Business Associate Of Eric Spofford Arrested For Beating Man In Manchester Shortly After Brick Thrown Through NHPR Reporter’s House 


Two weeks ago we published a blog about a New Hampshire Public Radio reporter who had a brick thrown through a window in her Melrose home shortly after she wrote an investigative story into Granite State Recovery founder Eric Spofford. According to over 50 sources, Spofford sexually harassed many recovering addicts who sought treatment at his sober homes, including sending unsolicited dick pics. Spofford, who owns a $20.75 million home in Miami, a private jet, and a yacht, has been publicly attempting to silence the reporting on him by threatening NHPR and their sources with lawsuits. The rock throwing incident happened days after Spofford posted a letter on Facebook from one of the sources for the story (which he falsely believed to be a retraction of the source’s quotes), and criticized NHPR for not publishing it.


Last week 3 sources contacted us with a lead, claiming they believed that a man named Eric Labarge was responsible for orchestrating the vandalism of the reporter’s home as retaliation for not taking down the story on Spofford. Labarge is a personal friend and business associate of Spofford.

Like Spofford, Labarge is a former addict, criminal, and steroid user, who recovering addicts sing the praises of.

Last week, shortly after the brick throwing incident, Spofford posted this picture at the gym with Labarge in Manchester, with the hashtag “dues paid.”

Labarge is a career criminal who also owns 7 sober homes in New Hampshire, called Starting Point Recovery Homes.

Like Spofford, this gives him access to vulnerable women, desperate drug addicts, and criminals who will do anything for money. Also like Spofford, he uses his political connections with people like Governor John Sununu to establish legitimacy, and ensure more money coming in from healthcare companies and the government.

As a result, Manchester has become a magnet for criminals and addicts. Many in the recovery we spoke with distrust the motives of people like Labarge and Spofford, who flaunt their wealth on social media. According to one source they are “importing the addicts,” from all over the country, and when they get released they quickly become Manchester’s homeless population.

“They are being set up to fail.”

In 2010 Labarge was arrested and charged with assault to murder after stabbing a man 7 times in a motel room, which he attempted to blame on an unnamed drug addict.

The charges, brought by Salisbury police, allege Labarge stabbed Michael Lemire, 34, of 126 Lowell St., Manchester, N.H., multiple times. Although the weapon was originally referred to by police as an ice pick, according to the police report found in court documents, the weapon could more accurately be described as a long metal object resembling a screwdriver that police found in the purse of Labarge’s girlfriend, who was with him in room 210 at the Driftwood Motel when the incident occurred.

L’Esperance also said that after speaking with Lemire yesterday, investigators are confident no one else was involved in the stabbing, contrary to what both Bieniecki and Labarge had claimed in their statements to police. They said that a third man stabbed Lemire over drugs, then fled the scene. Their statement caused Salisbury police on Sunday morning to initiate an intense police search of the area, pulling in a state police helicopter, K9 units from the state police and Amesbury Police Department and Seabrook police officers.

Two years later Labarge was a free man, and was once again arrested, this time for beating his girlfriend on I-93, which ended with a standoff with police in his neighbor’s house.

Police in Danville were involved in a standoff with a man suspected of assaulting his girlfriend while driving on Interstate 93 in Londonderry on Friday. The alleged assault occurred while 35-year-old Eric LaBarge and his girlfriend were traveling south on I-93 near Exit 4 on Friday morning. LaBarge is accused of beating his girlfriend, causing their car to swerve. Police said he then pulled over in the breakdown lane and continued to beat her. Police said the girlfriend finally got out of the car, and LaBarge got out too before fleeing the scene in his car when off-duty firefighters separated the couple. LaBarge then went to a neighbor’s house in Cotton Farm Village, telling that neighbor he had been up all night and in a fight with his girlfriend, so he needed some rest.

“He came home and started moving all his stuff out of his house into his car and stuff. Then he asked if he could stay at my house until his buddy could come over and pick him up after work,” said Frank Saviano, the neighbor. “The next thing I knew, everything was here, all the police started showing up. (The police) had asked me if I knew Eric, and I said, ‘Yeah, he’s in my house right now.'”

LaBarge turned himself in to police at around 6:45 p.m.

“Essentially, it was just resolved through negotiations,” said Lt. Kevin Duffy, of the New Hampshire State Police.

The girlfriend was taken to the Parkland Medical Center with significant injuries before being treated and released. Authorities said LaBarge was taken to the Danville Police Department and charged with multiple felonies, including aggravated assault.

It’s not clear how much time he has spent in prison, but within months of the vicious assault on his girlfriend he was posting pictures of himself at the club with friends.

Sources tell us that Labarge was released into one of Spofford’s sober homes, since you can blame stabbings and beatings on drug addiction if it’s classified as a disease. This despite the fact that Labarge was already a violent offender after spending 3.5-7 years in jail when he was 19 (1997) for beating someone. He admitted this at the 3:00 mark of this interview:

At the 8:30 mark the drug addict interviewer tells him that he should go into prison reform since his life has been “stolen” from him as a result of his choice to abuse substances and constantly use violence against people.

Last week a source contacted me with a tip that Labarge was likely behind the brick throwing incident at the NHPR reporter’s home in Melrose. They believed that the man who committed this crime in broad daylight was most likely paid to do so, and that Spofford wouldn’t be so brazen as to be directly tied to it. The first person who came to mind was Spofford’s right hand man with a long and documented history of violence, and access to hundreds of junkies, Eric Labarge.

Spofford also published this video, threatening to fire anyone working for him for “gossiping.”

Translation – if you attempt to talk about the fact that you work for a rich and powerful man who has been accused by several women of sexual misconduct, then you are “spreading toxic negativity” and he will silence you.

He also posted a video of his new attorney, who he called a “street fighting attorney,” in case anyone dared to speak the truth about him.

Yesterday the Manchester Police Department announced on Facebook that Labarge had been arrested for a violent assault a week ago (around the same time Spofford posted the picture of them in the gym together) on a 48 year old man who met up with him in a parking lot.

Just like Spofford, Labarge immediately proclaimed his innocence on Facebook, blamed the victim for being a junkie, and painted them as a liar by using their addiction against them.

This is very similar to what Spofford did.

Labarge claimed in his post that he met the man he assaulted in prison and had been helping him for years, only to see him relapse and attack Labarge’s family, because “that’s what people in recovery do.” We don’t yet have the name of this man, but if you have a tip feel free to email [email protected], or message me on Facebook at Clarence Woods Emerson.

Why would Labarge agree to meet an ex-con and recovering addict in a parking lot who was threatening to kill his family? Does the 48 year old man Labarge assaulted look like this guy?

He oddly resembles a man who has been seen in people’s backyards recently in Manchester.

Could it possibly be that Labarge paid this man to throw the brick through the reporter’s window, and then beat the crap out of him the day after the brick throwing incident became public in order to shut the man up? Was the man threatening to speak with police? According to Labarge during this interview at the 14:00 minute mark, he used to work for the mafia, which has been known to silence potential rats by threatening them with violence.

At the 18 minute mark he said he said that he is “known for doing favors for people with violence that most people wouldn’t do.”

That sounds a lot like an admittance that if you wanted a thug for hire to do your dirty work, Eric Labarge was your guy. It also just so happens that Labarge owes a debt of gratitude to Spofford for life because Spofford not only got him out of jail and into one of his homes, but set him up with the financial security of owning his own recovery homes. Was shutting up a potential snitch the “dues paid” by Labarge to Spofford?


I don’t have any evidence of that, but it’s quite a coincidence in a series of coincidences that all seem to revolve around Eric Spofford.

When Spofford was accused of sexual misconduct hundreds of people voiced their support for him on Facebook because of his work with recovering addicts. The same thing happened with Labarge yesterday when people defended his actions, blamed the victim for getting beaten, and said that Labarge was the real victim.

“Sucks you had to go through that man.”

Go through what? He kicked the shit out of a guy. Monsters like Labarge and Spofford exist because of enablers like this. Google any of them and you’re likely to find a history involving drugs or crime.

Some defended the fact that Labarge was a violent offender who stabbed someone and beat up his girlfriend because it was 10 years ago.

He’s good now, according to Kalia Gorman.

The Rise Barber Shop said that they stand with Eric Labarge, who they called a role model, before removing this post:

Eric Spofford’s Dad, who helped his son buy his first recovery home, also voiced support for Labarge.

So did a guy named Rob Demeo.

Take a wild guess what line of work he’s in.

We reached out to Labarge for comment, but just like Spofford he immediately blocked us. Wouldn’t want to disrupt his echo chamber.

Addiction recovery should not be a way for criminals to profit off of the opiate epidemic and prey on vulnerable women. But that’s exactly what Spofford and his acolytes have done. Now he pretends to be a business guru and his selling his life coaching seminars for $999 a month.


Our sources tell us that police believe Spofford is behind the attacks. The question is, if Labarge is found to have hired the brick thrower, will he rat on Spofford? Surely he wouldn’t have done this on his own, since there was no mention of Labarge in the NHPR article. With his priors, and the fact that the victim of the attack is a reporter from a liberal media outlet, you can assume that Marian Ryan’s office will want to make an example out of him. Labarge could be looking at 20 years in prison for this if he was behind it. Is he willing to lose his girlfriend and kids for that long in order to protect Spofford? Or are his “dues paid” already?

*Editors Note* We discussed this story on the Live Show 1:37:45



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