Wisely Seeks Legal Advice From The Brockton Hub

A Brockton woman recently took to the Brockton Hub to air grievances about her recent termination from the Cape Cod Cafe and seek legal advice for her upcoming windfall of a wrongful termination case.

When facing an abrupt separation from your place of employment, the best avenue is always to log on to Facebook, head over to the closest thing the internet has to offer to a Mad Max Wasteland/Thunderdome, and simultaneously announce that you are seeking new employment while trash talking your former employer and vowing to take them to court. That will definitely help you secure a job quickly. Just ask Arianna.


The career center in Brockton is really teaching some great job search skills, apparently. Things started out positively enough for Arianna at first, as people started to chime in with recommendations for the hardest-hitting attorney in all of Massachusetts.


He’d definitely give the Cod a pounding they won’t soon forget for firing this hard-working young lady simply because she may be prone to flopping around on the floor while shouldering trays of hot pizza once in a while. Unfortunately, though, more people started chiming in. And they started asking questions.

So they fired her for having a seizure disorder, but they never told her why they were firing her? Seems legit. But she did seem to have some inkling of what may have prompted her abrupt firing:

Her former coworkers appeared on the post not long after, to offer up more pointed and succinct explanations.


Which seemed to make more sense than any of the long, drawn out, illogical sentagraphs the OP had to offer up as to why she was fired within a week of starting at the place, “for no reason”.


So let’s recap here. She informed the Cape Cod Cafe of her “seizure disorder”, they hired her anyway. She then went on to be an absolutely amazing, model employee whom had no issues on the job whatsoever, and was subsequently fired for the seizure disorder her employers knew about upon making the decision to hire her. The only reason for this that she herself can surmise is that she found herself “balcking out” (blacking out, I’m presuming) while standing up putting in an order at the computer due to her totally real seizure disorder that she could provide no actual medical documentation to confirm. Apparently at the Cape Cod Cafe, they’re regularly hiring people and firing them for absolutely nothing a week later, because the hiring manager enjoys endlessly interviewing to fill the same position, week after week. Totally plausible. Much more so than this chick showing up to work jammed out of her gourd.


She’s been clean for a whole year,  according to her one friend who aggressively defended her honor in ALL CAPS, for goodness sakes!


We should all trust Bridgy over the ladies who actually worked with this chick, obviously. Just look at her.


Head of HR material if I’ve ever seen it. And sure, Arianna is on the methadone clinic and has been publicly chastised for mailing it in on her “recovery” before:


But she doesn’t have to tell anyone that. It’s certainly not pertinent at all to why she appeared to have been nodding off like an overtired toddler in the middle of performing a core task at work.


Shame on you ladies for holding a job down for more than a week, too. You can keep working the same job for an incredibly stable 20 years, while Arianna will continue turning to the Brockton Hub for her staffing solutions every 20 days or so.

Mid-shift upright naps notwithstanding, Arianna also seems to have a very poor understanding of what the labor laws in an “at-will employment” state like Massachusetts entail. You can’t claim discrimination after you’ve been hired in light of whatever diseases and disorders you claim to have. And you can be fired at any time, for any reason, or no reason at all. Although judging from the thread above, I don’t think that’s the case here. I suspect this chick also has a very poor understanding of what makes a good employee. Or what constitutes a “job search”.

I can’t imagine why she has a hard time finding employment. Although, in hindsight – if you are a junkie who regularly nods out in the middle of your waitress shifts and you don’t understand why you’ve lost your job, the Brockton Hub might just be the right place to go. The fine people of the Hub will happily tell you that if you show up more wrecked than the Section 8 den from whence you came, you’re going to get fired.

But, please, for the love of God people….


No negative comments, please.

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