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Canton Cover-Up Part 290: SJC Overturns Dedham District Court Decision Revoking Turtleboy’s Bail For 90 Days

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This morning Justice Kafker overruled Judge McCallum’s district court ruling revoking Turtleboy’s bail for 90 days. Judge McCallum was overruled because you cannot revoke Superior Court bail for more than 60 days, according to the law. This means Turtleboy will not be in jail any longer than February 23.

Justice Kafker also ordered Judge McCallum to submit his reasoning for why Turtleboy is a danger to the community by no later than 4:00 pm Tuesday. The law requires judges to explain why a defendant is dangerous in writing, but Judge McCallum failed to do so. After McCallum submits this, Justice Kafker will rule on whether or not to immediately release Turtleboy from jail before February 23.

This is a massive victory for Team Turtleboy because the state’s highest court has ruled that a judge and prosecutor failed to follow basic protocol in sentencing a man to jail who has not been convicted of any crime. It is humiliating for a judge whenever one of their rulings is overturned by a high court. If they screwed up on something so basic, then what else did they screw up on? We hope that today’s ruling is the beginning of the end to this unjust prosecution of an award-winning journalist.

Turtleboy’s next court hearing is on Friday, February 16 in Norfolk Superior Court. Judge Kafker’s ruling will determine whether or not he shows up in shackles or on his own accord. We hope to see many of you there at 2:00 pm on Friday to show your support for Turtleboy.



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  1. Well it’s about time we all have some good news and I’m praying 🙏🏻 more good new will be coming before February 15 👍🏻💯🙏🏻🐢🐢 FKR

        1. Are you sure about that cuz you’re thinking about his prolapsed butthole enough to comment about it. I bet it makes you a waterfall down there thinking about Aidan. It’s okay, there’s no need to lie. He turns you into a gusher.

        2. In what civil society is it appropriate to bind someone in chains …..for simply telling the truth??

          Land of the Free it certainly is not, especially when Norfolk County is now on the map worldwide with hundreds of thousands of eyes watching!!

          Since Aidens words are so dangerous I expect Mr Morrissey to receive the exact same treatment when he is arraigned in court for the multiple crimes he has committed in order to secure his position of power!!

          They better start welding now ……I’m not sure they have chains big enough for Meatball Morrissey to curtail his enormous entitlement!!

          It’s about time you all started jangling chains outside his office and let him know what’s good for the goose is good for the gander!!

          I hope Aiden will be there to witness Meatballs humongous fall from grace and video it all when Meatball is the one doing the Perp walk for the cameras!!

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    1. At some point you idiots are going to have to give up this shit and concede to the facts of the case(s). Plus, you’re just gross.

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          2. I certainly won’t take corrections from someone who states “I’m actually hot. Google me.” Nor do I wish to debate with you. Your comments tell me enough about you.

        2. Another hot soccer mom trolling the TurtleBoy comments section for male attention. It’s where all the real prizes come to hang out on a Friday afternoon. I love this website.

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  2. Great news Aidan! Better days are coming! We need you out and about to cover the arraignments and trials of the real criminals at the Moakley Federal Courthouse!

    1. He has no home his visiting rights are only when his soon to be ex wife allows him near them and it has to be supervised. At least we’re he is he has a bed but he can move back with his Daddy mummy doesn’t want nothing to do with him and that says a lot.

  3. Betit, clownboy, Albert Sharon, all of you canton cover up trash bags, eat a bowl of rotten cocksausage. Have a great weekend, BANG BANG!!

    1. Twice the sucker , you fail to understand, turtledopes deck is stacked against him.

      – you fail to see I’m trying to assist turtledope, as I’ve lived this since 2014.

      Yet I’m still free and working to change the systemic Long time corruption in judiciary.

      Your missing the fact, that turtledope is experiencing the wrath of the petty tyrants of trial court, MSP and politicians.

      While turtledope, exposed the tip of iceberg ( Alli bibue judges prostitute daughter scandal)
      He missed the base.

      Only thing he accomplished was forcing
      MSP to rake up a few bad apples, the tree needs to be removed root and branch, to prevent further corruption.

      I’ll explain
      District attorneys cover up for law enforcement ( so they can testify) law enforcement ( Masstapo ) protects judiciary.

      You Fail to comprehend, the scope of the situation.

      Let’s go back to turtledopeS big break.

      Joe Early turned out his employees ( Timmy Bibues daughter Ali – sexually abusing her at work) Governor soothed Timmys sore feelings , by giving him judgeship, Masstapo in attempt to conceal the sexual predators in judiciary, intimidate the victims, witnesses
      In the matter ( Ryan Seyvor and Ali rye) bent federal judge and Crooked lawyer Leon Keston limited Seyvor and ryes discovery and other complainants,
      Then a bent federal district judge ( Dennis Saylor ) dismisses case, forcing appeal while commonwealth destroys the evidence and intimidates the witnesses, using public resources. making it more difficult to prevail.

      Turtledope Was too chicken or stupid in 2018 to expose the corruption, and now pays the piper.

      Joshua Levy be moving a bit faster now that Hidin Bidens true mental health is exposed.

      Trump trifecta yesterday, is just the beginning, of the end of commonwealth corruption, next AG going to go scorched earth on democratic states using law fare.

      If turtledope had two brain cells , a q tip and ambition, he’d be out by now.

      Twice the sucker – I’ve been through this five times – three cases pending, in a court lacking territorial jurisdiction ( meaning the judge and court staff have no absolute immunity)
      As Berkshire County district attorneys, and judges, understand I’m a career killer and freedom Ender, Dalton police forum shopped, to Franklin county ( greenfield district court)
      In violation of due process civil rights.

      Plus every corrupt cop To ever arrest myself, is unemployed, and looking at Federal prison.

      Not just retired and getting 10,000$ kids in the mail retirement, on taxpayer dime.
      Like turtledopes officials.

      I have redress for conspiracy to violate civil rights, turtledope doesn’t Presently.

      Im patiently waiting for SCOTUS ( supreme Court of the United States) to decide- Gonzalez v. Trevino- as I have a petition attached.

      Try a bit of reading, twice the sucker you might learn something.

      turtledope May have redress, if he wins his case- which will put Brandl in dog house with bar association. Alan Jackson licensed to practice in many states , Bundl only Massachusetts-

      Look up what bar did to Lisa Segal Ballinger and Greg Hession, for exposing the corrupt trial court.
      Bellenger got Netflix documentary “ dirty money, Guardians inc” or Massachusetts secret courts.

      Turtledope too stupid to break the real news, busy abusing mentally impaired , to make his insignificant life seem important.

      Seeing a pattern yet?

      1. Thanks for responding. I am living in your head, rent free, smackass. You’re here every day acting like you’re superior. Yet, look at you and your weak mind responding like I give a flying f about what you have to say. You’re the simpleton here.
        Well played, jackass.

        1. Twice the sucker
          Such a well written and reasoned response,
          You add so much to the discussion.

          Let’s see how it goes – bet I nailed it!

          Not superior, sucker but experienced turtledopes situation already.
          Got the steps memorized.

          As has Marcus Wright , Chief Justice Ralph Gantz professor widows new young squeeze.
          Chief Justice Gantz last honest justice on msjc.

          Levy stalled Karen’s trial,

          The fibby been in to interview turtledope?’

          I’m guessing they figured, he’s just an idiot , with some sources, that are now known to Masstapo. He’s all done exposing corruption.

          Try Midol might help with your cramps.

        1. Hamster
          Here’s a list of my scalps

          Turtledope got 5 , pretty respectable, accomplishment.

          I feel he’s slacking , let’s compare

          Dalton police chief Jeffrey Coe , sgt Christopher furlong, Officers Marley, scace , Buzzella-,several more teed up & ready to go almost forgot Joseph Kennedy ( just attempted suicide- typical cop chickened out put hole in roof of his car.
          He will wish he took the pipe, prison not kind on dirty diddler cops 🙂

          MSP commander Lt Brian Foley, his replacement lt Edward Culver, trooper detectives Greg Denys , DeSantis, Brandon mauer – soon to finish his brother detective Sgt Ryan mauer career ,

          Disgraced former
          District attorneys Paul the protector of rapists ( Williams college rape epidemic) and pedophiles ( St agnes church john Koonz ) Caccaviello , And Andrea Harrington

          AdaS , Dana Parsons , Stu wiseman , Robert Royce , Veronica Van tol

          Royce was idiot that led to Racheal “ toad rage” Rollins removal and pending hatch act prosecution.

          Be finishing Gulluni, Sullivan and quite possibly Shagrue

          No windmills on my list of things to do rat boy
          Just corrupt cops and judiciary personnEl.

          Try google, facts not bovine excrement.

          I kill careers , not just nibble the cheese.
          Like a rat.
          Great name by the way.

      2. Tommy Tithead, whatever convoluted shit you have yourself into in Berkshire county isn’t relevant to the TB matter you keep attempting to insert yourself into. You don’t get it apparently that this story has national attention and TB hasn’t been convicted of any crime. The evidence shows clearly that the cops are dirty in both TB and KR cases. It’s going to end soon for them and you’ll still be filing your shit in Greenfield.

  4. In what civil society is it appropriate to bind someone in chains …..for simply telling the truth??

    Land of the Free it certainly is not, especially when Norfolk County is now on the map worldwide with hundreds of thousands of eyes watching!!

    Since Aidens words are so dangerous I expect Mr Morrissey to receive the exact same treatment when he is arraigned in court for the multiple crimes he has committed in order to secure his position of power!!

    They better start welding now ……I’m not sure they have chains big enough for Meatball Morrissey to curtail his enormous entitlement!!

    It’s about time you all started jangling chains outside his office and let him know what’s good for the goose is good for the gander!!

    I hope Aiden will be there to witness Meatballs humongous fall from grace and video it all when Meatball is the one doing the Perp walk for the cameras!!

    1. Only one criminal here TB, I have not seen Morrisey out screaming abuse at witnesses nor commit DV on a woman but far worse he has allowed a woman to use him as a puppet and cause such division in a once peaceful community. TB is infamous now known as a criminal forever nothing more..

      1. You aren’t too bright, always trolling the same tired shit while conveniently leaving out the murder part. You must be getting very constipated by now with all those opiates in your system.

      2. Criminal?? Are you aware that TB has not been convicted of a single crime??

        Now tell me, how did Morrissey get away with causing a 4 car pile up injuring people in the process not to mention the damage to their cars and the huge insurance bill ….unless he called in favours from his underlings??

        Why is Mr Morrissey trying sooo hard to stop his office being investigated ….if you have nothing to hide you would welcome it to show what an excellent job you are doing!!

        Why is Morrissey hiring Special Prosecutor Mello to prosecute Aiden because of the CONFLICT OF INTEREST and then contacting the Jail directly to get his privileged call list??

        Why did he send Tully to then speak to the Jail boss to demand access to Client Attorney privileged calls?? When he failed Morrisey then got Mello to try and court order it!!

        After Morrissey tries to get the FBI to give him information citing the need to inform the defence by law …..we then find out today that the CW his office is still witholding evidence from the Defence which they have done for the past 2 years …Google data, phone data, and the hair which was all court ordered to be produced and still they have not!!

        I’d say all of the above are criminal and an abuse of power …..yet you are attacking the very person that brought it to light??

  5. Turtledope

    Congratulations- on your insignificant Win.
    Nothing changed.
    Bullpen therapy- build up hope, crush hope , repeat until plea extorted.

    McCallum Has the whole weekend, to falsify reasoning, creative writing 101.

    Still on drugs?

    You lucked out.
    Kafker and MSJC under microscope, thanks to Moran Healey pulling a fani Willis , pay Lover to play, with newest judicial nominee ex girlfriend.

    Hubris is a wonderful trait to have in an adversary, if you can keep your mouth shut and facts relevant not telegraph your strategy.

    Lucky break Turtledope,
    but by Tuesday , if Mcallum fails To falsify reasoning, you’ll be indicted, and held 180 days by superior court.

    if Kafker had any integrity, you’d be home for Super Bowl. No written findings, means no reason for incarceration.

    Look for a new reserve ( soon to be retired) superior court judge, with equally challenged judicial integrity and intellect, to indict turtledope ham sandwich ,today or Monday.

    Absolute immunity and power , equals absolute corruption.

    Brandl bought Mello two weeks , to allow turtledope to bury himself.
    his verbal diarrhea shovel , didn’t fail To assist mello.

    “Never interrupt your adversary while they’re making a mistake”
    Napoleon Bonaparte.

    turtledope harassment of inmates Via Yesterdays article , will tip grand jury scale. Proving a pattern of predatory behavior and willingness to knowingly violate laws.

    Another unforced error, by the defense.

    Keep scoring those own goals, by tossing poop, Your doing great at incriminating yourself.

    Tucker call yet?

    1. No one reads your psycho drivel because no one gives a shit about you, nor what you have to say. You’re not even amusing, your troll game is pathetic.

    2. What’s your preferred brand of alcohol? Do you get the 200$ a bottle stuff cuz you only live once and the good times are ending? Do you get the cheap stuff and give it to the legal defense that won’t save you?
      What matters more?

    3. You waste hours posting this shit & never get to the damn point. You just go in circles writing incomplete sentences with a bunch of names thrown in there. You talk & talk & talk without ever saying anything. There are plenty of other platforms for you to post your bs. News flash: nobody fucking cares!! Use some social skills & read the room…

  6. “The wheels of justice turn slowly, but grind exceedingly fine”

    Justice takes time but justice will be achieved.

    FRINALLY some great news for Aidan on this sunny Friday.

    Be patient, stay focused, keep a positive mindset.. Keep up the great writing too.

    Things are changing and once they do you will be vindicated.

      1. Get a life. Don’t you have anything better to do than reply negatively on every single comment on every single blog? Obsessed much?

    1. Well said- USAO likely being inundated with political chicanery via Morrisey’s long term hack status, rife with blackmail & favors owed ; chips being cashed in right now by multiple parties on local , state and Federal level no doubt!

  7. That ought to teach you not to fuck with the omnipotent Ken Mello, the most powerful prosecutor in all of Norfolk County!! He’s such an amazing and well-respected attorney that he never has to bring evidence to court…his word is law!!! Don’t fuck with Mello…at least, unlike Morrissey, he doesn’t have spaghetti stains all over his dress shirts that don’t fit his ungodly build.

  8. Instead of donating, we intend to open up 5 Turtle Boy Chapters nationwide on a trial basis because we are convinced that the problems inherent in the Read case are pervasive elsewhere. Leases in Cincinnati, L.A., NYC. Chicago and Austin, TX are currently in discussion.

  9. It will be interesting to see how rival rag news organizations report on this development (or not). The antiquated Worcester Telegram aka Turtlegram has been posting breaking news every time something goes badly for Aiden. I’m sure they’ll bury, or ignore, any stories that paint a more balanced picture of what’s happening.

  10. Sources tell me a petition has been started to keep you in there, it doesn’t matter if they let you out earlier is just a matter of time before your found guilty and the sentence will be a lot longer, years I believe. Time is not on your side, keep blogging keep visiting witnesses for your content Please.

    1. Sources tell us you are a moron inept at forming logical thought.

      Just kidding, we don’t need sources to
      tell us what you are, Low-life, single, 40 year old cock guzzling cum bucket with zero friends.

      Have a great night!

  11. Aidan has said because he has so much money enough to pay $60 thousand for the Lexus in full and makes so much off you from donations and merch he no longer needs your donations, please do not donate in more. Thank you…

    1. Why does it matter who gives him what? He’s not forcing anyone to donate. They donate because they want to.

      You bring this up constantly… smells like hardcore jealousy.

  12. WooHoo!!! Bet Turtleboy will go out and get more cocked then Karen Read!!! And that is Cocked!!!!

  13. Glad you’re being released, please consider stopping using drugs and alcohol. Brian McAlberts use of drugs and alcohol got John O killed.

    Every ratchet scumbag you right about got where they are from drugs, alcohol and mental illness.

    Focus on clean living, exercise and be wary of government traps by dirty cops.

  14. Aiden, after the circus you created over the last year, especially with your personal life, now in the headlines, you whining about your children incessentaly, yet you are not a family. All in all you’ve made yourself the news, not a reporter of the news. You are an attenion seeking publicity whore. Nothing personal right? Karma will do what it does. It seems all along you were in it for the money and the fame. You are not a “journalist”, just a publicity whore. No hard feelings okay?

    1. He’s got a vaild point. The Read story is no longer about her… but him. Screaming from within the internet does not make Aidan a journalist. Just another fool with visions of grandeur.

  15. Congratulations Aiden, patiently awaiting our award-winning journalist’s freedom. You opened our eyes. NY Attorney Melanie Little’s convo with Sean about Officer O’keefe is a good example of why you deserve justice. And, Boston Confidentials’s insights provide facts. We’re here for you, Doc.

  16. Where would KR or we be, without TB? This guy is a fuckin hero! When Karen is found innocent in March, we have to have a rolling rally from Dedham right through Canton. Cruisin past all the hotspots, CPD, Alberts crib, D&E, Proctors, Meatballs office. Can’t wait. This will be a great day, to let these fuckin corrupt scumbags we’re takin our civil rights back! And to not POKE THE FUCKIN TURTLE AND HIS RIDERS!!! God bless you Aiden!

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