Canton Cover-Up Part 105: Attorney Wendy Murphy Confronted By Dr. Turtleboy For Spreading Lies About Karen Read Case On Surviving The Survivor True Crime Show, Offers To Sue TB On Behalf Of Alberts And McCabes


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On Tuesday night before the Live Show several turtle riders alerted me to a YouTube true crime show called Surviving the Survivor, hosted by a man named Joel Waldman. He had on his panel a former FBI agent, a defense attorney from Los Angeles, and Attorney Wendy Murphy – the woman who spread lies and disinformation on Court TV last Wednesday after my interview with Vinnie Politan. Evidently Wendy was being rude towards the other guests, and lying to the audience about the facts of the case, and viewers began to flood the live chat urging Joel to invite me on. Halfway through the show he sent me a link to join and I did. To say that it was frustrating talking to someone as arrogant and dishonest as Wendy Murphy is an understatement.

Normally I wouldn’t give someone as ridiculous as Wendy Muprhy any time. She’s not a serious person, she makes no attempt to know the facts of the case, and she’s extremely rude and condescending to anyone who disagrees with her made up “facts.” But unfortunately this is a woman who is taken seriously by otherwise serious people. Joel repeatedly referenced her resume and background in order to bolster her legitimacy. There are hundreds of millions of people who don’t know anything about this case, and when they hear an experienced attorney, who is vouched for by people like Joel, they believe the things she is saying are credible. Platforming this woman is how disinformation spreads, so it’s important that we write about it.

Wendy Murphy has spent her entire career demeaning people who don’t agree with her, lying, and defaming innocent people like the falsely Duke lacrosse players who she claims raped a stripper because they were molested as children. In 2013 was reprimanded and sanctioned in federal court for “deliberate indifference to facts.” The court deemed that she had brought forward “baseless claims” and acted “with a callous disregard for the truth.”

She has spent her entire career lying, so it’s not surprising to see her doing so again. There were too many made up claims for me to combat. But here are some that stand out to me:

9:00 – She says that David Yannetti is destroying his credibility as an attorney by suggesting there is some sort of conspiracy in this case. She’s too narcissistic to see that Yannetti has more credibility than she ever will. Karen Read’s attorneys have done a tremendous job proving not only that there is plenty of reasonable doubt in this case, but also proving that John O’Keefe was killed inside 34 Fairview Road. People like Wendy will suggest that you are insane if you believe that this many people are involved in a conspiracy to coverup a murder. But you’re not. You are insane if you believe that these injuries came from the back of this Lexus.

9:20 – Wendy claims that “defense attorneys pay money to PR firms or bloggers to put nonsense in the court of public opinion and whip the public into a frenzy.” She was clearly suggesting, as she has before, that I am being paid by the defense to lie and trick the public into believing Karen Read is not guilty. This is not only blatantly defamatory (I have never been paid by the defense), it’s insulting to the millions of people who have been following this story closely, read all the facts, and reached the same conclusion that any honest person has – Karen Read didn’t kill John O’Keefe with her car.

18:00 – Wendy calls it “so stupid” to believe that these injuries came from John being punched.

She called it “unbelievably silly” to suggest that John went inside the house because everyone who was in the house says he didn’t come in. As if Jen McCabe, who Googled “how long to die in cold” at 2:27 AM, is above lying in order to protect her family members. Not only is she lying, she’s mocking people who don’t fall for her lies.

19:30 – Wendy claims that the iPhone data is unreliable because John O’Keefe’s phone was moving after he died. Adam Lally tried making this point too, which is insulting to anyone with a brain. John’s phone moved after he died because it was picked up and entered into evidence. Of course they didn’t just leave it on the front lawn. No serious person would ever say what Wendy Murphy said and believe it’s some sort of cogent point. But she calls you “nutty” if you do.

She also went on to say that the jury would find Karen Read guilty of murder in order to punish her attorneys and get “vengeance,” because they’re so insulted by the “conspiracy theory” that John O’Keefe was killed inside the house. I can’t imagine Wendy actually believes something so ridiculous, and she is likely just trolling for attention. But people believe and trust her, which is why people like Joel shouldn’t have her on their shows.

21:00 – Wendy claims that forensic expert Richard Green “sold his soul for cash,” by “making up a crazy story about a dead guy walking after his body was in the morgue (because his cell phone moved after he was dead).” Like any professional hired as an expert in a criminal case, Richard Green expects to be paid for his labor. He did a full data extraction report, using Cellebrite, that showed that Jennifer McCabe deleted her 2:27 Google search, along with dozens of phone calls around the time when John’s body was found.

21:30 – She claims that tail light was found “adjacent to the body.” She clearly hasn’t read anything about this case, because if she did she’d know that the Canton Police specifically reported no tail light near his body when they arrived at the scene at 6 AM.

Wendy also mocks the defense for suggesting that tail light was planted at the scene, which illustrated how little she actually knows about the facts. She scoffed at the idea that State Police went to John’s house, broke Karen’s tail light, and planted the tail light evidence. But if she actually read about the court documents she’d know Karen Read’s car was in Dighton at her parent’s house, and that Michael Proctor lied when he said he had the car towed at 5:30, when in fact video shows the car being towed at 4:12. The car was then brought to Canton Police headquarters, which is where it was likely broken and planted.

Attorney Lara Yeretsian was the only one on the panel who actually came prepared. Wendy mocked and degraded her repeatedly, speaking to her in a condescending tone, talking over the other panelists, and lying about everything. She had an amazing amount of patience in dealing with Wendy around the 29:30 mark as Wendy laughed at her.

I like Joel, but I don’t understand how he can’t see Wendy for what she is.

31:30 – Wendy said that only “brain dead jurors” could vote to acquit Karen Read, and then began lecturing Attorney Yeretsian about how SHE should read the court documents like Wendy claims she did. She later went on to say that the people of Norfolk County are stupid for believing anyone but her. This is the same woman who would later go on to say that John O’Keefe was hit by Karen Read in the driveway, fell on his butt, sat there, got backed into again (causing the head wounds), and then 2 hours later Lucky Lougran plowed the privately owned driveway with John in it, then plowed his body across the front lawn and left him at the flagpole.

“The pleading shows that that search absolutely did not take place at 2:07 AM as the hired gun defense expert claimed.”

No, Adam Lally claimed, without any evidence, that the 2:27 search didn’t happen. He could’ve cross examined the “hired gun” on May 25, but instead decided to cancel the evidentiary hearing entirely. She called it “nonsense” that Jen McCabe made a Google search at 2:27 AM for “hos long to die in cold,” simply because she made that same search again at 6:24. But Jen McCabe did the 6:24 search in the hopes that it would

34:20 – “What I can assure you if you actually read the pleading, you will never say that out loud against that the search was done at 2, because it’s embarrassing. Once you read the explanation and how the defense expert was completely out of his mind when he formed that opinion, I don’t know how much he got paid to produce that document that falsely claimed the search was made at 2 in the morning.” 

Wendy’s arrogance is her undoing. To tell another attorney that it’s “embarrassing” to believe a forensic expert over Adam Lally is not only gaslighting, it’s extremely rude. She talks to other adults like they are children, when in fact they are much more educated than she is on the topic.

37:00 – She accuses the former FBI guy of being paid by me, despite his repeated assertions that he believes that Karen Read hit John O’Keefe with his car.

At the 37:45 and 43:00 marks Joel praises Wendy Murphy, says she’s making strong points and is a badass woman who “takes no prisoners.” And therein lies the problem. If you’re going to run a true crime show you should only have guests on who have actually read about the case. Instead he presented Wendy, who is not only dishonest but also mentally unstable, and told his loyal viewers that they should trust her legitimacy. 

I finally came on at the 59 minute mark and the first thing I wanted to do was rebut Wendy’s lies that Michael Proctor was never photographed with Jen McCabe’s kids, and that the judge herself called this a lie. This is very easy to disprove, and I did so by sharing the image showing that Proctor with the 2 youngest McCabe girls:

Then I showed this picture from Jen McCabe’s page.

This is not up for debate. Nor is Wendy’s lie that that Judge Cannone called the defense liars for pointing out this undeniable truth. But instead of addressing the lie Wendy tried to change the subject and ask about the tail light fragments because she knows I had just expose her for lying.

The best part is when Wendy went full boomer and yelled to herself for a good chunk of time, not realizing she had been muted by Joel.

Wendy is so narcissistic that she mocks the thousands of people who have called her out on her lies, not realizing that everyone is actually laughing at her.

Anyway, she and another former FBI agent who I plan on running a story on, have been spreading disinformation about this case constantly on Twitter. Yesterday Wendy offered to provide free legal assistance to anyone in Canton being “falsely accused” of covering up the murder of John O’Keefe.

The irony of a woman who has been defaming innocent people on television her entire career, suing someone else for defamation, is pretty wild. Let me say this – I pray to God one of them takes her up on her offer. I am BEGGING Chris Albert, Colin Albert, Brian Albert, Jen McCabe, Michael Proctor, Ken Berkowitz, or anyone else I have accused of covering up this murder, to sue me. If you have evidence you didn’t do what I said you did, and that I am knowingly lying about it, it will be a slam dunk judgement in your favor for defamation.

So why haven’t they sued me yet? Why haven’t they provided any evidence to show that I’m lying?

Oh right, because they can’t.

But I would love nothing more than for one of these people to hire Wendy Murphy and sue me. If Wendy did her research she’d know that I get sued all the time and have never lost because I don’t publish things that I can’t back up. Wendy probably forgets about this thing called “discovery,” which would give me access to something the defense has been unable to get from Judge Cannone – Brian Albert’s cell phone. I’d be able to hire any attorney I want to depose Jen McCabe, Michael Proctor, and anyone else involved in the case, and they wouldn’t be able to plead the fifth. I have a feeling a couple high profile defense attorneys would jump at that opportunity.

Anyway, Joel has invited me back on for a one on one conversation about this, and I’d be happy to take him up on his offer. He seems reasonable and open minded, and I’d be happy to fill him on the actual facts of this case.



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