Bucket Boy Gets Beat Up By Jill Biden, Then Emasculated By Her On Twitter 


When the so called “First Amendment auditors” aren’t raping women, buying subscribers, and otherwise basking in their involuntary celibacy, they can be found in the last month or so in New Hampshire for primary season. But there’s one candidate in particular they’ve gone after more than any – Joe Biden. They are obsessed with this man because they believe his general creepiness means that he is a child molester and a rapist like Josh and Anselmo. They follow him to events, accuse him of molesting children, and get dragged out kicking and screaming so they can virtue signal about their heroism on YouTube. It’s reached the point where Joe Biden actually recognizes them, which is what happened yesterday when his wife Jill kicked Bucket Boy’s ass.

And then there’s fat boy’s view.

Is there anything more emasculating than being a toothless, pony tailed man closing in on 300 pounds, who gets extremely close to and aggressive with the Vice President, but Secret Service considers you so little of a threat that they bring in a group of elderly women, including the vice president’s wife, to throw your out?

Good lord. His teeth are so gaping even Steven Gostkowski could kick a football through them.

The answer is, as it turns out, is yes. The vice president’s wife can then rub it in your face and talk shit about you on Twitter.

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Hey Bucket Boy, remember that time you got beat up by Jill Biden? Awkward.

The ironic part about this is that Biden and his supporters probably think these are some Trump supporters, when in fact none of them cares about politics. The only thing any of these perpetually unemployed slobs care about are YouTube views. That’s their currency. They know they can’t get anywhere near Trump, but for some reason Biden is very accessible.

My question is, why just go after Biden? Sure, he’s a little gropey, but they all have scandals you can yell about. Amy Klobuchar throws her God damn shoes at underpaid staffers and eats with a comb. Bernie wants to give serial rapists in jail the right to vote. If they’re that concerned about rape why not go after him? Pocahontas lied about being Native American for decades. She’s a lot worse than Joe Biden. All of them want to let men in the girl’s locker room. Just doesn’t make any sense.

Safe to say their days of picking on Joe are over though. Every time Bucket Boy sees Jill he’s going to summarily soil himself and run for his life if he knows what’s good for him.


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