Call Her Daddy Girls Follow Kate Peter Playbook, Use Dave Portnoy’s Platform, Build Brand, Leave And Take Followers With Them 


Three months ago I parted ways with Kate “Bristol Blarney” Peter after confronting her about hiding advertising money from me. She essentially plotted to use the platform I gave her to launch her own “show” using a brand that as created under the company I owned. Now this same exact scenario is playing out on a much larger scale with Dave Portnoy, Barstool Sports, and the “Call Her Daddy” girls.

Here’s the Reader’s Digest background:

  • Alex Cooper and Sofia Franklyn are two women with a podcast that hardly anyone listened to before Dave Portnoy heard it
  • Cooper only had a platform to get noticed by Portnoy in the first place because she was dating Mets All-Star pitcher Noah Syndergaard, and she’s a hot blonde
  • The podcast is basically two hot chicks in their 20’s who talk about all the guys they bang, their favorite brand of dildos, how many blunt object they can jam in their various orifices, and how they’d never let a man control them

  • If two men were doing the same type of show no one would listen to it, because men talking openly about their sexual conquests is pretty standard behavior that no one finds entertaining
  • Because this show features two attractive women who are discussing things women don’t normally talk about publicly, it’s supposed to be edgy, and is basically a bad ripoff of Sex and The City
  • In reality the show is horrible, but since Barstool caters to horny 20 year olds Portnoy realized he could make money off of them and signed them
  • The show took off, it was one of the most downloaded shows on iTunes, they didn’t even have to come to the office, and only did one show per week

Well, they haven’t done a show in over a month and the New York Post put this headline out today.

Basically they’re halfway through a three year contract and they want out. The brunette chick (Sofia) is leading the charge and the blonde chick (Alex) isn’t so sure.

Then Portnoy did a 30 minute podcast today to clear the air, and here are some of the highlights:

  • Alex made $506K
  • Sofia made $461K
  • Their base was $75K but they made all the extra money from bonuses due to downloads
  • They thought they were bigger than Barstool at this point so they hired a lawyer who demanded $1 million guarantee each, they no longer wanted to be considered Barstool employees, they wanted 50% of everything Barstool made off of them, they wanted to be paid for the last month despite not working at all, and they wanted the rights to Call Her Daddy – a brand that Barstool owns
  • Portnoy was willing to renegotiate and offer them what amounted to a lot more money and ownership of their show, but only the blonde was willing to take it
  • The brunette is being told what to do by her creepy looking boyfriend Peter Nelson, an HBO executive who hates Portnoy, and she won’t go back
  • Barstool is planning on suing them if they attempt to leave since they’d be violating the contract

That guy looks like the bad guy in 90% of SVU episodes. The cocky stock trader by day, date rapist by night, who thinks he can play around with Detective Benson and not go to jail by the end of the episode.

Imagine starting a show that’s supposed to be about female empowerment and then starting to date a guy who completely destroys the easiest job you’ve ever had making half a million dollars a year. Girl power!

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Does this all sound familiar? It’s literally the same exact thing Bristol Blarney did to me on a larger scale, so obviously I’m Team Portnoy on this one. Bristol Blarney’s YouTube show got a lot of views on my channel because, a) I built it, and b) she dressed like a whore on most episodes and showed her gerber servers so horny men in India would tune in. Ironically she hated Call Her Daddy and told me about it all the time because she rightfully thought that they were only famous for being loose moraled women, but like with most things she was everything she pretended to look down on. And just like the Call Her Daddy girls did with Portnoy, Bristol Blarney was plotting behind my back while she worked for me by creating that Aiden Blarney account.

Without Dave Portnoy risking everything to build Barstool Sports, dedicating countless hours to his product, investing his money, and dealing with protests and boycotts galore from feminists and social justice warriors, then no one would even know who these women are. Without him they are nothing. And now they want to take the fanbase they built off of his back and be “independent?”

Good for him for fighting back. People who do this are ungrateful scum. When you build a company, and some opportunistic, talentless skag attempts to use what you built, then you should declare war on them. And this is when Portnoy is at his best – when someone tries to fuck with him. I’ve criticized Barstool plenty of times in the past because they’ve taken a SJW trend the last few years, but when Davey Mouse gets fired up and fights back it’s fantastic content. 


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