Canton Cover-Up Part 127: Commonwealth Completely Changes Story, Says Michael Proctor Arrived In Dighton At 3:30 And Never Went To Fairview Road


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The Commonwealth filed four motions yesterday, but none of them was as shocking, and contained as much evidence of corruption and coverup, as their motion to obtain Karen Read’s parent’s records.

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Michael Proctor stated in his reports that he arrived at the home of William and Janet Read in North Dighton at 4:30 PM, noticed a “shattered” tail light,” and had her car towed out of there at 5:30 PM. The SERT team did a search of the crime scene in Canton at 5:45 PM, which would have made it impossible for Proctor to have planted tail light evidence prior to the SERT team search.

However, footage from the Read’s house shows that Proctor was having the car towed by 4:12 PM, and a Dighton Police Report shows that Proctor and the entire scene was cleared by 4:17 PM. This meant that Proctor was unaccounted for with Karen Read’s vehicle, with an almost fully in tact tail light, for at least one hour and 13 minutes.

This was more than enough time to break the tail light and plant it at the scene of the crime before the 5:45 search. Proctor brought her car to the Canton Police Department, which was much closer to 34 Fairview Road than the closest State Police barracks in Middleboro, even though the Canton Police were no longer involved in the investigation.

Now that the Commonwealth realizes that the defense has proof of this they are suddenly changing their story. Looking through the motion my jaw dropped, and I audibly gasped several times when I saw what they had changed. In their motion for records they basically copy and pasted the entire charging documents. Most people would not notice any difference, but since I have analyzed these documents hundreds of times I immediately noticed that they added and omitted several new details.

The purpose of the motion is to “refute the claims of police misconduct,” about what time Proctor arrived and left.

In Michael Morrissey’s press conference he made the blatantly untrue statement that Michael Proctor was never at the scene (Fairview Road) on January 29. This is refuted in his own charging documents, in which he stated that Proctor had “responded to the scene as well.”

But now they’ve changed the language. The new filing says that Proctor responded “to the Canton Police Department.”

They will likely try to argue that “the scene” didn’t mean Fairview Road, but rather meant the Canton Police Department.  But this lie wont’ work because of a February 4 report from Trooper Nicholas Guarino, stating that Proctor responded to 34 Fairview Road, and while on scene took possession of O’Keefe’s cell phone.

The original charging documents state that Karen Read told Jen McCabe to Google, “how long do you have to be left outside to die from hypothermia.”

That has now changed to “how long do you have to be left outside to die from hypothermia, or something to that effect.”

The defense has argued that in a properly investigated murder case the witnesses would be questioned separately. But the charging documents state that Proctor interviewed the Alberts and McCabes together at 11:30 at the McCabes house. It makes no reference to separating them.

Since the defense has been so vocal about this the Commonwealth has suddenly changed their story. In the new motion it states for the first time that Proctor interviewed Matt McCabe separately from his wife.

Both the charging documents and the new motion state that Matt McCabe told Proctor that he saw Karen Read drive “in the same direction the car had been facing while parked.”

This means that he was saying there was no three point turn. Yet in a later interview McCabe told Proctor about a “v-shaped tire tracks” that he saw in the snow, indicating a three point turn. But he somehow didn’t see John’s body right in front of the v-shaped tire tracks.

The charging documents state that when Proctor interviewed Brian and Nicole Albert at the McCabe’s house, they told him that after leaving the Waterfall they went back to 34 Fairview Road and partied for one hour.

This would indicate that Brian was there at the same time as Colin Albert, which he admitted during his sealed grand jury testimony.

In the new motion they acknowledge that Brian admitted to seeing Colin there in his grand jury testimony, but that Colin “had left their home well before any of the guests arrived from the Waterfall.”

Brian and Nicole Albert left the Waterfall at roughly the same time as everyone else. Brian Albert and Brian Higgins are seen on surveillance video play fighting as John O’Keefe paid his tab. At most Brian Albert arrived at 34 Fairview no more than 5-10 minutes before Karen Read and John O’Keefe arrived. They want a jury to believe that Colin was drinking at the house all night, but as soon as the fun uncle he admired arrived home he decided it was time to call it a night.

In a previous interview Jen McCabe stated she arrived at the home at 11:45! She also stated that she “drove two of her nephew’s friends home.”

But Jen previously told police that she arrived at 12:18. And in this document they didn’t list the names of the two people she drove home because police were still trying to keep Sarah Levinson’s name out of it. I didn’t notice this until yesterday, as it’s amazing the lies and inconsistencies you will find every time you read these reports.

I also noticed in that police report that Nicole Albert said that she left the Waterfall Bar at midnight, and that all of her guests had left by 1 AM.

Jen McCabe would later reveal that she left at 1:47 with her husband, Sarah Levinson, and Julie Nagel. Nine full months later and Julie Nagel and Sarah Levinson were finally identified and interviewed by Michael Proctor. Julie Nagel suddenly recalled that she “thought she saw something she described as a dark object” on the lawn.

Julie Nagel couldn’t say that she saw John’s body, because then she would’ve called 911. But if she said she saw nothing it only strengthened the defense’s argument that the body wasn’t there. Julie Nagel made this statement shortly after the defense first alleged in open court that John’s body was placed on the lawn by Brian Albert. Almost as if she was intentionally coached to say something that would make it seem like there was possibly a body there, and still give herself plausible deniability for why she didn’t call 911.

But by far the most shocking and egregious new addition was about what time Proctor arrived at the Read household in Dighton. The charging documents said he got there at 4:30.

But the footage shows the car being towed at 4:12 PM, before Proctor got there. Adam Lally stated in open court several times that this was because the footage did not reset for daylight savings.

Obviously this was not true or believable, as manually resets for daylight savings. They needed a better story to tell a jury, which is why the new motion suddenly says that Proctor arrived at 3:30 PM.

My jaw dropped when I saw that. Watching these criminals lie, change their story, and manipulate prior testimony is shocking to the core. What’s even more shocking is that they are so arrogant that they think they can lie like this without anyone noticing. It’s clear at this point that they’re doing this because they know the feds are actively watching them, and are hoping to say that the 4:30 time was a typo.

But it’s not. Lally went so far to claim that never reset for daylight savings. The 4:30 and 5:30 times are written in several reports and motions. 

The Commonwealth is trying to prove that Karen Read deleted Ring footage from John O’Keefe’s home, supposedly because it would show her broken tail light (even though Karen pulled into the garage head first, and the camera would not pick up her tail light entering the garage). The defense has filed four separate motions asking for that Ring footage, and if it was deleted then the Commonwealth would be able to see who deleted it by accessing John’s phone. If Karen Read deleted Ring footage the world would know by now. In their original charging documents they stated that investigators could not locate video of Karen Read returning home from Fairview Road.

However, in the updated version they add the sentence “specifically no video of the defendant arriving at the victim’s home after leaving Fairview residence.”

I was in shock reading these last night. There is no lie these people won’t tell to try to send this woman to jail in order to protect Colin Albert, Jen McCabe, Brian Albert, and others from spending decades in prison. And if Karen Read didn’t have an award winning journalist and an all-star defense team spending hours analyzing the documents then she would be completely screwed.


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