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Canton Cover-Up Part 284: Attorney Tim Bradl’s Statement In Defense Of Karen Read Is A Patriotic Pants-Tent

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My attorney, Tim Bradl, issued a press release in response to Brian Tully’s afterdavid that was used to get Judge Krupp to sign a search warrant for Karen Read’s phones, as part of their never-ending search to charge innocent people with witness intimidation. The following statement made me proud to be his client and will go down in history as one of the greatest defenses of the First Amendment ever:

I read the search warrant affidavit unsealed today in the Karen Read matter.  It appears to be a single spaced 30 page story about how the state police went to unbelievable lengths (taxpayer funded trip to California!) to try to establish … drumroll …that Aidan Kearney and Karen read communicated with each other.  It is an investigation without a crime.  It appears to me that there is zero evidence that Karen Read intended or had anything to do with any witness intimidation or interference, and rather is a woman fighting for her life as a target of a murder charge.  

She is entitled to wield inalienable rights under the first, fourth, fifth, and sixth amendments to defend herself.   She also has a special right under our Massachusetts Constitution, which precedes and is the model for our US Constitution, in its Article 12, “to produce all proofs that may be favorable to [her].”  This provision gives her broad rights and privileges to explore all avenues in her defense–a sacrosanct right to defend herself.   She can share information with whomever she wants, speak out against her enemies, associate with anyone she pleases, and seek to keep it secret if she wants.  It is chilling to read about law enforcement poring through defense phone records and texts intended to be private and confidential, and then laying out these protected and legal actions as if they are elements of a crime  in an effort to destroy her.      

The prosecution is doubling down on defective theories of witness intimidation that we are in the process of attacking at the SJC in Mr. Kearney’s case.  Every freedom-loving citizen in the Commonwealth needs to hope and pray that the SJC finally takes up the matter and takes down the witness intimidation statute, the most odious intrusion on our rights since the bill of attainder or the writs of assistance.     

The only crime here is the robbery of privacy.  

I got a patriotic pants-tent the first time I heard it. The evolution of Tim Bradl has been a sight to see as my case has developed. Initially, he knew little of the facts as he wasn’t an avid watcher of the show. He didn’t know the backstory of the Colin Albert impression or about Lizzie Proctor harassing people at work. But he put in the work and knows the case like the back of his hand now, and clearly he is as outraged as the rest of us. All decent people should be.

As he points out, this was a 30-page document that probably cost the taxpayers hundreds of thousands of dollars in man hours, that could have been used to find out who killed John O’Keefe. And the result of the investigation was that I… spoke on the phone with Karen Read!! About what? They’re not sure. But a reporter talking to a defendant is apparently evidence of a crime, in the birthplace of democracy in the New World.

“This is an investigation without a crime.”

Amen. They have no idea what we spoke about, nor is it anyone in the government’s business. Karen Read is fighting for her life, and can speak with anyone she pleases if she wants to get the truth out there.

As a history teacher, I really appreciated Bradl’s second paragraph. I loved how he pointed out that our State Constitution was the model for the US Constitution. Our state produced brilliant patriots like John Adams, who lived in Norfolk County, and is spinning in his grave watching this once proud Commonwealth defecate on the beautiful democracy he risked his life to create. His cousin, Sam Adams, would have tarred and feathered tyrants like Ken Mello and Brian Tully, for weaponizing the power of big government to violate people’s God-given civil liberties. Our nation is unique because our Constitution comes with a Bill of Rights – something the Founders wouldn’t ratify without. What good is a government if the people don’t have a way to protect themselves from it?

Karen Read chose to keep her relationship with me hidden, but she didn’t have to. As Bradl points out, Article 12 allows her to share information with anyone she pleases, speak out against the McAlberts and the DA’s office, befriend anyone she wants to, and keep her friendships secret. She realized that the facts were in her favor, so she told people about them. Now the men with guns, who seek to rob her of her God-given liberty, are attempting to criminalize her legal behavior. This should outrage all decent people.

As Bradl points out, the nexus of all of this is the Witness Intimidation statute, which is blatantly unconstitutional. Lawyers who value the First Amendment have been concerned about it for years, and have been waiting for a test case. They needed someone to be arrested for causing the extremely subjective “emotional harm.” Not only did they get it with me, but the government became so emboldened after my arrest, that they used it to go after the Canton 9 (including a child), a dispatcher, and now the most high-profile defendant in the country. The Norfolk DA’s office has made it clear that they will use this statute to crush the First Amendment and create a chilling effect that prevents people from exercising their rights, for fear of being put in chains, like I have been.

Let’s all pray that the government overplayed its hand, drew unwanted attention and national backlash, and forced the SJC to use my case, to throw the statute out entirely. Let’s pray that it begins this week, with my release from incarceration.



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  1. Exactly, all they have is what Natalie showed/gave them for her so-called immunity. Sorry Natalie Fed’s trump State. Your immunity deal was with the wrong people. You knew what you where/did was wrong. That’s why you went to who you did. Shame on you. Now your 15 mins of fame is just beginning. Fed’s will come for you to. Right after Aiden & Karen’s civil rights lawsuits if not the same time.

    1. Let me get this right, your coming down on someone for being honest and doing the right thing hhmm, does show you for the shit stain you are.

      1. So the “right thing” is snitching on someone who she could no longer manipulate? Your friend group must be interesting.

    2. Have to win in state court first , before you can file 42usc 1983-88 tort.

      With Kantje Jackson brown as SCOTUS justice for first district-,justice is always delayed and denied.

      “ the only justice in the halls of justice- is in the halls”

  2. “will go down in history as one of the greatest defenses of the First Amendment ever”

  3. I’ve seen news reports about an epidemic that has been rampant in the American prison system. Inmates will make a jailhouse “toilet cocktail” made of fermented piss. I hope Turtleboy hasn’t succumbed to this terrible scourge. His posts have certainly become increasingly insane. Why is his defense attorney enabling him to publicly deteriorate? Is there no one in the jail who can help him with mental health services? I can’t bear to witness Aidan completely lose his mind in public. He has turned into an incoherent lunatic.

      1. You should pick whitey as your next name. He was a pussy as well. Couldn’t fight a man if his life depended upon it. But enjoyed killing vulnerable women. Pussy

        1. Hey buddy. I know 82nd Airborne is not your real name. It’s ok. Give it up with the tough guy act.

          If I used the name of Henry Ford (antisemite?) or Martin Luther King (he raped women and abused prostitutes btw, and was a serial plagiarizer) would it change anything for you or are you the same kind of idiot who stands for the flag when the very state that it stands for hates you and your grandkids?

          How about you focus on the topic at hand. Idiot.

    1. No, Unc’s fine . That was last week’s crazy neighbor in the cell next door. He’s gone now- you clearly are not keeping up.
      Pay attention or keep quiet~~

    2. You’ll need a

      Lots of orange peels, apples, jolly ranchers
      pound of Sugar

      Dump it all in a trashbag. Shake it up. Tie it in a knot so the odor doesn’t escape. Open it in a week.

  4. The Constitution is not going to save you. An incompetent special prosecutor and a sympathetic SJC might.

    Daniel Penny, Derek Chauvin and Douglas Mackey weren’t saved by the Constitution.

    Count your blessings that these guys are really incompetent and or under federal investigation.

    Fee Karen Read.

    1. How appropriate. You chose the mane of a guy who preyed on young girls and then murdered them with his own hands. Stand up guy
      .clearly you lack any sense of morality.

      1. How appropriate. You decided to refute my argument by attacking a
        my pseudonym, correct me if I’m wrong but this sounds like a highly emotional and low ASVAB scoring enlisted man response to a rational observation.

        Let’s talk about David Patreaus and the 82nd Airborne. The Airborne contingent in operations has been useless and unsuccessful by objective standards since the Germans tried it in Crete in 1941. Airborne kinetic assets have NEVER been successful insofar as achieving a written commanders intent. They are objectively useless. Show me the OPORD and I’ll show you the FAILS TO MEET STANDARD.

        David Patreaus (not unlike most hack career 11A officers) eventually achieved the necessary command position within the 82nd AB and what did he do? He cheated on his wife (one that we know of), he authored a theoretical contingency plan that failed in Iraq, and then he gave away top secret information to some skank biographer in violation of USMJ (she was also an Army Captain but was never discharged under UCMJ either). Where is he? Certainly not sitting in a cell at Norfolk lockup.

        Ohhh but you already knew that didn’t you? Mr. Self Righteous flag waiving fatigue honoring low IQ idiot. I bet you hated it when I mentioned earlier that Daniel Penny won’t get a fair trial (even though what he did was honorable and within reason); keep voting for the system boomer.


    2. Your such a loser you pick a name of a low life scumbag that raped and killed young girls.
      As you slam someone else.
      You w got no balls and no character.

      1. You’re a low IQ retard on the internet with an opinion. I didn’t “slam” anyone (low IQ name calling) I simply pointed out comparisons to what TB is going through to others that are being wrongfully prosecuted.

        If I had chosen the TAG Joseph Stalin would you also accuse me of killing 30-50 million Soviets citizens instead of reading what I said about TBs chances of being treated fairly?

        Nope. You’re still a retard though.

    1. No fear they just see the writing on the wall, he is losing subs at a great pace now they know how much he is draining them of.

  5. We thought you were a Super Slueth Aidan Kearney. But just a tabloid mouth piece, which is an upgrade from Blogger. I have lost faith in you and your weird thing for Broken women.
    I still think Karen is innocent. She would have been found.not.guilty without you. To bad The National Enquirer is not hiring.

  6. When “government” is a small group of conspirators determined to railroad the innocent and their political enemies.

  7. If this turns into another TB crush gone wild with Karen Read being the crush i’m out….congrats TB you’ve taken the spotlight off of Canton, the McAlberts and put it on yourself.

    Please date Britney Spears or Taylor Swift next, I’m sure you could destroy them both. only Leigha Genduso and Julie can handle TB.

  8. Aidan, I love your passion and emotion. Please be careful, they are coming after you and I don’t want things to get worse

  9. They need to get TB out of jail he’s unstable and getting worse. Get that boy back home with his kids and treadmill.

    If this continues TB will become a ward of the state, which was probably the plan all along. Wonder how long BA, Colon, or Horse Face McCabe could handle being locked up?

    1. Ward of the state, now that sounds wonderful leave him there it’s where he belongs. More charges comming yeahh

    2. Bridge water his next stop.
      He can pitch his panty tent, worship Brandl , and spout gibberish, while in secure mental institution.

      Too stupid to realize, he is making commonwealths case.

      Mom should have took him off nipple, before he was arrested.
      Odds she fronted money for lexis?

      1. Mike morrissey is corrupt and the whole world knows now! Priceless!
        Msp is a fng joke and the whole world sees it!
        Thank you tbtt

  10. Turtledope
    Your a failure at history also !

    John Adams mentor Jeremy Bentham said: ‘* * * “suppose the proceedings to be completely secret, and the court, on the occasion, to consist of no more than a single judge,—that judge will be at once indolent and arbitrary: how corrupt soever his inclination may be, it will find no check, at any rate no tolerably efficient check, to oppose it. Without publicity, all other checks are insufficient: in comparison of publicity, all other checks are of small account. Recordation, appeal, whatever other institutions might present themselves in the character of checks, would be found to operate rather as cloaks than checks; as cloaks in reality, as checks only in appearance.”

    Bentham lost his case, 200 plus years ago. Your learning nothing in Massachusetts has changed.

    “ Power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely” lord Acton.

    Due to less than adequate public school teachers, we have a population of uneducated.

    Josh Levy is investigating the judiciary as well as law enforcement.

    Suffolk superior court has upcoming lawsuit against MSP for withholding exculpatory information about law enforcement , the “Masstapo”
    (Dont Count your chickens) , don’t hold your breath waiting for commonwealth to produce evidence against itself.
    You really that stupid?

    Judges won’t buck the criminal enterprise, that protects their “Absolute Power”

    Let’s get something straight.

    Bentham was a Patriot, Brandl is a plagiarist. Your to ignorant to tell the difference.

    God help the children, you failed as a teacher.

    But given your inability to learn , it’s not a shock, you could not teach. Your type is the problem, entitled educated idiots.

    Bentham Quote is from In re Oliver
    SCOTUS case.

    Brandl plagiarized Nilan v Valenti ( Ronaldo Del Gallo) 2012

    Law library, study the law library , get in gen pop , investigate other cases of “Bullpen Therapy “ among your fellow captives.

    You’ll learn a lot, and the more you expose, the faster you’ll be home.
    DOC also on Levi’s to do list.

    1. Guy you have way too much time on your hands!
      A quote I like. “The truth is incontrovertible. Panic May result. Ignorance may decide it.
      Malice may distort it. But there it is.”
      Winston Churchill
      Open your eyes to the truth here.
      John O keefe was not killed by a vehicle backing up.

      1. No. It seems like he forgot that commenting on the internet wasn’t his strong suit. He doesn’t understand how word processors function on devices other than a PC or maybe a type writer (😆).

        The benefit is asshats like yourself come out of the wood work and make an even worse demonstrative fool available for others shitlords to make fun of.

        Maybe sir the next couple of plays out?

    2. Big fancy words and long sentences-then your poor writing and improper punctuation takes that all away. Lol-hypocrite 😂

      1. The state helps public school teachers and cops protect pedophile employees-

        You fucking retard tool. On a order of magnitude greater than the “Jesuits.” These are facts.

  11. Your where you belong your a criminal now trying to set up a very poor defence for incoming charges and hoping to blind all your subs again. Subs are now asking questions after your claim to earning so much money, please put out another post saying how well off you are. Your a parasite sit tight the storm is nearly here.

  12. Where are all the subs gone maybe there aware that all your social media might be coming to an end, good sources tell me paper work on the way to close them all. But you keep posting here you give so much info. Get used to orange your going to be wearing it a B long time, so many are now will to speak out against you. T hey too have freedom of speech

    1. The hell you going on about now? No one knows what you’re going on about. Mad ravings of a true sub hahaha

  13. So a little over a month til the trial. Someone has to be indicted before that or how else will they stop the trial. The state has no intentions of dropping her charges.something needs to happen soon

    1. Typically (if there are civil rights implications) a state trial must be decided one way or another before the federal government intercedes.

  14. The only thing that would make me poop my pants more than seeing aidin released is the feds showing up at my house at 3am. If both happen in the same day I might run the prolaps.

  15. Looks like the McAlbert’s are feeling the heat. These last gasps of hope against hope that they all walk free and smearing of TB in the comment section are a telling sign.

    Hang in there TB – you are on the right side of history!

    1. Did I just read this right wow that’s a f upped thing to say. You think because he’s in jail wtf is wrong with you

  16. Listen to Tim Bradl interview on EP 8775 of Howie Carr
    Let’s pray for the best outcome, this is important to all of us

    1. Howie been whining about corrupt o crats for 50 years, he’s the controlled opposition to the corrupt midget.

  17. It was impossible for me to leave your website without expressing my gratitude for the excellent knowledge you give your visitors. Without a doubt, I’ll be checking back frequently to see what updates you’ve made.

  18. Turtledope
    Forced how?
    By who?
    Your almost forgotten, and Karen read trial won’t change anything.

    Look up Lenox 7 murders in Berkshire county 80’s ?

    Straccuzi , ford and co threw the case, was cut and dry murder.

    Ford became Massachusetts supreme judicial court justice after framing LTGB
    Bernard baron to cover up his own pedophilic predatory behavior.

    Your “ attorney “ super patriot Brandl – just handed your fate over to a single Massachusetts supreme judicial court justice, of the most corrupt court in the nation, for a secret hearing.
    Overplayed it’s hand?

    Like the Biden crime family?
    Think rapist AJ baker or hunter Biden going to see inside of jail?
    Baker now trafficking girls at NCAA level,
    Morrissey probably be nominated for judgeship.

    Your A special kind of stupid. If You think that’s going anywhere.

    Whitey bulger , ring a bell?
    Or his prosecutor Robert Mueller?

    1. You know Alan Dershowitz once admitted that the point of his position was to surpress the truth so long as the truth endangered his clients outcome (paraphrasing).

      As to the corruption of the SJC at the expense of Morrissey and a few white cops; why do you think they would care about a blogger and a “first amendment” case?

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