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Canton Cover-Up Part 282: Brian Tully And Lindsey Gaetani Try To Figure Out How Turtleboy Paid For His Lexus

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I may be in jail, but I can’t stop laughing at Brian Tully’s afterdavid that was used to get Judge Krupp to sign an order allowing police to seize Karen’s phone. For months now, online trolls have been baselessly alleging that Karen’s brother gave me a free Lexus in June as part of a dastardly PR plot to bribe me for favorable media coverage. Her brother works at a dealership in another state, so logically then, he has the ability to hand out new cars to people he likes, and his boss is cool with taking huge hits like that.

I laughed when I saw the McAlbert minions spouting these conspiracy theories while calling us conspiracy theorists, but as time goes on it appears more and more as if Tully is using people like this as his primary source of information. On December 22nd, Lindsey Gaetani told me that Tully showed up at her apartment asking about that. I laughed so loud because I didn’t think he could get any dumber and was so desperate for angles that he was pursuing this one. Then I read this gem in the afterdavid and laughed even harder:

“Jane” is Lindsey. They refer to her in the document as my girlfriend, but my relationship with her mostly involves plowing on Friday nights followed by some light chitchat. I didn’t tell her anything about the case that I didn’t tell you people. Towards the end I began to suspect she was working with Krusty Panties, so I started feeding her misinformation to see if Krusty repeated it. Lo and behold, she did. Including one tall tale that to this day, they haven’t learned was completely made up. More to come on that later.

Let’s break down how insane, idiotic, and embarrassing this quote was.

“Lindsey stated different sources of financial benefit for Kearney and his partners.”

I don’t have any partners, and the sources of my financial benefit are people who buy things in the store, join Turtleclub and donate. You also notice that the website is infested with ads, and apparently Tully and Lindsey haven’t figured out that advertisers pay you money for that.

“Lindsey stated Kearney is doing well with donations.”

She cracked the case!! It’s not like I announce donos during every live show or have a GiveSendGo that tracks donations. Now, thanks to Tully’s new source – the chick who rode the Turtle on Fridays for three months – this mystery has officially been solved.

“Kearney has alluded to the fact that he did not pay for the Lexus SUV he recently acquired.”

This statement is about as real as the baby Lindsey aborted from her fake “keep a Turtle around” pregnancy, or the “I got pushed on a couch” hoax. I didn’t know Lindsey when I bought the Lexus in June, and the only thing she knew about it was how to “distract” me while driving it through Westwood.  (wink, wink) She and I used to laugh at Krusty Panties and others who suggested I got it for free. Now she’s mad about not being able to control me, so she’s just making shit up.

“Kearney made statements similar to ‘if my frugal mother ever found out I paid for the Lexus, she would be mad’ and ‘even if I didn’t pay for it, what’s wrong with that?’”

The inclusion of this sentence gave me a popsicle headache. The thing about my mom, I actually said on a Live show, because we grew up cheap and frugal in my house, and certainly didn’t buy new luxury SUVs. But that quote suggests I DID pay for it though. The second quote, which is made-up of hearsay from a lying sidepiece, suggests that I didn’t pay for it. Make up your mind, Tully. Am I being bribed with a free car or not?

“A check of RMV records reveals the Lexus was purchased at the end of June 2023. Those records reveal the vehicle was paid in full, using a check.”

Wait… what? So, he spends all this time suggesting Karen Read’s brother bribed me with a Lexus, then he uses his detective skills to find out I paid for the car in full, using a check? Pick a lane and stay in it Tully! I’m pretty sure that mid-investigation, it went from “he got bribed with a Lexus” to “he got bribed with money that he used to pay for a Lexus.” What this balding wetbrain doesn’t seem to realize is that it’s pretty obvious to anyone paying attention, that I made money off of my coverage of this story. Generally, that’s what happens in a capitalist society when you create a product that is in high demand because no one else is doing it. In this case, I gave the public what no other media outlet was willing to – a thorough investigation, ambush journalism, activism, and an entertaining live show. As a result of my hard work, my following drastically increased, and I made more money. I apologize to absolutely NOBODY for my financial success.

  • Turtleclub memberships have increased ten-fold. I used to have a couple hundred members paying $15 a month. Now I have almost a couple thousand.
  • Donos on the live show drastically increased.
  • In case you haven’t noticed, there are thousands of people wearing Free Karen Read and Turtleboy gear with our logo on it. That probably should have clued him in to the fact that Turtleboy is killing it!!
  • Website traffic and social media more than doubled, and when that happened, ad revenue increased.

So, there you go Tully – this is why I, like millions of other Americans, could afford a new car. I started a successful business based on reporting the truth. Sure, I could have financed the car, but why would I waste money on interest when I can pay for it on the spot, like a boss? I was going to get a 2020 or 2021 RX350 for $10,000 cheaper, but then I sat in the 2023 on the showroom floor and I looked at the biggest screen I ever seen in a vehicle, and I realized, this was my baby. I earned that car. I went to jail for that car. Being able to afford it with one payment is one of my proudest moments and a symbol of my success. I know it’s hard for unemployed welfare moms like Lindsey to understand this, but some of us generate revenue, instead of living off entitlements.

What Tully and Lindsey have in common is they both suck off the taxpayers for a living. One of them makes six figures covering up murders, framing innocent people, and wasting taxpayer money investigating how many times I spoke with Karen Read.  The other one spits out kids to increase the Section 8 payments and daycare vouchers, while she spends her days getting spray tanned, faking pregnancies and trying to get banged by famous people. Neither one of them understands how business makes money, but it makes me laugh that this is what they’re wasting their time with. Maybe if I bought a Ford Edge instead of a Lexus, they’d find out who murdered John O’Keefe.

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  1. Now that I am done laughing at Tully and “Jane” all I could think of is that your quarterly tax filings must be a bitch!
    Congrats on the Lexus, you deserve it. You work your ass off.

  2. Sadly the Kate Kult is going to hang on to the one word you used, that I wish you may have left out. “Ambush”. They’re going to have a field day with that word. Aggressive journalism may have been a better phrase given the current climate. Regardless, fuck Tilley and Lindsey Sextion8 Gaetani

    1. Jaxon
      Been trying to tell turtledope, to choose his words carefully. Mello and co will use that with the next baseless warrant, in front of an eager and sullen judge. Turtledope more focused now that he’s of the speed, but he still a dope.

    1. Good thinking, he has lied to all his supporters, has all this money from so many sources and still begging for more just look at this page full of “Donate Here”

  3. Hey guys, I’ve only been following for the last maybe 5 or 6 posts, but I’m getting really confused on something. Is there some sort of inside joke I’m missing about why TB keeps spelling affidavit, “afterdavid?” Like, for someone who makes nearly daily posts about this criminal proceeding, and as someone who is currently going through the legal process himself, I just find it hard to believe that he doesn’t know what an affidavit is. What am I missing?

    1. It’s a joke. You will soon learn TB’s brilliant sense of humor. Find the time to catch up and read all the Cover up posts.

        1. I believe a lawyer for someone that took Tb to court kept saying Aftidavid in error and TB just has fun with it, no real meaning

    2. There was a selectman in a town in MA that actually called it an after David live. It’s on one of the old stories. It’s pretty comical. I’m sure one one else can direct you to that story/name.

    3. Play on some guy, I was thinking it was a town meeting or something, saying affidavit but was clearly pronouncing it “after David” like an illiterate dumbass.

      1. This coming from someone who doesn’t know the difference between to, too and two… 👌 sure… we’ll be banking on your commentary. People will give their hard earned money where they see fit, and if they choose to give it to him then he must be doing something right.

    4. He was getting sued by a guy named Mike Gaffney who is supposed to be a lawyer. Gaffney was in court talking about an affidavit and was calling it an “after David.” mind you he’s supposed to be a lawyer

    5. June 20 2018 turtleboy.
      Rockland select board meeting (bobbing for boners)
      At about 8:30 mark Eddie pork chops declares “I stand by my after David “

  4. TB, next time you see Tully ask him where he got his mailbox & snowblower from.
    Even if Karen Read’s brother gave you a car for favorable coverage, that’s not a crime!
    It’s not a crime for KR & TB to communicate on the phone, text messages, Signal, Western Union, or the fucking US mail!

  5. Speaking of the ads, how about cleaning that up a bit. You can clearly afford it and a lot of us have been here for a long time, think pre Genduso. Sorry but kids in college preclude me from paying 15$ a month. Congrats on the new Lexus btw and fuck Tully, KP and Lindsay.

    1. Why should he have to work for free because he’s making money.. that doesn’t make any sense .. you still get to read the stories for free, just don’t have the extra smooth read that we as paying customers get .. I think that’s fair. 🤷‍♀️

    2. OMG, One door dash delivery and you’ve earned your $15 Turtle Tribute. How bout this? Try selling your vintage bell bottoms on EBAY. It’s a gold mine. GMAFB

  6. Porter tried saving the alberts and the mc cabes, now hold my beer tully is going to “save” proctor, hell just be another fish for Josh levy

    1. I hope they are just going for the top top and proctor just ends up having to retire. They will cut a deal if they need his testimony.

  7. Did Ted Daniel have some strange expr3ssions on Court TV with Vinny Politan last night?

    Also why was Josh Levy winking with one eye a few times during his press conference on the msp cdl announcement?

    1. You caught that too!! I was like ohhhhhh he’s winking 😉 right at the camera when he was talking his talk baby!!!

  8. I heard about this case about a month ago and have been following it on and off since. TB, I feel like you have danced around some pretty serious accusations, especially in the past week. You say that Karen’s brother didn’t give you a car, which is totally understandable and seems pretty obvious based on the info we have. What isn’t obvious, though, and what you failed to cover in this post, is whether or not you received ANY financial compensation from Karen.

    For example, let’s say you had broken the law and conspired with Karen. Obviously you wouldn’t be given a car directly from her brother. That would be too easy to trace back to her. Instead, she would have to pay you in a more round about way if it was indeed payment for something like pushing her defense’s narrative.

    The reason why your car purchase is coming into the spotlight is because of it’s value AND because you paid for it in full. I have no doubt that you took that cashier’s check out from your personal bank account. I also have no doubt that you make money off of donations and ad revenue from this website. But what I think does need to be answered is if Karen ever gave you any financial support, either directly from her or through an intermediary like a lot of your conversations with her.

    If she didn’t give you a cent, people are still going to wonder where you got the cash to buy a car like that in full. Depending on options, mark up, and all that BS, we’re still talking about a purchase around the annual salary of an average American. We all know you don’t make THAT much just off donations and ads on your blog. Unless you have some supplemental income, or can address the accusations head on, it’s going to look pretty shady.

    1. He is one of the top 3 people who started fund raising for her defense fund that has raised more than 300K!! I highly doubt she paid him based off the fact that we know she’s been out of work & living off her savings and paying for her defense with money raised by the Justice group on FB.

      1. If Karen has enough money to hire one of Harvey Weinstein’s lawyers, she probably has enough to give a little something to a blogger if she thinks it will help her case. Regardless, it doesn’t really matter if Karen has $100 or $100 million, it’s not relevant to the fact that TB bought a suspiciously expensive car during the same time he was lying about communicating with a woman. The same woman who’s grand jury trial he is accused of trying to illegally influence.

        1. Explain to me how he is trying to illegally influence a grand jury?
          By talking about the case?
          Isn’t that one a whole bunch of YouTube channels do?
          Doesn’t that happen in all crime cases?
          I see a shitload of cases on YouTube channels that have not gone to trial yet.
          So aren’t thousands of people then trying to sway jury’s by offering their conjecture?

          1. Well he contacted a witness in the grand jury and told her something he isn’t comfortable sharing on this website. It would be nice to know that he is not guilty, but he cropped out all of the messages that led to her telling him she wouldn’t lie in court. I find it strange that he’s willing to share that part of the text exchange, but not whatever he said that led her to say that she wouldn’t lie in court. I mean can you imagine what people here would say if something like that leaked from the prosecution?

            This whole connection to Karen is illegal if he’s found guilty of witness intimidation and if they can prove she played a role in it. He says there’s nothing wrong with simply talking about the case and his thoughts on it, and that’s 100% true. But that’s not why he’s in hot water. It’s like showing up to a protest, lighting something on fire, getting arrested, and then saying it’s not illegal to protest. Yeah obviously, but that’s not what you’re in trouble for.

          2. You could say the same for cffindaffer contacting Norfolk DA and having a back and forth with Traub. Then leaking things from the DA’s office. Also Traub taking Voss (reporter) out on a dinner date. How is that not “illegal “ then?

          3. The whole witness intimidation thing is a complete joke. Morrissey will have to answer for that. Mello has taken that to a level that does not exist. Chicken parm Charlie didn’t witness anything btw. It’s all a complete fabrication and exaggeration of a law that wasn’t meant for what they are doing. It will have profound effects for them down the road. Hopefully including Mello disbarred. He should already have been! No show lawyer charging and cheating clients out of $.
            It’s a smoke show that will backfire heavily upon Norfolk DA. I’ll get the popcorn ready for that indictment.

        2. Aren’t coffindaffer, yct, grant something, Wendy Murphy all doing the exact same thing only their swaying to say she’s guilty. What’s the difference?

        3. Thank you for the info Morrisseys money man.
          Does he really make enough/Morrissey
          To afford a big expensive house in Squantum.
          A nice boat at Marina Bay?
          His lavish eating and drinking expenses?
          Hmmm baby your last name begins with O.

      1. I don’t know how much he makes from his blogs, donations, and subscription club. None of us do. But that’s why he needs to directly address whether or not he has ever received money from Karen. If he hadn’t received anything from her, I find it weird that he would type up this whole post about the accusations without just saying “I haven’t received any financial compensation from Karen either directly or through an intermediary.”

        I know that the ads on the side of the page pay a cent or two for every like 100 page visitors, so there can’t be much from that. I haven’t seen the live stream, so I don’t know what rolls in for donations. But I do have some serious doubts about him actually having “thousands” of people who subscribe and give him $15 per month. These posts seem to only get around 100 comments, and that includes replies. Let’s say it’s about 70 unique people who comment, that includes both his supporters and his critics. His critics definitely aren’t giving him money, but a lot of his supporters don’t do the subscription either. One of his supporters on this post even said that they aren’t able to give him $15 per month, which is understandable. So I think it’s fair to be skeptical about that “thousands” of monthly subscribers claim.

        At the end of the day, I just feel like his tone doesn’t match the content of this post. If he’s laughing about the accusations because they are so absurd, then why dance around the obvious? And why not show the actual figures? He doesn’t have to show his bank account or anything, but it’s not unreasonable to show proof of how many people are actually subscribed.

        The bottom line is that he lied about being in contact with Karen. No matter where you stand on TB, Karen, or the entire situation, it’s not unreasonable to ask he shows a little more evidence to back up his claims of innocence against some very serious accusations. We know he lied about talking to Karen, so unless he shows proof that he didn’t receive financial compensation from Karen, it’s not out of the question.

        1. He said it was off the record. As well as a source, as far as he could tell a great source with receipts. Why does that even matter anyways. End of your rant how could he possibly show “that he didn’t receive financial compensation from Karen” seriously. Literally and figuratively impossible. From what I do believe I heard in a live awhile ago, is his Aunt died an he got an inheritance. But even then it’s none of anyone’s business how much money he makes. So if his $15 x 1,000 = $15,000 a month. Nevermind the apps an other materials. He makes bank. Why would it matter if any of it cane from Karen. Wouldn’t you like to get a bonus for doing a job that you actually believe in? Again why does he owe you or anyone an explanation of his finances. Why? He doesn’t. Just like you don’t want someone saying to you I want to see your bank account an transactions before I talk to you or listen to you. I hope you see how stupid that is. I really do.. I have hope people aren’t that entitled to other people’s Financials 🙂

          1. Whether it is on the record or off the record, it doesn’t matter. They both said they weren’t in communication with each other when they were. They didn’t say “we haven’t discussed anything on the record,” they said “we haven’t communicated with each other.” This matters because even if Karen is innocent, this is something the prosecution will use to strengthen their case. It’s also important because it sheds doubt on what TB says in general. A couple weeks ago he said they have never communicated and they won’t find anything on the phones. Today he’s saying that he wasn’t paid off, but his credibility is damaged.

            This is why it now matters for him to prove that he could have feasibly purchased a $60K-70K car purely from this website and the revenue it generates for him. The prosecution got a warrant for those phones because they think he was paid by Karen. If they can prove that TB both tried to influence a witness AND was given financial support from Karen, that would be really bad for both of them.

            Obviously he doesn’t have to prove his finances to anyone (other than a court if it ends up going that way for him). All I’m saying here is that he woke up this morning and chose to make this post denying the accusations without backing up any of his claims. He says that he has thousands of people giving him $15 per month, but choses not to show evidence of that. And this is just a day or two after he admitted to lying about being in contact with Karen.

            For the sake of argument, let’s say TB was paid by Karen to try to influence her trial. If that’s the case, TB is going to need to explain how he had the scratch for a brand new Lexus. If he says it came from a source only he can verify, then there’s no way to prove him wrong.

            Again, this is serious business both him and Karen are facing legally. If I were in his shoes and I was innocent, I would probably include a screenshot somewhere in this post with the number of subscribers he had giving him $15 for last month. Because like you pointed out, that’s some easy math to see if the guy who’s being accused of being paid off and using the money to buy a luxury item could actually afford said luxury item.

          2. You don’t deserve to know anything about his personal life an or family, nevermind his finances. Why does he have to prove anything to anyone at anytime? Did you not read his editorial above? He says clearly from the hard work he’s done. Why does he have to prove anything about himself? You literally made your own argument invalid in your rant. This is what to take from this. It’s none of your business or mine. Show me your finances because I think you’re being paid by the Norfolk DA’s office. I saw you buy something expensive. No that’s not how you act. That’s how idiots live their life. Are you an idiot? You’re fighting for something you don’t deserve nor will you ever deserve, unless he says otherwise. He hasn’t said anything that wasn’t true. So I don’t get your entitlement.

          3. Obviously that would all hang onto the actual case going to trial. If said trial doesn’t happen. If Fed’s drop bombshells an the so-called witnesses become the perpetrators. None of this matters. So I’ll wait the one day shy of 2weeks. An see what happens. I wanna see the feds come into the courtroom an arrest Lally an Cannone. That would just be the icing on the cake.

    2. The whole thing is a grift. TurtleFraud is getting paid off spreading misinformation and bullying innocent people. Even if KR isn’t paying him directly he is fleecing these gullible suckers.

      1. We don’t fault you for voting Democrat do we. So why the hate bro. You sound very jelly, just saying…

      2. I haven’t seen any misinformation have you? Show me please. Show me his misinformation. An the so-called bullying if people can’t handle being asked questions. That’s on them, they could’ve walked away. Alas they stayed right where they where. As well ad assaulted him. He didn’t touch nobody, but they touched him yeah you Matt Mcabe. Lucky your fat ass didn’t roll down those bleachers if he just moved alil bit. Your center of gravity would’ve taken right over. Would’ve been amazing to watch…

    3. Boy all of your rants sound just like Paul McAuliffe III. Just so entitled and stuck up…the epitome of someone with “the Third” at the end of their name.

        1. Calm down Paul. Just write another Op piece for the Canton Citizen and verbally abuse the women of Canton who wanted and received the Canton PD audit. You’re on the wrong side of history and you’ll be shown for what you are, an elitist boot licker who sticks up for cop killers (the current “witnesses”). Can’t wait to see what the Feds provide on your “witness” friends.

    4. Are you retarded? Did you read the article? Can you do basic math?? 2000 subscribers X $15 = $30K a month just from that revenue stream. He clearly stated where the money comes from. How May advertisements did you have to lose just to read this article? Jesus Christ, what’s your favorite flavor of window?

  9. The real question is WTF are these judges thinking signing off on these warrants with these kind of after-davids? Are they even reading them? Why would they choose to be rubber stamps for the 3 blind mice? Don’t they know they are the gatekeepers? The ones tasked with protecting the constitution and civil liberties of citizens against executive branch overreach? Instead they are turnstiles. It’s been eye opening to see how low they will bow to an organization the feds demonstrated are willing to put the public in danger in exchange for bottled water and candy.

    1. Did you happen to notice that TWO different judges on the Massachusetts Supreme Court just “retired” early? Why would they do that after getting a seat on the highest court in Mass? If you wonder why the lower court level judges like Auntie Bev and KruppT suck so much, it’s because the judges in the higher level courts are even more corrupt. Word in certain Boston law firms is that the Mass Appeals Court and Mass Supreme Court are under federal investigation right now. Certain lawyers at certain Boston law firms are freaking out because they have cases pending before the Appeals Court and Supreme Court, so how TF can they trust anything those courts do when theyre under criminal investigation?

    2. The judges are eager and sullen, receiving paychecks from same employer.
      Turtledope is sitting in jail, and the judge can’t explain why ( no written findings to support confinement).
      Typical third world tyranny.

  10. Turtleboy is admitting this whole thing is a fucking racket to fleece gullible idiots. Not so long ago he was publicly whining about how he was terrified he would have to get a real job. And then, ALONG COMES KAREN. Cash cow, Ka-Ching! You suckers are all being played by this conman.

    1. Still doesn’t take away the fact that a man, a decent, good man who was a Boston Cop was murdered. Which may or may not be a trial of his girlfriend. No-one would be paying attention to this story of a man’s murder if it wasn’t for him. Like Aiden said he’s brought 500,000+ eyes to this case. He did what no other journalists did, an that was go after a story of either she killed him or it was a cover-up an subsequent corruption. Nothing wrong with donating your money to whatever cause you want. Do you? If it comes out that you donate to the Democrat party should we call you a gullible idiot? Seriously why all that for him. You just drove up traffic to his site. Which thanks to you an others like you. It attracts more customers for revenue. Bigger companies. Let me guess you will harass said companies to stop. That’s pathetic. Enjoy that life of hate. Waking everyday with hate for anyone isn’t good mentally. You will be known as the guy who did something horrific, an your neighbors will be like, yeah they where tapped we weren’t surprised it didn’t happen earlier. Cya

    2. Not this person, he is a professional grifter in my opinion. Uses and abused everyone including those that support him sadly they are to blind to see him for what he is but that time is coming.

  11. If you think this slander for hire hack with his bathroom stall reporting is journalism you really should broaden your perspectives a bit and maybe visit a library or something.

    1. Lol yet here you are reading all about it!!
      Not one of you can come with evidence of anything he has not been correct about …..you prefer to say that ex Prosecuters, lawyers, ex Cops, current cops, corrections officers, ex FBI are all part of what you claim is a cult!! Your head can’t wrap around the fact that everyone here are intelligent people, who have followed the evidence just because you have been unable to!!

      You are actually condoning corruption?? It’s mind boggling!!

      What are you going to do when the FBI start indicting the ‘witnesses’ as the actual defendants in this case??

      Are you then going to claim its the FBI that are corrupt in order to save face??

      You honestly think this could never happen to you, bent cops pining charges on you to keep their own dirty secrets safe??

      I bet during the con you rolled up your sleeve to for your continuous boosters because you were told to. ……yet now the information is out there for all to see your own ignorance and ego won’t allow you to admit you were conned!!

  12. If I’m not mistaken hasn’t TB been reporting on this case for far longer than just April 2023 I thought he started reporting on it fairly shortly after it happened it just started getting picked up by other mainstream media outlets about April. I could be wrong but I’m pretty sure it’s been quite some time before mainstream media picked it up.

    1. Look at Canton Coverup #1 – April of 2023. He said in his last blog that he was surprised that no journalists had started covering the case until he started, and that he should have started earlier (although admittedly, Tully and Co. would’ve probably put him in jail earlier too.) Despicable people they are…

  13. Fuck yes. I hate that you’re locked up, but damn, you’re spitting fire. Lindsey and Tully’s bullshit, is just adding bills to your stacks.

    1. He is where he belongs and with recent issues it seems even more charges will follow. We are safe he is locked up in requested by him protective custody because he is a genuine coward.

      1. You need to get a life instead of spending it replying negatively on every single comment on every single post. That’s just sad.

  14. You do know people are voluntarily giving their money to turtleboy…you vote with your dollar and your obviously pissed off because he is making bank.

    1. I was gonna mention that. The one thing I noticed since him being in jail is his blogs are better. And about one every two days.thats good considering

  15. Wow you made all that money to cover the check for a Lexus in one month hhmm, every time you open you mouth another lie falls out. Best go back and check things you have said. You have all this money from so many sources why then are you still begging for money of hard working people. Your where you belong parasite.

    1. Hey Pupu Platter – grow up. Your jealousy is showing. You have NOTHING substantive to say, like all the other turtletrolls who couldn’t debate, have meaningful discourse, or engage in any serious dialogue about this case. It must be sad being you.

  16. Your supporters are doing all the work, the writing the editing the research, they create the show yet you claim the glory and there money, you can’t even spell check your post moron. 15$ a month what a grift, you are infamous not famous now a known criminal a woman abuser baby killer, your poor kids they deserve better..

    1. Did you miss the bit about the Banshee Baby machine not even being pregnant??

      The affidavits of ex boyfriends that swore on threat of perjury that she did the same to them

      Lol you fool, the pic she gave TB of the pregnancy tests proved by metadata was from May 2023!! She didn’t meet TB until September ’23!! 🤣🤣🤣

      Her babysitter met with TB PI twice and willingly gave a statement informing his defence that Banshee lady lied about being pushed on the sofa!!

      When she appeared in court someone had hot to her clearly…..because she then wouldn’t admit the two meetings or the statement!!

      Rather than listen to gossip why not actually listen to what was said in court ….where the Banshee admitted several of her lies!!

    2. Your vendetta against TB says more about you than about TB. You’re literally on his page commenting.. subsequently supporting him. Every scroll, every click, every comment. That’s pay for daddy. If you want to drag him.. go find another site to do it on. Your 10 posts in the last 38 minutes quite literally increased his user engagement. You’re your own problem bud.

    3. Imagine, calling someone else a moron while displaying your complete ignorance in the process. Pipe down already, and maybe use spell check or proofread your own bullshit before hitting ‘post comment’. Fact checking is also up there at the top of the list of things you should do before posting more of your nonsense… but let’s be real that seems like a huge stretch and way outside of your tiny wheel house…

  17. Buying a car in full is not as crazy as people are making it sound. With auto loan financing interest rates as high as 9.25% it would be pure stupidity to finance a car loan right now. That’s just kicking the can down the road. Cash is King people. Financial freedom is a beautiful thing. Smart move by a smart business man

    1. EXACTLY. Because these idiots are over extended and need to take out loans, it doesn’t mean that everyone else is in the same boat.

  18. Healey will have the Mass tax weasels up your ass, you can bet on that. Not like you don’t have other shit to deal with!! Keep your headup, these criminals will all be ruined in the end.

  19. When this story first came out I asked questions on Facebook.
    I then said yes this looks shady.
    Seems like a cover up and I question Det Proctors reports.
    Nothing else, just a question.
    Det proctors wife who was copying pasting and investigating anyone that disagreed called my employer to get me fired for just questioning and expressing an opinion.
    Liz Proctor continues to harrass anyone she can under other names.
    I said nothing bad, just had questions, yet she thought I should no longer hold my position I’ve had for many years?’
    She felt so entitled that she wanted my family to suffer financially because hers is corrupt?
    We just work and live our lives
    I had an opinion. As does every human on social media.
    What kind of sick bitch takes it upon herself to direct the narrative?
    Where are her charges?
    She did this to many people!
    It’s so fd up.

    1. Lizzy will soon regret what she has been doing, her husband will be in Prison, and she will have to move because she will be a Pariah in the Town!!

      She will have to start from scratch, with no friends, allies or husband!!

      She won’t have the hundreds of dollars a year he gets from his paycheck either!!

      She doesn’t strike me as willing to be a prison visitor either!!

      Karma is a batch……I hope you have kept your evidence, then take her to the cleaners when you sue her ass …..better still get a harrassement order on her so she has a criminal history just like her hubby!!

    2. Lizzie Proctor is an awful person but not as bad as her husband.

      Hopefully she gets fired from her job. She will have to move out of Canton because she will be forever known in that town has being part of one of the worst cases of injustice in this state and maybe in this country.

      Her husband will likely be in jail, regardless if he cooperates or not.

      But the biggest punishment for Lizzie will be watching her kids try to deal with this. They will never get over it. They will have to live with the awful crimes their father committed and the awful behavior of their own mom. Imagine how difficult that will be for them.

      It won’t matter where they live either. They will be known. My guess is that those kids will struggle with depression, anger, anxiety and eventually alcoholism, drug abuse, etc. And all because of the sick behavior of their mother and criminal behavior of their dad.

      Shame on all these adults involved with this murder and cover up. The damage you have done to all your kids is immeasurable and will be with them for the rest of their lives..

  20. Turtledope
    Bundl filed bail review in wrong court, superior court is next step.
    How does Bundl not know, black letter law?
    Guys either legally illiterate, or he’s working with mello.
    Third option is he thinks you’ll have less opportunities to hinder Read and Levy’s cases, if your secure in jail.
    Bundl plagiarizing myself in filing is flattering ( muckraker)
    Glad he’s paying attention.

    1. You seem like a smug know it all. If your delusions are correct then why didn’t you do anything to help Karen Read, you retard?

    2. yikes ur retarded.. he’s already at superior court.. remember that time they indicted him? ya.. lol like wtf r u even talking about? “black letter law” is undisputed/well established law.. sooo… maybe u meant civil/criminal procedure but sounds like ur the one who doesn’t know what they’re talking about haha kk just go back under ur bridge

  21. When this is over uncle should go full time on the birchmore fiasco. Another one that was murdered by same group of cops. How this case elevated him it would be moving backwards to start writing about guttermuppets again. Maybe only now will he be recognized as a journalist and not a blogger

  22. Ya know, people PAY for the things Turtle Biy has because they choose to. They get something on return. It’s like buying anything else.Stoooppid.

  23. Even though I’ve been married to one for 24 years and have given birth to 2 if them ill never understand men…

    You are in JAIL because like a 16 year old boy you were driving around town with some chick blowing you? And you write about it saying hint hint like your a cool.dude Real nice if that caused an accident too right? How can you simultaneously be brilliant and retarded??

    Please just stop talking about your sex life…it’s gross and just illustrates your questionable judgement which in turn can call into question all of your other choices and methods of reporting which can only cause headaches for you

    1. I mean, kamalatoe, that’s gross but wicked cool for an immature 50 year old. Well played, smackass.

  24. Focus on bettering your life, “Jane”. Not sure after what you pulled with TB you’ll be able to ever redeem yourself again. Good luck to you girl, very very sick.

  25. Sick burn on the bell bottoms, loser, if I had any I’d for sure do that. Reading comprehension not your strong suit, eh. I asked him to clean it up a little, not get rid of all the ads. I have made one time donations a few times but really none of your business, I do what I am able to do. Also, I make no judgements on people, their income levels or how they spend their money. Those are personal decisions. Door dash??? Lol I either pick it up myself or have delivered but again personal choices. To the other commenter talking about wanting it for free, each time I click on a story he makes money, maybe not a lot but some. Enjoy your day.

  26. This article is GOLD! Its funny, but sad at the same time… that Tully and “Jane” live off the state. Doesn’t she have 2 degrees – how about using one of them JANE – Skank POS!

  27. I’m sure Bradl knows he has a fool for a client. The more you spout off, the harder it’s going to be for him to keep you out of prison. But when the money runs out, I’m sure that Public Defender will do wonders for you. LOL clown.

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