Canton Cover-Up Part 293: A Letter To Karen Read Supporters – Please Stop The Cringe Behavior

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Yesterday was the second to last pretrial conference in the Karen Read case, and it was rather uneventful. The highlight was an announcement that the FBI would be handing over their findings to the Commonwealth and the defense but is putting a protective order in place that will prevent either side from publicly disclosing their findings. The Commonwealth has not yet agreed to the terms. My educated guess is that the FBI doesn’t want the targets of the investigation to know they are the targets which would mean it’s most likely the McAlberts and state police. But that’s just a guess.

The next hearing is scheduled for February 26 and the motion to dismiss will be heard on that day. I will be in attendance as a free man, as my last day in jail is set for February 23.

That brings me to a topic I wanted to avoid but must address. I was sent some videos yesterday of an incident outside of court in which FKR supporters were getting into a verbal argument with fake reporter Grant Smith Ellis. Grant is a pathological liar who is clearly on the spectrum and spouts insane conspiracy theories while misreporting what actually happens in court.

With that said, the videos I was sent were appalling. Weeks ago, Grant decided to announce to the world that he smokes marijuana for medicinal purposes. Specifically, he bleeds from his anus because he has colitis. And apparently marijuana helps with that. The fact that he would share this information on his “professional” Twitter account speaks volumes to his desire to be a victim and to his undiagnosed autism. People like Grant want you to make fun of them for stuff like this so they can claim victimhood and paint the opposition as mean and cruel.



Yesterday some FKR supporters did exactly that. I will not share the videos, but it was embarrassing to watch multiple people screaming at Grant about his bloody asshole. Have we forgotten what’s at stake here? An innocent woman is framed for murder and I’m in jail for asking questions to the real killers. And we’re tracking down Grant Smith Ellis to taunt him about his bloody asshole? Cringe.

I won’t call out individuals as I don’t believe it’s my duty to police all FKR supporters, nor am I responsible for their behavior. But it’s some of the same people I’ve had to ask to stop doing this before and I’m getting tired of it. It’s a terrible look and not one that I want to be associated with. I implore all FKR supporters to stop giving people like Grant the victimhood they desire. Please watch my video from July for further context.



I was hesitant to write this as I don’t want to get in the habit of denouncing random supporters. I don’t want to give the impression that it is the responsibility of content creators to police the behavior of their thousands of supporters. If I continue to do this, it will likely embolden trolls to stop what I’m doing and condemn every ugly comment made online by my worst-behaved followers. This is not my job or duty to do so.

I’ve been told that Grant apparently started the argument by yelling ridiculous questions at Karen and telling her supporters that they were making fun of her by mocking colitis. Obviously, this makes no sense whatsoever so my response to that is, who cares? Grant doesn’t hide the fact that he is a troll and is not attempting to be a serious person. Let him make a fool of himself instead of giving him the attention he craves.



When I see Grant, I may ask him questions, but it won’t be about his bloody asshole. It will be about his blatant lies and misreporting, and the effect disinformation has on the public. It will be about how someone as dishonest as him can get press credentials in the first place. Grant’s bloody asshole is a distraction from his much more problematic shortcomings.

I realize that I have filmed myself following various McAlberts to their cars. But when I do that, I’m asking questions related to the Karen Read case. I don’t ask Yuri Bukhenik about his shirtless dancing, I ask him about the Ford Edge. I don’t ask Jennifer McCabe about her resemblance to Mr. Ed, I ask her about her involvement in a murder. I don’t ask Karl Dugal about his cuck status, I ask him how a detective can purely use emotions to determine guilt in a murder case.

Please, just leave the car escorts to the experts and stop trying to be Turtleboy, because you’re doing it all wrong. I appreciate your energy and support and I know your heart is in the right place, but you can’t pull it off like I can. Movements need leaders, and the fact of the matter is that I’m the leader of the FKR movement. The problem is that I’m in jail and I’m watching the movement I started turn into an episode of Jerry Springer.

This is why I jokingly started calling myself Daddy months back. It’s not a sexual thing, it’s a reference to the fact that sometimes I have to put my foot down and say enough is enough. I don’t like what I’m seeing, but Daddy’s coming home soon, and I hope to see better behavior on February 26. If you come to court, please dress appropriately or stay outside. If you feel the need to confront someone from the other side, please be appropriate and keep the conversation relevant to the Karen Read case. Remember – it’s not about YOU, so please don’t make it about you by drawing unnecessary, negative attention to yourself. No one is impressed, and in the words of Meatball Morrissey it needs to stop.

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