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Canton Cover-Up Part 289: Turtleboy’s Prison Journals Part 4, Turtleboy Gets Deep

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Today is my 45th day in jail and one of the most anxiety-inducing. I’m writing Part 4 of my prison journal today, primarily so the day will go by faster. If I don’t find something to occupy my mind, all I will think about is the elephant in the room – our appeal to the SJC that is currently under advisement.

Seventeen days ago, my attorney filed a 17-page petition with the state’s highest court, asking them to reduce my bail revocation from 90 to 60 days, undo the bail revocation entirely, return my phones and computer, restore my First Amendment rights completely, and have the entire 16-count indictment reviewed by the full seven Justice panel.

I don’t need my phones back today, I know that we will win with the indictments, and I know that eventually I will be able to publish public court documents. So, they can take their time on that stuff. But what I need ASAP, is to know if I’m getting out of here so I can see my children, start my new life, and continue my award-winning journalism.

I want to be home for the Super Bowl badly. Every year we go to my buddy’s house and drink beer, eat food, and gamble with friends I’ve had since I was a kid. Getting together like this is harder when people have families, so the Super Bowl is an important event that unites us, and one that I really look forward to.

I also want to be out before 60 days on February 23, because there are a lot of important court dates coming up that I would like to attend as a free man. There is a world of difference between showing up to court in chains and showing up to court on my own accord, in a fresh new suit with the American flag behind me, holding a press conference on the courthouse steps.

I don’t mind the chains that much since they highlight the outrageousness of what is happening. Everyone knows I am not a dangerous person. They know I never threatened, assaulted or intimidated anyone. They know that I’m a law-abiding citizen being imprisoned by the same corrupt government agents I’ve been exposing. The idea that I should be in shackles, like accused murderer Brian Walshe when he enters the same court, is ridiculous. But until you see it, it’s hard to comprehend the injustice.

There are four court dates in the next two weeks that I will either attend as a prisoner or a free man:

  1. February 12 in Leominster District Court. Krusty Panties criminal complaint hearing for witness intimidation and trespassing. In several videos she threatened me with physical violence if I attended court proceedings in which I was a witness, or made it known that I’d be attending. At her January 6, 2023, court hearing in West Roxbury, for violating a restraining order against a woman she was stalking for being a friend of mine, she followed through on her threat by bringing her boyfriend Andrew Johnson to court, who proceeded to assault me on video.


He was subsequently charged with assault and battery, and was facing charges of assaulting Kate’s daughter         with a knife, at the time. Holden Police also charged her with trespassing for coming to my house on July 22,         while I was hosting a peaceful protest in Canton, leaving a threatening note for the mother of my children,           and photographing herself in my driveway. A Magistrate will decide Monday if charges will be filed.

  1. February 15 – Karen Read’s court date in Norfolk Superior.
  2. February 16 – my court date for a Pre-Trial Conference in Norfolk Superior.
  3. February 20 – Andrew Johnson’s trial in West Roxbury, in which I am a victim and witness.

Obviously I much rather attend these proceedings as a free man, but mentally I am preparing that I won’t be free. That way I won’t be devastated if it doesn’t go my way. Worst case scenario, I spend two more weeks in jail, which I could do in my sleep at this point.

Nevertheless, I’d be ecstatic to get out. This has been the longest 45 days of my life, and I’ve almost forgot what it feels like not to be in here. I miss seeing my kids every day, driving a car, being able to use a phone without typing in a nine digit PIN, having unmonitored calls that don’t end after 15 minutes, texting,  sending videos, eating what I choose, sleeping on a mattress, having a pillow, watching TV, watching YouTube streams, reading online comments, doing the Live show, having privacy, not being filmed in the bathroom, wearing whatever clothes I want, going to the gym, running streets instead of circles, and so much more. These are the little things you don’t realize how much you enjoy, until they are taken away from you.

My daily routine remains the same. At morning recess, I run 6-8 miles, talk to my kids before they get on the bus, shower, shave, drink coffee, and watch Sports Center. Then I go back to my cell in the medical unit from 10:00 am – 6:30 pm, eat lunch at 11:00 am and dinner at 4:00 pm. I continue to eat tons of fruit and vegetables that I never ate on the outside and look forward to continuing these healthy habits after I’m released.

I have an insane person next to me named Kevin Burbank, who screams, yells, bangs his door, and calls imaginary people retards all night. He refuses to take his meds, so our broken system locks him in a cell 23 hours a day. It’s a joke.

I’ve also been recognized by two people down here as Turtleboy. One guy is a Turtlerider named Dawn’s boyfriend. The other is the first transgender prisoner I’ve met. I was confused to see what appears to be a chick down here, who immediately recognized me. It looks like a chick, has the voice of a chick, and is named Jessica. All Jessica told me, is that he or she, is transgender. I’m confused if Jessica has a cock, so I didn’t ask because transgenderism is all just made up anyway. Jessica wears green which means she or he is convicted and told me she or he was recently kicked out of a Boston jail. All I know is, Jessica is from Canton and likes my stories, so Jessica is cool by me.

At 6:30 pm, I go to evening rec and do 600 step-ups and 250 pushups. The other day, I met the first prisoner who was ever hostile to me. He had been moved down there because he had just got into a fight. He yelled, “Fuck you Turtleboy! You wrote about my ex-girlfriend Sarah Burke.” Sarah was featured on Turtleboy in 2017 for whoring herself out on webcams, and sometimes featured her kids in videos. The crackhead Dedham mother was later associated with Mike Giannetti and Lindsey Gaetani. Ratchets run together. The prisoner told me that there were others that wanted to beat me up too. I told him to tell his crackhead friends to get in line and laughed at him for simping for his whore ex-girlfriend.

The 8.5 hours I spend in my cell from 10:00 am – 6:30 pm will go slowly if I don’t keep my mind busy. On the outside, time flies because there’s so much to do and not enough time. That’s why I started doing my “Dear John” prison letters – it takes hours to write them by hand, call my Turtlepeople up, and dictate the articles for them to type out and publish. Time has gone by a lot faster because I’m always working on something.

The other thing that’s made the time move quicker has been reading. I’ve read two books in here that have given me a lot of perspective – To Kill a Mockingbird, and The Happiest Man on Earth – a New York Times best seller written by Auschwitz survivor, Eddie Jaku.

We “read” To Kill a Mockingbird in high school, but I never actually read a single book my teachers assigned. I was lazy, had CliffsNotes, and was friends with a lot of Asian kids who let me copy their homework. This was enough for the B- I strived for.



But now as an adult, I can appreciate classic literature that 16-year-old immature Turtleboy could not. To Kill a Mockingbird is one of the greatest novels ever published. Written from the perspective of a 9-year-old Alabama girl in the 30s, named Scout Finch. It’s a story of injustice in the criminal justice system. Scout’s father, Atticus, is a lawyer and one of the greatest literary character ever. He is tasked with representing Tom Robinson – a deformed, 25-year-old Black father, falsely accused of sexually assaulting a 19-year-old white woman, from a poor white-trash family. In reality, the woman invited Tom into her house and threw herself at him, but Tom resisted her advances. The woman’s illiterate, trashy father Bob Ewell, saw this happen, beats his daughter for kissing a black man, and told police Tom Robinson beat her.

The evidence was all on Tom Robinson’s side and Atticus exposed the girl and her father to be liars on the stand. Nevertheless, the all-white jury convicts Tom of rape, and he ended up getting killed trying to escape from jail.

After the trial, Bob Ewell vows to destroy Atticus for exposing him on the stand. He spits in his face in public and tried to murder his 12-year-old son. But Atticus never gets upset or seeks revenge. He tells his kids that Bob is a trashy person, whose pride was insulted and didn’t know how to handle it. Stooping to his level meant degrading yourself.

I see my own situation a lot in this book. Like Tom Robinson, I’m wrongfully accused of assault by a trashy woman, and the justice system is rigged against me. Like Bob Ewell, there are trashy internet trolls who would like to see me in pain, for making them look dumb. But I must be like Atticus Finch. I must be above it all and never stoop to their level. I recognize that I’m living in an unjust society, but all I can do is continue to work to fix it. In the meantime, I must take the blows against me in stride.

Eddie Jaku lost his entire family in the Holocaust. He survived Auschwitz by being smart, conserving food and energy, and remaining optimistic. Jail is nothing like Auschwitz, but like Eddie, I did nothing wrong to be imprisoned. And like Eddie, I find ways to make prison less awful by doing little things like conserving mayonnaise packets, so I don’t have to eat tuna fish with mustard, which for some reason the jail serves it with. Like Eddie, I get by thinking about life when I get out of here.

But Eddie is the happiest man on Earth not because he survived, but because he liberated his soul. He says that other survivors who think the worst of humanity because of what they witnessed, have never truly been liberated from Auschwitz. Eddie lost his entire family, but his ultimate revenge against the Nazis was being happy. He did this by getting married, having two sons, four grandkids, and five great-grandkids. He never forgave the Nazis, but he didn’t allow them to dictate his happiness.

Reading his book has changed the way I thought about the people who put me in here. I will never forgive Brian Tully or Ken Mello and will seek justice for what they’ve taken from me. But for Lindsey Gaetani, I feel nothing but pity. She has to wake up every day an angry, broken person. Her only friends now are murderers and internet trolls, who I know she is disgusted by. She did this because she thought seeing me in pain would make her happy. She thought it would teach me a lesson that I wasn’t allowed to end things with her.

But if I remain angry with her and seek revenge, then I will never be truly happy and liberated from her. I will tell the story of what she did to defend myself on the charges, but I won’t allow her negative energy to change who I am. My only revenge will be to be happy, successful, and full of love for others – things she will never have unless she changes who she is.  I hope for her sake that she does because she suffers from mental illness, and I don’t think she is purely evil as the people she surrounded herself with. There is still time for her to tell the truth and expose how Tully and Jennifer McCabe used her like trash, for their own benefit.

I can’t ever forgive Lindsey, just as Eddie can’t forgive the Nazis, but I can control the effect she has on me. Holding onto hate may hurt your enemies, but it hurts you more. Being happy, rich, successful, and forgetting she exists is the most powerful revenge there is.

During the hours it took to write this journal, Justice Kafker has been reading our petition for release and drafting his response. If I don’t write, then he is all I will be able to think about and the day will drag on slowly. Although I want to get out now, my real victory is that I am at peace with losing too. I pray that God gives him the wisdom to see the sham that it is, but I cannot control what he does and will not allow him to determine my happiness. Regardless of what he does, I will soon be free, this will all be a distant memory and I will be happy because I’m surrounded with love and support.

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  1. I dare them to take the right to watch the Super Bowl! Those idiots would try I bet! Next they’re going g to go after the air we breathe and say that’s not our right to do either. Every day I get more ticked off with those idiots.

    1. Turtledope
      Should save his Tablet battery life, if he wants to listen- unless he has a tv view cell.

      If he’s lucky , he won’t get 30 days in the hole for his offenses.
      PREa and hippa rights are only ones you retain while incarcerated, he violated two inmates rights in latest screed.

      He can try filing a grievance, might keep him in shu till Monday.

  2. Aidan,

    It’s almost over. Justice is so close.

    You should be proud of yourself for fighting for justice, especially when all along our own local media wouldn’t write about it.

    What you did was courageous. You took on the MA State Police and exposed one of the biggest corruption cases ever. You are the reason so many of us feel so passionate about getting justice for both John O’Keefe and Karen.

    When our local media opted to sit on the sidelines, you investigated, reported and then taught all of us the details. You created an amazing movement. You should be very proud about that. And I don’t doubt for one second that when justice is served in John’s murder that you will continue to fight for justice for others.

    Think of it like the Boston Marathon except at the starting line in Hopkinton it was just you. Ted Daniels showed up but more like 1/2 way through the race. Some are still just spectators on the side lines and some are the Rosie Ruiz’s of the race, trying to jump in like they were always there. If it wasn’t for your reporting none of us would know about this disgusting injustice.

    Let’s not forget about Canton. The corruption in Canton has been exposed. The people of Canton are rising up and taking control. That would not have happened had you not reported on this case. Kudos to all those great people in Canton that are fighting to make Canton a better place.

    Try to stay positive… Justice will be served

        1. Oh, I think both of these trolls have posted at the same time. Pu-pu is usually more long winded, Thomas is a simple man.

  3. Aidan, I am praying that the judge sees through the injustice that has been placed upon you and gives you your freedom.
    You spoke the truth, by exposing the corrupt in our judicial system and you became the target.
    But ..as they say , us Jeffersonites are pretty resilient, don’t you think?😁
    Take care of yourself, and remember…”Be careful who you trust. Salt and Sugar look the same.”
    Gautam Buddha

  4. This is the perfect storm of you trying to resurrect investigative journalism in a completely corrupt system. You did your job very well and morally corrupt people are hopefully going to be held accountable — soon. Hang in there. Don’t forget to write your own bestseller— talk to trusted friends . Keep being our hero. We are with you!

  5. It is great you finally met a transgender person. How about live and let live? If you cannot bear to acknowledge their reality, at least give no comment.

    1. Their delusions should be their own, not forced on everyone else. For people who supposedly don’t like labels, you sure have a lot of them, mizzzter alphabet soup

  6. Hey TB.. don’t lower yourself to write phrases like , whore and trash and cock…. they take away from any journalistic integrity and credibility…. Also don’t mention other inmates by name.. ok bud .. hope you’re released and give these shills hell !!

  7. Dear turtledope
    I’ll ease your suspense.

    Justice Kafker won’t be writing an opinion, simply denying without hearing, as no extraordinary relief is warranted.

    Still waiting on district court judges written findings, for your detention?
    You’ll get them , a week or so after filing a motion- if judge isn’t on vacation.

    Bail review needs to be heard in superior court, then upon denial- appealed.
    You need to address written findings for detention – On 8th amendment grounds “Excessive bail shall not be required, nor excessive fines imposed, nor cruel and unusual punishments inflicted”
    Solitary is cruel and unusual- if you didn’t request protective custody-

    Msjc has no authority, to rule on constitutionality of statutes – that’s a federal issue – your a history teacher?
    Yet never read constitution- or American history?

    Ran out of dear johns?

    So now a New award winning series !

    “book reports from behind the wall”
    For next six and a half weeks?
    Good luck with that

    I suggest you
    Try to get cell with view of tv- you’ll be watching game from your cell.
    Now that you have an admirer – you’ll be locked in.

    Too bad your too chicken for General pop, if well behaved gp will be allowed to watch Super Bowl in their pods- late lockdown – it’s easier than dealing with the facility wide riot – force will cause.
    Half time they have locked in standing count- good co pops doors ASAP – joker teases – Most important words you need to learn are please , thank you and excuse me. Your problem is you don’t respect others. Typical narcissistic sociopath lack of awareness.

    By the way you violated Mr Burbank’s hippa rights, enjoy your disciplinary hearing- won’t be using phone anymore.
    Typical narcissistic lack of boundaries,
    Respect for others.

    Then you’ll enjoy a PREA ( prison rape elimination act) disciplinary hearing-
    For intimidation of Jessica- via the Genital commentary.

    You are a very special kind of stupid, and a serial narcissistic sociopathic predatory abuser, of the mentally diminished.

    Are you attempting to establish a diminished capacity defense?
    Stupidity isn’t a defense.

    Again your making Mellos case for him,

    Keep tossing poop turtledope, your doing great, at incriminating yourself !

    Between you and 15 minutes of fame Bundl- you may get a letter instead of number ( in the sentence box you’ll get an L instead of months)

    “ I had the right to remain silent, I didn’t have the ability” Ron White

    Tucker call?

    1. Remember: the more sugar you put in the prison wine the stronger your juice is gonna be. If you put a power cable to a piece of metal you can distill your juice into moonshine.

    2. One two three
      Now, red solo cup is the best receptical
      For barbecues, tail lights and blood evidentials
      And you, sir, do not have a pair of testicals
      If you prefer standardized police procedurals
      Hey, red solo cup is cheap and disposable
      And in fourteen years, they are decomposable
      And unlike exculpatory evidence they’re not admisable
      Auntie Bev can kiss my ass
      Red solo cup uh huh
      It’s a cover-up
      Let’s have a trial
      Let’s have a trial

      Now, I really love how you’re easy to stack
      and this case should’ve been easy to crack
      But the copa never checked the house or yard out back
      Well, that, my friend, is quite yucky
      But I have to admit that ladies get legs like spaghetti
      Admirin’ at how sharp is attorney Yannetti
      at the courthouse of Saco and Vanzetti
      Turtleboy found out the plow driver was…LUCKY!
      Red solo cup
      It’s a cover-up
      Let’s have a trial
      Let’s have a trial
      Now, I’ve seen you in blue and I’ve seen you in yellow
      But only you, red, will do for this fellow
      ‘Cause you are the Morrissey to my Mello
      And you are the Fruit to my Loom (Krusty Panties)
      Red solo cup, you’re more than just plastic
      You’re more than amazing, you’re more than fantastic
      And believe me that I am not the least bit sarcastic
      When I look at you and say
      Red solo cup, you’re not just a cup
      (No! No! No! God, no!)
      You’re my-you’re my Reasonable doubt
      doubt, doubt, doubt

    3. Oh my god- how do you afford that much crack?? You post this crack binge fueled garbage that makes no sense everyday! Slow down pal!

    4. Inmate lists are public information. Hipaa Violations won’t land you in jail or in front of a panel.. Wordy as hell and I see your intentions as sllightly cautionary but you’re an alarmist with many inaccuracies.

  8. It could possibly be the Great Valentines Day Dump, judging from the court dates. Ready to flush out the perps and their enablers, whose stink will linger for generations. Hang in there TB

    1. yeah bro stay out of jail, every time you fck up they gonna lock you up! Get smart about things your doing they job for them.

    2. He will not be on parole. Parole is a conditional release granted to a former convict, allowing them to serve the remaining portion of their sentence outside of prison walls.
      I’m not trying to be a dink here. I only mention this because it is an important distinction.
      When Aidan is released from this hold, he is still someone who has not been convicted of anything. Without being a “convict” the commonwealth cannot put any restrictions on him aside from any “protection orders” that might be in place.

  9. All these weak motivational slogans from silly dumb asses. Aidan think with your cock and you will be free.

  10. Welcome to the joys of literature, Unc. If you’re able to read some of the Great Books – one per month, maybe – your stories will absorb a little of that with each new edition. It’ll allow your undeniable talent to reach new audiences. Also you’ll give the ratchets fits.

    Stay strong. See you on the outside.

  11. Hey friend, being able to busy your mind is really hard and I am sorry you are struggling. The neighborhood misses you try your best to stay a float.

  12. You’re still a bully. You’re not a journalist. And you seem to be a mental midget as well. Karma is a bitch and she always gets what she wants. Humanity is better with you incarcerated.

      1. So what does it mean if I have no interest in Karen Read, whether she is guilty or not. What if my thoughts on the criminal turtle are based on my impression of him as a bully blogger and shitty human being only? He should of stuck to bone rides. I don’t expect any of the lemming riders here to be objective in any way. Ignorance is a drug for those who want it that way.

        1. It means you have no objectivity while claiming that about other people. Clearly you have read the blog before from your reference. But you’re lying about no interest in the Karen Read case. Otherwise you wouldn’t be in here advocating for murderers. Projection, hypocrisy etc you need professional help.

  13. This cast of characters is long and full of mediocre retards. Especially Generic Boston Fake Tough Guy #234 in that video.

    Remind me again who Andrew Johnson is?

  14. It sort of feels like this is the calm before the coming storm, doesn’t it? With the pre-trial hearing in Karen read’s case on Feb.15th, and the looming disclosures from the Fed’s (Remember Karen’s Attorney’s statement attributed to the Fed’s : “We cannot, in good conscience, allow this case to go to trial “?), I hope the entire corrupt case will be exposed for what it is and that the truth about what happened to John O’Keefe will be open to the public. I know words are exceedingly cheap right now, TB, but “the truth will set you free”, one way or the other…

  15. What an inspiration.tbh when I saw him hauled away I said he’s gonna have a bad time. But he seems to be at peace with himself and God and it shows in the writing quality of the blogs. He will come out a physically and mentally stronger.

  16. A fresh new suit wont clean you up on the inside. You have sex addiction and narcissistic behaviors that wont just go away after 60 or 90 days in jail. You know that. Youve tried to kick your habits so many times over your life time, and you can’t. Maybe good for a little while, then you give in again. I recommend reading “Every Man’s Battle” by Stephen Arterburn, surrendering yourself to live a life of obedience to Jesus Christ, since he died to give you abundant life and freedom from sin. Getting therapy on the outside wouldn’t hurt either.

  17. Dude what is up with the mass state police? How many troopers have been charged with crimes in the last few years ? What a disgrace and how could anyone trust them

  18. Thanks I have just been looking for information about this subject for a long time and yours is the best Ive discovered till now However what in regards to the bottom line Are you certain in regards to the supply

  19. I’m glad this injustice afforded you the opportunity to read (no pun intended) and internalize the morality intended by these authors. So wonderful, you will be released a changed man, and all for the better. We are with you, TURTLEBOY, Love from the state of Virginia!!

  20. Just do better… In the future, when your kids are old enough and see all of this, they’re going to realize you’re only in jail because you couldn’t keep your 🍆 out of crazy 😺 and that’s humiliating….

    Ive Never understood men and their attraction to that. Why is normal sex with a nice normal woman not good enough? Why does it have to be some crazy taboo off the wall kind of thing to be good? Or do you think because you are famous now you get famous sex.. and you assume all famous men are getting what you are doing with these 🐷? It’s not like this is the first time you already screwed yourself the first time with that stupid slore of an ex police officer….you have a thick head

    And actually, if you had enough brains, you’d find yourself a normal woman who’s willing to do all that stuff. I’m absolutely crazy in the bedroom for my husband but I’m never going to turn him into the police…..

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