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Cambridge Man Arrested For Torturing And Killing Cats Is A BLM Supporter Who Wants To Defund Police, Claims Boston Is Racist, Attended Seminary, Taught In Public Schools


Masslive: Cambridge police on Thursday announced they made an arrest in connection with the animal cruelty cases of three cats found tortured, one of whom was discovered dead in May underneath a car with its legs bound with tape, authorities said. The city’s police department, the Cambridge Animal Commission and the MSPCA Law Enforcement Division claimed 31-year-old Rashad Gober is responsible for the three acts of animal cruelty in East Cambridge between March and May 2021. The Cambridge man was taken into custody at his home without incident Thursday morning and has been charged with four counts of animal cruelty. He is expected to be arraigned in Cambridge District Court on Thursday, according to a statement from the police department.

On May 6, an officer from the animal commission responded to a call about an animal crying underneath a car and discovered the dead cat, whose name was “Gosha,” the statement said. Her hind legs were bound with masking tape, authorities noted. A necropsy revealed that a large percentage of Gosha’s fur was missing and that it had been shot 11 times with a BB gun across its face and body, according to the department. Authorities later asserted that Gosha’s death could be linked to two other past attacks on felines in the city in which they were shot with BBs or burned. Over the course of the investigation into Gosha’s death, two more cat cruelty cases in East Cambridge were brought to the attention of the department, the commission and the MSPCA, police said. A BB gun was again used to wound a cat named “Tammy” on March 3 or 4 in the city, according to authorities.

“Fortunately, the cat was able to recover from its injuries,” the department said.

At some point between May 2 and 5, another East Cambridge cat named “Buddy” suffered chemical burns. The animal was also able to recover from its injuries, according to police. Gober, authorities alleged, claimed he found Buddy in his backyard and brought the cat into his apartment for medical attention. The Cambridge man is accused of notifying the owner through a neighborhood social networking application that he found the animal and eventually returned her pet.

A probe of Gober’s computer showed that he searched the internet for terms including, “Cambridge Massachusetts stray cats”, “most stray cats in Cambridge”, “what happens if you throw bleach on a cat”, “sounds to lure cats” and “cats don’t respond to punishment,” prosecutors said.

Oh look, another cop hating BLM radical turned out to be a deranged psychopath.

Who would’ve ever expected such a peaceful organization to produce someone so violent? I guess his activism makes sense when you think about it. If you defund the police then they can’t arrest you when you lure your neighbor’s cats to your house so you can shoot them with BB guns, cover them with chemical agents, bind their legs together, and then call their owners pretending to be the good neighbor who found their missing cat.

I think it’s pretty clear from his tweets towards the Cambridge Police that they were questioning him about the cats, and so he did what BLM activists are taught to do whenever they want to avoid taking responsibility for their actions – played the race card. CPD should be ashamed of themselves for racially profiling this upstanding citizen! After all, he’s a senior administrative assistant in a VERY serious relationship!

He stands against transphobia!

He has to use a step up stool, but he still stands.

He is NOT your n-word!

“You’re the only straight guy I know who was excited beyond reason over seeing Britney.”

I see that torturing cats wasn’t the only thing Benny Buttplug was hiding from friends and family. This might’ve had to do with the fact that he’s from a religious southern family and was enrolled in the seminary to be a pastor.

But I guess that didn’t work out so he went on to become a substitute teacher at Hamilton-Wenham.

Before settling in as a marriage counselor.

He even started a GoFundMe to raise money for theological seminary in Hamilton.

Wasn’t his only GoFundMe either. A couple years ago he wanted to go hang out and be a “helper” in the Netherlands.


Whatever any of that means. All I know is, he’s oppressed.

Oh, and he really hated Donald Trump, but was happy when he used to bail rappers out of jail.

Unfortunately Trump is no longer President and Joe Biden won’t bail you out of jail unless you burn down a police station, so Benny Buttplug will have to sit in a jail cell for a while and think about the consequences of his actions.


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