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Canton Cover-Up Part 278: Ken Mello Loses Motion to Take Away Turtleboy’s Phone Calls In Jail

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In the first of many victories to come, Ken Mello’s motion to take my phone privileges away, was soundly denied in a 12-page ruling from Judge Debra Squires-Lee today. In the ruling, Mello got spanked for not bringing any evidence with him to court, to backup his wild allegations of witness intimidation, and for referring to a woman he doxxed, as a “minion.”


Uh oh – looks like Mello Cottage Fails isn’t ready for the big leagues. If you’re keeping track at home, that is now two straight Ls in superior court for Mello, including a denial of stay away orders at the December 22nd hearing. Mello has much better luck in district court but unfortunately for him, he chose to indict me and clearly isn’t ready for the bright lights of superior court.

My personal favorite quote was when the judge said that Mello claimed the evidence was on the “internet.” Her response to that was “that is not sufficient.” Who would have guessed that you have to bring evidence with you to court? This is clearly a very hard concept for him to grasp.

They want to take away my phone calls because they realize that tossing me in jail didn’t silence me. Mello wants me to lose my phone privileges because I’ve been exposing lies so efficiently behind bars. Mello clearly doesn’t understand that you don’t just get to make shit up, and lie under oath in a murder case that I’ve been covering for nine months straight, and not get called out for being a fraud.

Better luck next time, Ken!

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  1. What a loser Mello is! I hope Levy’s office goes the distance and investigates Mello and his ties to the corrupt. That hack at the very least will be disbarred.

    1. All the judges findings should be posted, Mello never said take your phone away but wanted your calls apart from the so called lawyer Bradl to be monitored just like the other criminals. Having two liars in court won’t help in the long run the truth will always shine thru. Get used to the orange your time is nearly up. The evidence will drown you.

  2. Finally a judge that can finally see through the scumbags that are Mello and Tully!!

    Lol its not looking good for his sanctions on Bradl either ……she said as much in court!!

    I can’t wait to hear if she will be trying him and his accomplices with federal crimes for ……INTIMIDATING WITNESSES 🤣🤣🤣

  3. These mediocre minions like Mello Yellow are doing this only because they’re afraid that people are finally demanding accountability and better JOB PERFORMANCE from them and they’re running scared that the jig is up. They’re scared because they know that doing better isn’t possible because they’ve been mediocre and lazy for years. Who comes to court without evidence except some loser on Judge Judy?!

  4. When you see on the Newsflash: The Whistleblower is Dead…The Whistleblower is Dead…

    Do you understand the real message being sent here?

    1. And you’ll still be here reading these articles looking for clues as to whether he’s really dead or not 😆 🤣 😂

  5. I try to picture the mug shots on TV. The effects of their clan collapsing in their wake will be felt for years after the sentencings are over. Towns already facing lawsuits it can’t win that Chris is happy to have defended at any price and the chief wants to remodel the kitchen like she’s remodeling the deck on the Titanic.

    1. The Chief cried poverty on behalf of the town when it comes to $200K for an audit, then shows up a few weeks later looking for just as much $ to remodel a kitchen at the police station. Classic.

    2. A police station doesn’t need a full kitchen with a stove to cook meals. That’s just stupid!
      Who cooks meals in any office, etc.
      It’s not a fire department where they have to stay there. Get a fng microwave and a mini fridge like every office has.

  6. Guys need to step up and throw down on the TB Defense Fund
    Look at the names
    90% females
    Great job ladies

    small ones just as awesome to see as big ones

  7. Some attorneys never intended to appear in a court room. Graduating law school was the entire goal, court rooms not so much.

  8. no danger that this lummox would pay half as much attention to curing his child support arrears as he does to trying to seek “justice” for Turtleboy’s victims… what a joke…tick tick tick

    1. your fantasy is exposing your sexual preference boner, stick to watching gay YouPorn videos and leave the comments to the adults

  9. lol just saw that Col. Mawn expects integrity from his troopers when it comes to CDL licensing. Not so much when it comes to murder, I guess.

  10. Congrats on the W!! I think it’s ridiculous that your kids are also the real losers in this cover up and taking away your freedom!! But to be fair you can’t just take the W and move on to the next you have to be cocky about it!! What a waste of money from both sides!! The State putting an innocent man in jail and then you having to spend college tuition money for your defense!! What a shame what our country has turned into!! Free Turtle Boy!! Free Karen Read!!!

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