Brown University CBS Doctor Encourages Mass Celebrations Of Biden Victory Despite Urging Lock Down Policies For Last 8 Months


Dr. Megan Ranney is an associate professors at Brown University, a practicing doctor at Rhode Island Hospital, and a frequent contributing medical expert on CBS and other mainstream media outlets who has been advocating for lockdowns and mask mandates.

She frequently criticizes people who wish to gather in groups and protest unconstitutional lockdowns.

Over the weekend the media declared that Joe Biden won the election which led to mass celebration in the streets, where people were dancing, hugging, passing joints, and drinking out of the same champagne bottles, none of which spread COVID because they were wearing masks and celebrating liberal causes.

You would think that Dr. Megan Ranney would be wildly condemning these Biden super spreader celebrations, right? After all, she’s a very serious doctor and totally not a political hack masquerading as a public health expert.

What say you Doc?

“Go celebrate outdoors!”

“They are safe.”

Three things:

  1. The fact that she says you should be celebrating a Biden win gives away the fact that everything she says and does is politically motivated
  2. She doesn’t care if COVID spreads because she knows that COVID is not nearly the threat she’s been pretending it was for the last 8 months
  3. Masks may slightly prevent the spread of the virus, but by telling people they are safe while wearing one doctors are encouraging people to gather in groups by giving them a false sense of security

Not the first time she’s urged large mobs of people to gather together during a “pandemic.”

To be clear, she doesn’t want people to stop protesting because you can’t spread the virus when you protest, she just wants the cops to stop arresting people because it only spreads in jail.

She got called out for this obvious hypocrisy and quickly changed her tune.

Oh right, you can remain socially distanced in a mob in Brooklyn. That’s a thing. But as long as you have a mask on you should be safe. Nothing gets through the diaper on your face. Except for the fact that spikes are occurring in places that have the strictest mask mandates.

You know who never had a mask mandate? Sweden. A country with a population of over 10 million, in which 82% of their residents live in urban areas. What happened with them?

Oh, they basically beat the virus already. So while every developed country on earth right now (including Sweden) is having “spikes” in cases, they’re the only country that isn’t seeing a corresponding increase in deaths. Italy:





Oh no, look at all those cases!! How many people are dying?


In other words, Sweden took it on the chin in April because they didn’t do anything to lockdown the country, everyone got COVID, most beat it, and now cases don’t matter anymore because they’ve achieved herd immunity. Yet the response from medical “experts” like Dr. Ranney is that we should wear masks and lock down more, since it’s worked out brilliantly thus far.

Wouldn’t want to use a plan that, ya know, works.

She also wants to keep schools closed.

While whining about the gender pay gap because she has to stay home and help her kids learn on a computer.

These people are frauds and charlatans. None of this has ever been about science, and none of these people are experts. Their policy of lock downs and masks has gotten thousands of people killed, harmed children, destroyed a $20 trillion economy, and now they want to double down on their failed policy while simultaneously encouraging mass gatherings in celebration of an election that still has not legally been decided. Stop listening to them.


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