Brockton Woman Smears Restaurant On Brockton Hub For Not Giving Her Free Refills After Cranberry Juice Tastes Bitter


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This is Jessica Blakeman from Brockton.

She went to a breakfast place called the Stonebridge Cafe and ordered an open-face fresh turkey breast hot sandwich, wasn’t happy about the way it came out. She then got into an argument with employees over the bill, and went on the Brockton Hub to smear them.

If you want other recommendations about where to get a gravy covered meal for lunch just give Jessica Blakeman a call. She’s an experts on all things gravy.

She has really high standards for food.

Which is why she goes out to cheap diners in Brockton and expects it to be a 5 star dining experience.

Brockton’s Secretary of Gravy was reluctant to order this meal because there were zero photos posted of it on their menu. Evidently she’s used to high class establishments like the 99 Restaurant and Applebees, where she can easily access an image of their heated up frozen food before ordering. Luckily she survived the “abrasive cinnamon tasting stuffing,” but when will the stuffing stop being so mean to her?

Keep in mind, this is primarily a breakfast place where she chose to order this, so it’s not surprising that the stuffing has a cinnamon taste to it. It’s also lunch time and she’s stuffing her face in a dished filled with gravy and empty calories while still pretending to be some sort of food connoisseur.

She also claims that it’s overpriced, because apparently $9.79 is more than she’s used to paying for her fancy dinners out in Brockton.

And how did the bread get so soggy? It’s not like the description says that the sandwich will be covered in hot gravy or anything like that.

She didn’t explain what the price discrepancy she had with the “nasty staff” was though. That came out in the comments.


The cranberry juice was bitter, so she ordered an apple juice on top of that and couldn’t believe she got charged for it. Even though cranberry juice is well known for being both sour and bitter, just like Jugs Bunny.


She claims that she was under the assumption that you got free refills on juice.

Except refills are for fountain drinks, not juice. And anyone who’s ever been to a restaurant before understands that. Surely the menu must say that you if you order one juice you get a second unrelated juice for free.

Actually, it doesn’t. But still, she’s a well renowned food critic who’s never tasted cranberry juice before, so they should’ve given it to her for free.

She wanted them to take $3 off for the juice because it’s basic customer service to do so.

Yea, that’s how businesses work. They just give you free shit because you can’t read a menu.

She also admitted that she asked for a takeout container, but didn’t wanna pay for the $12 meal because it wasn’t up to her high standards.

After refusing to pay her bill they had to call the manager over who told her that she was gonna have to pay for it. This upset her as well.

Unfortunately for Jugs Bunny her attempt to smear the restaurant on the Brockton Hub didn’t go over as planned, as most people saw through her.

Unsurprisingly she also doesn’t like when newspapers share images of rioters throwing bottles at police because it makes BLM look bad.

She thinks violent riots are peaceful, so it’s not surprising that she also believes that juice is free and gravy shouldn’t make bread soggy.

Instead of warning people about restaurants, restaurants should be warning other restaurants about her. Just shut up, drink your juice, eat your meal, pay your bill, and take a massive Brockton dump when you get home.


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