Canton Cover-Up Part 294: Commonwealth’s Opposition To Defense Motion to Disqualify Michael Morrissey Is Filled With Lies And Last Ditch Attempt To Save Themselves

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The Commonwealth filed an opposition to Karen Read’s motion to disqualify Michael Morrissey on Friday, and it’s almost entirely about Turtleboy. A lot of misinformation has been spread by the Commonwealth in this document, and they know that being in jail makes it hard for me to respond quickly. I’ll be as brief as possible going through the 25-page document, which includes over 300 pages and attachments.


Commonwealth opposition


The Defense motion is impounded so we can’t read it. However, the Commonwealth’s opposition frequently defends Morrissey’s 8/25 press conference, so it’s safe to assume this was one of the reasons that they asked that he be disqualified. They initially claimed that the 8/25 video was a response to our peaceful rolling rally on 7/22, which they claim was intimidation and harassment of witnesses who weren’t home. They lied and claimed that the hundred peaceful protesters yelled at the witnesses for being murderers, which many of them are, but mostly I just explained facts about their involvement in the coverup. Watch for yourself:



But at no point does the Commonwealth address the most problematic statement Morrissey made on 8/25 – that Proctor had no personal relationship with any of the witnesses. This is an easily provable lie, and the basis for the entire coverup.

The CW claims that Morrissey’s statements are “narrowly tailored” to address imaginary witness intimidation, that’s also a lie. Morrissey repeatedly stated as fact that Karen Read killed John O’Keefe, that Colin Albert wasn’t inside the house, and that there’s no evidence of a coverup.

The CW claims that Morrissey’s 8/25 statement was also in response to Alan Jackson’s comments to Matt Gutman on 8/22, in which Jackson stated there was a coverup. The CW claims there is “no evidence” of a coverup, despite mountains of evidence of a coverup that they’re ignoring.

The CW repeatedly cites the proposed gag order from July in their motion, as evidence the defense did something wrong by speaking their message to the media. Except there’s just one problem with that – the CW’s gag motion failed, so the defense can talk as much as they want.

The funniest part was when the CW complains that Jackson made fun of Morrissey for being dumb during a 9/15 courthouse steps press conference:

Oh dear! You can’t attack the intelligence of such a brilliant man as Meatball Morrissey. And he said, “We ain’t got no quit” too. That’s illegal!

The CW also admitted that they tried and failed to lockup Karen Read on 9/17 for driving past the O’Keefe’s house. This is the same date as the infamous incident in which Denise Galvin and Jim Farris harassed and intimidated Karen Read’s attorneys and some 20/20 producers outside D&E Pizza. Earlier they had driven by 1 Meadows Ave so the producers could see it. Their driver parked down the street, and Jackson and one of the producers walked toward the house as Karen remained in the car. That’s when this doofus came up:




Mark Grossman lives on Meadows Ave and is friends with the McAlberts. He’s been seen at court dates and Select Board meetings harassing Karen Read supporters. According to his interview with police, Grossman came out of his house, took pictures of Karen in the parked car, and watched it drive down the street and leave.


State Police then tracked down the driver in Providence, who barely speaks any English, scared him into thinking he committed a crime, and now he is no longer willing to drive Karen to court. As usual, the only people intimidating witnesses are the State Police.



To be clear, there is nothing illegal about driving down a public street like Meadows Ave. Karen remained far from the house and wasn’t in violation of the order the O’Keefe’s have on her. State Police spent significant time investigating this non-incident to try to arrest Karen and revoke her bail, while doing nothing to track down the driver of the Ford Edge seen next to John O’Keefe’s dead body.

The CW goes on to whine about being left in the dark about the federal investigation into them, which never stops being hilarious. They also state that information about the investigation will be coming next week.

Another humorous claim by the CW is that they “diligently investigated” defense allegations of police misconduct.



As evidence of their diligence, they cited:

  • Testing from John’s clothing came back with no canine DNA.
  • Jessica Hyde and the Cellebrite expert, Ian Whiffen, said Jen McCabe’s 2:27 am Google search didn’t happen.
  • GPS location mapping from Proctor and Guarino shows John wasn’t in the house.

Except there’s just some problems with that:

  • The defense never observed State Police swabbing John’s clothing so for all we know Michael Proctor wiped his ass on it and passed it in for testing.
  • They never tested tissue samples from John’s arm.
  • The dog is still unaccounted for.
  • Canine expert Garret Wing said there are clearly dog bites on John’s arm.
  • Hyde and Whiffen never said the 2:27 am search didn’t happen.
  • Apple Health data, which is more reliable than GPS, shows John inside the house.

At no point in their “diligent investigation” did State Police investigate why:

  • Canton Police didn’t find any taillight but State Police did.
  • Proctor’s close family relationship with the Alberts.
  • Why two minutes of Canton Library footage disappeared.
  • Why they ignored Lucky Loughran for 18 months.
  • Why Proctor lied about what time he towed Karen’s car.

It is laughable to call the State Police’s investigation into itself “diligent.”

The most controversial statement in the motion was when the CW attempted to divide Karen Read and Turtleboy by asserting that she called me an “intimidator” in their impounded motion. They conveniently don’t give any context and are clearly doing this to try to get the public to turn against Karen. Don’t fall for it. All they’ve done this entire investigation is deceive the public.  Here is an example of how “intimidator” could have come up in the defense’s motion:

“The CW claims that Karen Read conspired to intimidate witnesses. They allege that Turtleboy is the ‘intimidator’ that she used to do that. But there is no evidence to back up this assertion.”



Why would the CW quote only “intimidator” but not the entire sentence? I’m embarrassed that any FKR supporters would need this explained to them at this point. Do you really think that the CW is going to start being honest at this point? Use your goddamn brain.

The CW spends half their motion attempting to prove that David Yannetti, Alan Jackson, and the dastardly Karen Read plotted to use me as a vehicle for witness intimidation and to spread information that would taint a jury pool. I will list their claims in bold and then explain why they’re so stupid.

Karen used an out of state intermediary (Natalie) to send “defense theories” to me.

Karen Read is fighting for her life and is allowed to talk about her theories on her case with anyone. If the CW’s case is so strong, then why are they so worried about the defense having alternative theories? Probably because the defense theories are backed by hard evidence unlike the CW’s assertions.

Turtleboy was used by the defense as a “literal bullhorn” to harass witnesses on YouTube and TB Daily News.

I have been using the same tactics used in the Karen Read case for years, including recently with Mike Fucci, Monica Cannon Grant, and Tyler Falco. It’s what I do when I feel passionate about a case. When I know I am exposing bad people doing bad things, I use my platform to tell the public about this. No one, including Karen Read, will ever control what I say.

Karen sent me information that says, “Do NOT share.”

This is also known as an off-the-record interview.

Turtleboy, Karen Read, and her attorneys communicated despite publicly claiming otherwise.

Reporters are under no obligation to disclose their sources, especially when the sources request anonymity. The only reason they know that I communicated with these people is because they took my phones at gun point and went through them. This is far more concerning than anything the CW is alleging.

I met up with Karen Read, Yannetti and Jackson for lunch at the Omni Seaport Hotel on May 3.

I was on my way home after the May 3 hearing when Natalie called me and insisted that I go to the hotel to meet Karen Read for the first time. Prior to this, I had never spoken to her. David Yannetti wasn’t there. Alan Jackson left after 10 minutes to catch a flight home. No one was eating lunch because it was 4:30 pm. I left after having one beer because the Celtics were playing the Sixers in the playoffs that night. None of this is illegal and we did it in public because we had nothing to hide. The CW is just making shit up at this point.

There is a “clear inference” that the defense “manipulated” me to attack witnesses, including minor children, to deter them from testifying.

Anyone who has been reading Turtleboy for years knows how laughable it is that I could be controlled or manipulated by anyone. I’ve certainly never attacked minor children, another made-up lie from the CW, and I specifically said that I can’t wait for the witnesses to testify.

I said my goal was to prevent Karen Read from going to trial, so the defense used me to obstruct justice.

Fact check – I didn’t say it was my goal. I said I didn’t want it to go to trial because doing so would allow John’s real killers to avoid trial. You’re allowed to want things to happen in a free country, including wanting murderers to be held accountable.

The CW goes onto whine about the defense knowing about the federal investigation before them.  They cite Jackson mentioning that the investigation had been reported at the May 3 court date. There are two problems with this:

  1. Karen Read is the victim of a police coverup so of course she would be working with the FBI, and of course the police would not be notified about this.
  2. The FBI visited Colin Albert with a Federal grand jury subpoena in his dorm room on April 10, which was discovered by a public records request. Therefore, it’s perfectly plausible that the defense would know about the FBI investigation before May 3.



The CW cites Part 4 of Canton Cover-Up series as evidence that the defense was leaking evidence to me about the federal investigation. But the source I used for that article came from within Moakley Courthouse, not from Karen Read’s defense team.

The CW claims that Karen Read sent me a text through Natalie on 4/28 in which she complained that I’m not writing enough about the federal investigation. But wait – I thought Karen controlled everything I wrote. This proves that I march to the beat of my own drum and am not controlled by anyone.

The CW cites 5400 text messages between me and Lindsey Gaetani, who they wrongly called my girlfriend and a DV victim. She is neither. They clearly read all of our messages because they describe them as “intimate.” The thought of Morrissey reading ALL those messages and seeing ALL the pictures sent between her and I is extremely creepy. Hope he enjoyed them.



Just to clear the air on this one, by late November I suspected Lindsey was lying about being pregnant and working with Kate Peter due to posts Lindsey was making on an anonymous Twitter account. Around this time, I began to deliberately feed her misinformation to see if Kate Peter and the anonymous Twitter account, “Jane” would post about it. She did so several times. On November 28, I sent Lindsey a whopper about the federal investigation, which was later tweeted about by Kate Peter. The CW is now citing these text messages in their motion.

Finally, the CW cites my interview and article about whistleblower Steve Scanlon. We reported on September 6, that Scanlon was the first person to alert Yannetti on 2/2/2022 that he thought John was beaten inside the house. He told Yannetti that Brian Albert’s nephew and an ATF agent helped plant John’s body on Brian Albert’s front lawn. When I spoke with Scanlon on the phone, he denied having any direct knowledge and said that he went to Yannetti because John’s injuries “didn’t add up.” But this didn’t make any sense to me. Because the autopsy photos were not available on 2/2/2022, and there were no descriptions of John’s injuries in the media. So how would Scanlon suspect that John was beaten to death if it was impossible for him to have known about the condition of John’s body?

It became obvious to me during my interview with Scanlon that he was being evasive and knew more than he was saying. It seemed as if he didn’t want to be known as a rat to the McAlberts but couldn’t live with it on his conscience if Karen Read went to jail for a crime she didn’t commit. So how could Scanlon know about what happened to John? Well, it just so happens that Scanlon has a daughter who is Caitlin Albert’s age and runs in the same social circles. I opined that this was most likely how he first heard the rumor about John being beaten.

Scanlon never mentioned the name Colin Albert to Yannetti, he simply said nephew. But Karen Read immediately knew who this nephew was due to Colin’s previous animosity towards John. The Scanlon trip to Yannetti’s office was the catalyst that led to the coverup being exposed.

In the 9/6 article, I mentioned how Scanlon was called in front of a federal grand jury. The CW claims in their motion that Karen Read must have told me this. But as usual they are wrong. It was my source at Moakley who saw him there. However, the mentioning of a federal grand jury got Proctor and Bukhenik to interview Scanlon on 9/8, because they are in the dark about the investigation into them. This is the same exact thing they did with Lucky Loughran one month earlier – read about a witness speaking with the FBI in a Turtleboy article, and then tracking down that witness to see what the FBI asked them.



The CW claims that the 9/6 article “deceptively mischaracterized” my interview with Scanlon. Not only are they wrong, but since when did the State Police get into the business of fact-checking the media?

The motion ends with the CW announcing that they are renewing the motion to gag the defense. They also want Karen to sign a document in case she is convicted, promising not to appeal due to ineffective counsel. Apparently, the CW wants her to fire her attorneys now. They have officially adopted the beliefs of Wendy Murphy. Never go full Wendy Murphy!



In conclusion, I thought the CW couldn’t get any dumber until I read this motion. Thanks to Karen’s attorneys and the FBI there is no chance she will go to trial, never mind being convicted. And these eggheads think she’s going to fire her attorneys now? This is why Alan Jackson mocked Meatball Morrissey on the courthouse steps – only he could be this stupid.

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