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Canton Cover-Up Part 288: Dear Karl

Dear Local Moron,

How you doing buddy? It’s your old pal, Aidan. Ya know, the guy who escorts you to your car every time you leave court. Sweet ride, by the way. I think you’re the first person to own a Lincoln Town Car, who wasn’t named Walter. Anyway, I’ve been away for a minute and a lot has happened since I’ve been gone, and I wanted to catch up with you. I remember the first time you messaged me in April and told me you were one of John’s best friends. You said you were concerned about John’s kids and agreed that I had brought up a lot of questionable things about the investigation. You even told me you wanted the whole truth to come out.



I gotta be honest, I thought you kind of gave a shit at the time. But, as it turns out, you don’t actually care about his kids or finding the truth. There’s one thing that matters to you more than anything in the world – Karl’s precious feelings. A grown man’s feelings should definitely come before truth, justice and friendship.

What’s up with that Karen Read bitch? Can you believe that on the morning she found her murdered boyfriend, she had the audacity not to text you back and make sure YOU were okay? How was Captain Cuckaroo himself not a priority for her? Sure, she was in the hospital, experiencing trauma, and the people who murdered John were actively framing her for murder. But you’re Karl freaking Dugal! I don’t care if you’re in the middle of giving birth. When Karl texts you, you text him back immediately.

Let me tell you, a great way to show John you gave a shit about him is to pal around with his murderers and the cops who are covering it up. I know that a great way to show that you care about his kids is befriending Jennifer McCabe, who conspired to make them orphans for the second time.

The first time we met was when you and your wife, Jackie Chin, harassed Karen outside of court. Your brilliant question to her – “Why did you say you did it?” – really shows that you put a lot of thought into the case and looked at the evidence. Sure, she never actually said that, but she also hurt your feelings, which means she’s guilty of murder.


You really showed us that you’re speaking your truth by not asking Jen McCabe about her Google search, not asking Brian Albert why he didn’t come out of the house to see if John was alive, and not asking yourself why Canton Police didn’t find any taillight or missing shoes when they first arrived at the scene. None of that stuff matters as much as your fee-fees.

Your wife’s a real gem too. The only thing harder to find than that Ford Edge is her chin. Her mean girls schtick must really turn you on, and the fact that she accidentally doxed herself as a Twitter troll by showing her license, but still tweets from it pretending it’s not her, shows that you’ve tied yourself down to a stable, emotionally mature woman. Lots of healthy relationships are built on foundations like that. I got to be honest though, I’m a little concerned that someone as emotional as you is a BPD detective. When you get called to a murder, do you ask do you ask witnesses for their phone numbers and the last one to call you back gets charged with murder? Or do you only put that level of though in when one of your best friends is beaten to death?

I understand that framing Karen Read for murder is a little bit uncomfortable for you. Ya know because she’s not black. You know from experience that it’s way easier to wrongfully arrest black people because you seem to do it a lot on the job. Maybe if Colin Albert hit the tanning booth, it would be easier for you to accept what he did. Oh well, at least arresting the wrong Black guy only cost Boston taxpayers $12,000. That’s a fraction of what Ken Mello owes for child support, or what Chris Albert owes in tax liens.

It was great seeing you and Jackie Chin at my arraignment though. Your angry face cracked me up. As I looked at you, thinking how temporarily inconvenienced I was, at this hilarious attempt to charge me with a bunch of fake crimes. You guys must have really thought you had me that day. Sorry it just ended with me raising my profile and making a shitload of money on Free Turtleboy gear.



You should have seen your girl, Horseface, glaring at me with Lizzie Proctor. They sure put on a good show! But are you aware that they’re laughing at you more than they’re laughing at Paul O’Keefe? It’s kind of ironic that you’re palling around with Paul, Chris Albert, and Michael Morrissey, who all graduated from the Ted Kennedy School of Drunken Driving, while shitting on Karen for allegedly hurting someone with a car.

Oh, and appointing someone called Krusty Panties to be your leader was a real wise decision too.  Sure, she lost two kids to the state, thinks that shampoo is when Free Willy takes a dump, and lives on welfare with a guy who is charged with assaulting her runaway teenager with a knife. Sure, she’s currently being charged for the second time with stalking and violating an order that a BPD officer’s daughter has on her. Sure, she readily admits her DCF file is “voluminous” and chose junkies and Fireball over her own kids. But she makes YouTube videos pretending to be a serious documentarian, and will never stop obsessing over Turtleboy, so you got to take what you can get.

Let me tell you though, the last couple of weeks must be making you nervous. You went all in on the McAlberts and it looks like they’re about to be indicted for killing your alleged best friend. That’s a whole lot of cope to swallow. When it finally happens, it’s gonna be more cringe than Jackie Chin’s George Floyd video, and your workout video combined.

Anyway, my question to you is, what are you gonna do when the people who killed John are indicted? Have you ever thought about that very realistic possibility? Will you show up to their court dates like you did at Karen’s and pepper them with stupid questions? Or do you only do that to people who tried to save John’s life? It’s gonna be a bit awkward being on the same side as me, so I don’t blame you if you don’t show up. Just know there will be no amnesty from Team Turtleboy, and I’m gonna keep escorting you guys to your boomer mobile at Moakley, just like I did in Dedham.

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  1. I am loving all of these letters so much, so entertaining to recap all that these scum of the earth have done! Can’t wait to see how this all plays out!

  2. You did it again Aidan..

    Oh where to start with this one.

    ” But you’re Karl freaking Dugal!” How about we change it to Karl “douchebag” Dugal? That has a nice ring to it.

    But seriously, how is this guy a cop. He aligned himself with the Alberts, McCabes, Proctors. So there’s only two explanations for that. He either believed them and their story or he is corrupt. Which one is it? Either reason is pretty bad.

    I hope the Boston Police are looking into him and looking for a way to get rid of him. He’s an embarrassment to that entire department and they know it.

    And his wife, what a horrible person she is. Imagine spending so much time online trolling the internet under fake names and harassing people? Don’t let her looks fool you. She has rotten insides and it shows. She’s a bad seed.

    But what will be interesting is seeing how they are when justice comes knocking. How foolish they will look that they stood side by side protecting the killers. Who will his friends be then?

    Keep up the great writing Aidan. The world is watching and learning. Justice is close by.

    1. You condone smearing someone simply because they asked for morgue photos be taken down trying to protect 2 innocent children. So TB can now tell others who they can associate with hhmm if that also is ok with you then i pity your tiny narrow mind. It is fine to have a different opinion but not to be bullied and harassed for doing so. Time to take a good look in the mirror.

  3. It’s kind of ironic that you’re palling around with Paul, Chris Albert, and Michael Morrissey, who all graduated from the Ted Kennedy School of Drunken Driving… DYING JUST DYING!! Great article, again.

    Who is next on the list?

    1. It is just a repeat just the names change, if he was a good writer as you claim then why does he not write on other topics such as current affairs, because he cant he only knows how to bully intimidate and smear even then his gramma is very lacking along with spelling at times. He is nothing but a blogger and not a very good one.

  4. Don’t take this the wrong way but jail seems to agree with Aidan. It’s like he’s on a mindfulness retreat. Enjoying quiet time, collecting his thoughts, centering himself, etc.

    I know people that go away on retreats like that and pay big money.

    Some great writing and quite comical.

    Stay strong Aidan.. It’s almost over.

    1. Yes
      TB was running around at 8,000mph
      See it in the small errors that always crept into the writing
      And udder things
      NOT > afterdavethingy
      the pace was a concern
      Hopefully adopt a livable pace TB

      No way
      Not gonna happen
      Too much sht to do
      Maybe Turtle Mgt Team be a help
      Gotta lean on someone TB

    2. Far from nearly over, new charges are going to be laid. Yes he is in the best place for him sadly he is still living off others the usual for him unfortunately the subs are waking up to slowly allowing this parasite to keep draining them of their hard earned money. He isn’t centered he just doesnt have the minions to send out to do his dirty work. I doubt he is doing the writing that would be so unlike him others do all the work he is just a big mouth.

      1. Have you ever taken a moment to think why there is one of you desperately trying to depict Aiden as completely opposite of how the whole world sees and appreciates Aiden? asking for a friend…you are the gloss over, ya know the scroll by…bye for now….

    3. He always seems to have the ability & stamina to make lemonade out of lemons, his humor & intelligence along with his courage & passion for people especially his family, is what makes Aiden, Aiden!! Delightfully unique, if anything he sells himself short, he definitely stands up for the under dog, that I can get behind!! He literally is doing this for EVERYONE!! LEGALIZE FREEDOM…I sure do pray they clean up the clown show once and for all, imho far too many pay the price when those in power want silence!! IT RUINS IT FOR THE GOOD GUYS WHO GO TO WORK, TRYING TO DO THE RIGHT THING, SHOULD BE ABLE TO 1000% TRUST YOUR PARTNER & TEAM!!!! LIVES ARE ON THE LINE, THIS THIRD GRADE B S NEEDS TO END IMHO It’s well known, Canton isn’t first on the map for this…Massachusetts as a whole needs a do-over with truth & transparency!!! We are so far down the hole now, we seriously need to begin at the top, clean house, begin anew if we do not want to be the state with the MOST people checking out of this state, it’s a disgrace what has been allowed to happen, Aiden just rips the band aid off for all to see. I do think he is taming his mouth and I pray he does, he gets dismissed more than he should because of it, like trump can at times…..imho both would reach more if they could stop the language. I think the reason he has followers as he speaks, acts as if the whole world are his buddies, I get it, I laugh yet I also get it took me years to even think about checking out what is going on in the world via Turtleboy! I’m sure glad I’m back, I think this is one area where he will/is recharging, refining himself, giving up cray females and using vulgarity…I admire he LOVES his children and is there for them and can see negatives in others, surely he knows deep down, he should work on less of that! We all can to put our best foot forward and we are all a work in progress. Keep learning & growing Aiden, don’t sell yourself short…..

  5. Aidan needs to wear a body cam that records off site. I fear for him. A few cops facing long jail terms or life sentences others facing long terms including a District Attorney . I fear they will take Aidan with them to wherever bad cops go when they leave the force in shame .
    Stay Thirsty My Friend, but be safe. Upgrade security consider a body guard until Governor Levy puts these cretins away.
    God Bless

  6. Hanging around with the Alberts, Proctors, McCabes, Krusty, etc…

    Hey Karl, there’s an old saying that goes “You are the company you keep”

  7. What is it with these cops and actual evidence?? Are they so used to fitting people up that when they come across the real mcoy they are literally dumbfounded!!

    Another thing, why is it the women that all wear the trousers in their own homes??

    So Karl since you are sooo chummy with Jen Mcabe have you ever been given the answer to “Hos long to die in cold” at 02:27??

    Have you ever asked her why she told the Dispatcher that John had been on the lawn just one hour??

    And with your super dooper detective skills have you ever asked her how she expected Kerry to hear her when she said “Kerry, where’s the blankets” when she was sitting in the car with the doors closed parked in the middle of the street and Johns body was 12ft from the kerb ….we hear Karen screaming and at a distance and we know Kerry was there with her …..so why wasn’t Jen shouting “Kerry, where’s the blankets” or are your eardrums not too good and you didn’t notice that, that was for the dispatchers benefit to appear to be helping??

    My goodness no wonder no one was held accountable for Sandra Birchmore you can’t even detect if you’ve got clean socks for the next days shift!!

    Here’s a clue if it stinks then it’s dirty ….just like your new found pals who are rotten!!

    1. Karl should be ashamed of himself for his actions. He needs to be a man now, step up and acknowledge his part in keeping this charade going. That’s the only way to redeem himself and salvage any little bit he can of his dignity and reputation.

    2. Poor person, you really need to do some research on all your questions or do you just follow what ever your told by your leader. Having a different opinion is a good thing at times it shows you think for your self.

  8. Everbodayyyyyy! Yeaaaa…rock your bodayyy…yeaaaaa! Everybody! Rock your body right! Yeezy’s back…ALRIGHT!

  9. Turtledope
    1) Why didn’t you address,,Mellis response, ton211 s3 petition?

    2) Get the denial, of extraordinary relief?

    3) Brandl fails to understand, proper venue to attack the constitutionality of witness intimidation statute ,is federal district court?
    See project veritas action( James Keefe ) v Connly ( Dan former disgraced Suffolk da-.who concealed the murder at Fenway By Boston pd 2004?-.seeing a pattern yet? ) 2019 as to secret recording of public employees.

    4) Why didn’t Brandl , file bail review in superior court, which would of been heard in two days?

    5) Brandl fails to understand, msjc only accepts, single subject pleadings?

    6) being Brandl claims to be a “ professional attorney “ . The pleading fails to adhere to rules of msjc.

    7) you’d be out if Brandl , hadn’t made so many unforced errors.

    8) Brandl’s claim of entrapment, is novel and most likely correct, it’s irrelevant.

    9) Brandl. advised you not to have contact with Jane , as she was a witness.
    Proving you knew.

    10)Mello claims you searched janes phone, does h have fingerprint evidence? Brandl forget to ask that very important question? Another unforced error? Or assisting the prosecution?

    11) Your going to be incarcerated, until you advocate for yourself. But I repeat myself.

    Law school over.

    Onto personal matters.
    Tired of tossing poop yet?

    Or are you enjoying you new mom ,
    She missing her cellar dweller yet?

    Who you going to manipulate, to regain your freedom?

    Sorry but I do enjoy narcissistic self destruction.

    Figure out yet most lawyers are narcissistic sociopaths yet?

    Come to the realization, your being manipulated, by professional narcissists?
    I’ll explain,
    Brandl knew you were too arrogant, to listen to his advice, knowing Mello set you up to commit witness intimidation.

    Did you torture you ex wife with the bait and wait tactic, most narcissists use?
    Gas light her , about your numerous affairs?

    By now Mello and cos have found you manipulate your kids. Most likely drove ex half nuts, her therapist got her to understand, it’s just PTSD from abuse?
    Certainly she wont be testifying, how you mentally tortured her, at your eventual bail review.

    Tucker been in touch yet?
    Only reason OMG reached out was his interest in corruption, which your to intellectually challenged to comprehend.

    Enjoy your two hots and a cot ,

    By now you learned DOC can and will serve one cold meal a day.
    But your readers probably don’t

    1. You got way too much time to read and write all this shit on someone you despise. You really should be getting ready for the harsh truth that’s about to come out about you and your shit ball friends/family!

    2. Awwww, it must suck to have no one to talk to. Did TB hurt your feelings? I hope someday someone will love you, but I’m not optimistic

    3. Once the Feds drop the bomb, it’s over buddy. It’s not about personality, it’s about evidence. Woof woof!

    4. Ahh the armchair Google lawyer strikes again. Hey, you should probably spend some time googling how to spell. It would help if you knew proper contractions and grammar. Your post looks like a fucking 11 year old wrote it. My IQ dropped quite a few points reading this dumpster fire of a comment. Please do yourself and everyone else a favor, do not type anything else until you’ve learned English. I hope it’s a second language because you’re fucking terrible at it. Then again it’s becoming clear that the haters are all incredibly illiterate.

  10. Karl you disgusting emo wimp! You’re a selfish little child in a man’s body.

    Jackie is so mean/angry nobody notices her toned body.

    Hos long until Jackie dumps Karl for a man?

  11. Don’t take this the wrong way but jail seems to agree with Aidan. It’s like he’s on a mindfulness retreat. Enjoying quiet time, collecting his thoughts, centering himself, etc.

    I know people that go away on retreats like that and pay big money.

    Some great writing and quite comical.

    Stay strong Aidan.. It’s almost over.

    1. Not even close to over- it’s only beginning.

      Comical but unproductive.

      turtledope too dumb to realize Brandl, won’t be bucking the status quo.

      Enjoy the Theater, it’s forgone conclusion. turtledope going to be found guilty- Brandl done nothing of benefit- in fact his unforced errors , help the commonwealth.
      How do you think he will do in a trial?

      Turtledopes time better spent , studying law library ( plus it gets him out of pod) filing proper pleadings.

      Turtledope has all the tools he needs , to extricate himself.

      He may have A case against Brandl , for intentionally ineffective assistance of counsel.

      No one who ever been in court , can make as many mistakes as Brandl has.


  12. Am I everything you need?
    You better rock your body now

    Everybody, yeah (Yeah)
    Rock your body, yeah (Yeah)
    Everybody, yeah
    Rock your body right
    Yeezy’s back, alright!

  13. Good ol Karl Dugal and his wife getting an “escort” wonder hos many times they have got on with the mcalberts I heard they like to trade places

  14. Legit question, we keep hearing about the discovery evidence dump and the pending indictments, is any of that actually coming anytime soon?

  15. Now is not just a conspiracy it is racism as well, glad you have finally admitted this is all about the money you can make of tragedies now that was honest. Hope letting all that anger out has helped, you’re going to need some space in that tiny pea brain to cope with the additional charges that are headed your way. Your a done deal and your kids will now be able to have a stable life away from your evil ways.

    1. Man you trolls don’t know how to comprehend anything. Completely glossing over the fact that Karl dugal arrested the wrong black man and cost us taxpayers actual money because of his incompetence and his racism. Where does it say it’s all about the money? Cuz I don’t see that anywhere, seems like your take away here is cognitive dissonance. But that’s certainly the way it’s always been with the TB haters. Even though you’ll be in the comments giving your shitty L take, you’ll always be contributing to TB by reading his articles. For you it’s certainly out of hate, which seems pretty miserable ngl but when you have no life and no irl friends or family, I guess it’s what you do. A sad existence.

  16. Please do not give away any more of your money he has said he has made plenty off all of you loyal supporters, enough to pay outright for a new Lexus $50-$60 thousand. You work hard for your money were as he is an unemployable middle aged man that has continually lived of others including his own wife who pays the bills. He broke the law not you let him pay his own legal bill with all the money he has already taken from you, please use your brain dont part with another penny.

    1. Please stfu and get your facts in order before you come to comment sections and spread misinformation. It seems like you morons don’t know how money works, and must be perpetually broke cuz you spread bullshit like this. Get a fucking job and stop being jealous.

  17. Isn’t Karl a witness? Or does it just seem like the corrupt Morrissey and his Mini-Me Mello declare everyone’s a witness to something if they’re questioned by TB.

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