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Canton Cover-Up Part 106: Selectman Protecting Chris Albert From Criticism Caught On Hot Mic Calling Concerned Residents “F***ing Random Citizens,” Offers Fake Apology


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John Connolly has been on the Canton Board of Selectman since the beginning of time (the 1980’s). He is arguably one of the most well known and respected people in Canton, and had nothing to do with what happened to John O’Keefe.

However, like many people in Canton who are not guilty of any sort of involvement in the coverup of John O’Keefe’s murder, Connolly has been doing his part to discredit and alienate anyone who questions the actions of the Canton Police Department and his colleague Chris Albert. He likes things the way they are, and he will do everything in his power to protect the most powerful people in town from legitimate criticism. Like Chief Rafferty, Connolly is chummy with disgraced former Chief Ken Berkowitz, and spoke at the circlejerk retirement party for him that was attended by DA Michael Morrissey, Brian Albert, Kevin Albert, and Brian Higgins. (20 minute mark)

People who are not as familiar with the case are more likely to believe that Karen Read’s supporters are anti-police conspiracy theorists because trusted public figures like Connolly dismiss them as crazy. Last month a well respected, taxpaying resident of Canton spoke out at a Board of Selectman meeting and referenced that the Canton Police were under scrutiny. Instead of listening to her concerns Connolly looked at her with disgust, rolled his eyes, and nodded his head, completely dismissing her legitimate concerns.

That’s what he thinks of those who question authority.

John Connolly had nothing to do with the coverup of the murder of John O’Keefe, but his primary concern is protecting the integrity of the institutions that did because it’s the world he’s been entrenched in for 40 years. I don’t believe he’s doing this because he wants the Alberts and McCabes to get away with murder. I believe he’s doing this because he hasn’t read anything about the case, and as a town leader he doesn’t want people to distrust the police department and other elected leaders.

I understand the urge to not want to believe that this was a conspiracy. When I first found out about this story I had a hard time believing that nearly a dozen people in a house could keep a secret for that long. But the fact of the matter is that it wasn’t that complicated. Some people in a house, who are all close friends and family, saw a fight escalate out of control before the unthinkable happened. They sympathized with the Alberts because they didn’t think they meant to kill John, and they didn’t want to see them go to jail for the rest of their lives for it. Aside from those who actually moved the body outside, the conspiracy wasn’t complicated – just say that John never came in the house if you’re asked about it. That’s it. You don’t need to explain anything else because you didn’t see anything.

But unfortunately for them Jennifer McCabe’s Google search got my attention made it undeniable that a conspiracy took place, and it’s not OK for people like John Connolly and Helena Rafferty to dismiss concerns of citizens who want to talk about it.

The Canton Board of Selectman consists of 5 older white men, and a politically connected Town Administrator. It looks like something you’d expect to see in the 1950’s, not in an overwhelmingly liberal town in Massachusetts. There was a woman on the board from 2020 to 2023 named Lisa Lopez, who graduated from Yale Law School and had been civically engaged in Canton for decades. She’s a liberal, and as the incumbent in a town that Biden won by 30 points she would’ve been an overwhelming favorite against any challenger.

But she somehow lost to this guy:

Compare Chris Albert’s resume to hers.

Chris Albert dropped out of college and went to jail for killing a man when he was 23. He has acquired substantial debt, which is why he has $65K in tax liens, and several judgements against him in civil court. He doesn’t vote in most town elections, has never served on any boards, and had to resort to cliches like “I have a big heart that I sometimes wear on my sleeve” because he had nothing else to say about himself. Lisa Lopez highlighted the differences between her and Chris Albert on meet the candidates night.

Lisa Lopez should have won in a landslide because:

  • She’s a liberal in a very liberal town
  • She’s immensely more qualified
  • She was the incumbent

But unfortunately in politics all of that can be overcome if you’re popular. And the fact of the matter is that Chris Albert, despite being a member of a party that is outnumbered by 30 points, was able to easily defeat her because he’s popular. People in Canton are willing to vote across party lines if it involves the cool kids from Canton High School circa 1991. Despite being unqualified Chris Albert received campaign contributions from fellow board members Charles Doody, Michael Loughran, and John Connolly. They didn’t want someone on the board who challenged the way things were always done in the Canton good ol’ boys network.

Now Connolly is actively protecting Albert from legitimate criticism from citizens. Last week at the Board of Selectman meeting where Helena Rafferty complained about my peaceful rolling rally, Connolly was caught on a hot mic calling a woman who had just called for Albert’s resignation “f***ing random citizens.”

This is what he thinks of people in town who don’t think it’s a good look for members of the Board of Selectman to be involved in the coverup of a murder. Their concerns are not legitimate and mean nothing to him. They are nothing more than random f***ing citizens who he can roll his eyes at, and he likely didn’t listen to or consider a word they said.

Today in the Canton Citizen he “apologized” to the community, while dry bragging about what an institution he was.

“I have allowed my emotions to get the better of me recently and have apologized for my actions.”

What actions? He can’t even say what he did. He should be apologizing to these two women by name, and the people of Canton entirely, while reiterating that those who speak at meetings are not “f***ing random citizens.” They’re taxpayers participating in democracy.

“I am committed to being held accountable to the people of this town.”

Then resign, and demand that Chris Albert do the same. Absent that, nothing else matters. I’m as right wing as you can get, but I would support the most radical communist possible over a bunch of gasbags who are willing to coverup a murder. Hopefully someone steps up and runs, if they’re not recalled first.


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  1. “. . . allowed my emotions to get the better of me.”

    What emotions were you experiencing, Mr. Connolly? Towards whom were your emotions directed? Please explain.

    1. Might be actively having one at the retirement speech photo… look at the message in the background…. No signal might be hooked to his cardiac monitor

  2. Obviously Feeding at the Canton Taxpayer trough for tooo many years 🤑💰
    Wake UP Canton !
    Recall them All !!

    “Town Administrator Charles Doody is worried after we began questioning Town Hall employees about the night John O’Keefe was murdered. He sent out an email instructing them what not to say to me, and falsely labeled me as a First Amendment auditor, who is only trying to get a rise out of people. We also found out that he likely lied about not knowing Michael Proctor “

  3. You wanna hurt me? Go right ahead if it makes you feel any better. I’m an easy target. Yeah, you’re right, I talk too much. I also listen too much. I could be a cold-hearted cynic like you… but I don’t like to hurt people’s feelings. Well, you think what you want about me; I’m not changing.
    I like me. My wife likes me. My innocent son likes me, My customers like me. ‘Cause I’m the real article. What you see is what you get.

    1. What we see is that you’re a murderer covering your son for a murder. Like father like son, you’ve done a great job raising your boy 🖕

      1. His son has NOT been charged with murder (he COULD be party to murder). There is NO physical evidence tying him to murder.

        Also, the monologue was a reference to a movie: Planes, Trains and Automobiles.

    2. Exactly the point Chris Albert. What we see IS what we get. And it’s not good. Oh yeah, and you’ve been a criminal for decades, long before 1/22

      1. PS My son was murdered by a drunk driver too btw. You will always be a killer in my eyes. The murderer got a much harsher sentence than you tho

    3. I see a dickhead that has produced a violent shithead son. Where is your wife??? Do you have a wife??? Have you built a family???….or are you just a LOOOOOOOSHAH that represents the worst of Canton???

    4. Resign before you’re recalled!and I’m betting on a bunch of new selectman next election. You’re a disgrace to the town and should be put out with the trash. Your son is a pos too, good work racing that narcissistic, violent, asshole. Good luck with your tax liens, you’re gonna need it when the pizza shop closes.

    5. This was FUCKING hilarious. It was a reference to the movie PLANES TRAINS AND AUTOMOBILES.

      Well done sir. The other people here fell for it hook line and sinker. Uncritical boobs.

      Hey everybody else. Facts don’t care about your feelings. Just admit you didn’t get the reference and OWN the L.

  4. I always wondered whatever happened to “Fatty” from the Little Rascals. Who knew he was on the Canton BOS all these years

  5. Unlike the Left, who cannot denounce even the most disgusting actions of a member of their political party, I as a Republican wish I could kick these people the F out. They don’t belong to or with the rest of us. I’m ashamed they even called themselves Republicans (come to think of it, a lot of the elected Republican suck too)

    1. There are piece of shit Republicans too, yup. It’s sad too many nasty downright human beings no matter what side of the political spectrum you’re on. Too many shitbags that skate through life getting away with everything without a care in the world and are untouchable, must be nice.

  6. I don’t care how long it’s been in my family if my fucking name is DOODY I’m changing it…not would I ever married a guy with that name and perpetuat it and force my children to carry it! 🤮🤮

  7. I loved everything until you said “older white men.” Enough with this already!!

    You just ran an article about a corrupt female black member of the Boston City Council. How does this have ANY relation in a state that is still 83% white? Wtf is going on with you? The need to reference white is absolutely absurd! Do you know what groups of people commit almost ALL of the murders in Boston alone?

    Why in God’s name do you feel the need to appeal to EMOTION (the very dishonest argument you have been fighting against for Karen Read); and then pretend that white people are disportionaly criminal, especially those that are old enough to be your parents? Are you TRYING to alienate people who observe patterns or do you enjoy playing plausible deniability?

    What’s worse about this NONSENCICAL claim is you make FALSE comparisons between Chris Proctor and a Yale grad (what did she care about Cantons long term interests)? Proctor has lived in Canton (this is a fact) and has children; what do we know about the Yale Grad?

    You’re supposed to have been a former History Teacher. Do you know what States had the greatest number of black citizens? Do you also know what states gave women the right to vote prior TO the 19th Amendment?

    STFU already with the illogical and emotionally loaded appeal to race. The GD Asian lady that made an appearance at the select board meeting referenced the Boston Globe as her source of information before her nonsensical rant. The Boston Globe is measurably anti-white AND has NEVER once cited you as a source (she is a liar). Yet you JUMPED at the opportunity to giver her the time of day, inspite of her OBVIOUS lack of honesty.

    Wtf ARE YOU DOING AK?!!!

    1. Do you know what groups of people commit almost ALL of the murders in Boston alone?

      yup da blacks and spanics, that was an easy one.

      1. Facts don’t care about your feelings Ben Shapiro Jr.

        If I were “triggered” nothing I said would have been factually correct. I would have been “projecting” onto others feelings I loath about myself.

        Instead I pointed out how strange it is to do all this wonderful work (which AK has done) time and again pointing out errors in the Commonwealths process of investigation. This in it’s own right will hopefully clear a likely innocent women from being punished for something she didn’t do.

        But instead of focusing on the facts he continues with the ad hominem attacks on people (which he’s entitled to do) and this causes distractions away from the the primary action at hand. Making secondary suppositions about the reasons other parties who might be involved (but as of yet aren’t charged with anything) run for town office, fill in the pool, or own a mediocre pizza shop are not pertinent to the case at hand and are by definition hearsay and supposition of another matter.

        AK has made it clear to everyone that he loathes the mainstream media (with good reason) and has been repeatedly attacked by POC criminals and labeled a racist. Normally this is enough to have the vast majority of white people lose their job or be un personed from polite society. Again, this is simply based on allegations, not actual evidence. I find it odd then that AK has chosen to add to this story the “old white men” label when there is no need for it, and as far as I can see has yet to describe any other person or group in the same way.

        If the author despises the spineless Boston Globe or MSM so much; why even mention the fact that a Canton resident didn’t even have the honesty to admit the news source she got her information from? Is it likely that she finds AK loathsome to the point that she lied and credited a more reputable Boston Globe (sarcasm)? Canton is a very left leaning town after all? I found what the O’Donnell lady said absolutely unimpressive and when she lied about where she got her information I completely dismissed anything she had to add to the matter. She is a spineless coward and a virtue signaling phony.

        Interestingly I’ve yet to see him point out that every time there is a problem with a POC: the former US and Suffolk County DA, Monica Cannon Grant etc. he doesn’t describe their factual anti-white rhetoric or actions as “typical behavior for women of color” or “bad black politicians.” So again, why add that element to a story unless he was trying to virtue signal or tip his hand? I like his writing when he lets the facts speak for themselves and he normally does stick to the facts.

        As far as comparing Albert and Lopez in the selectmen race his analysis was indeed thorough. She arguably is more qualified – whatever that means. Many people are more qualified than their opponents. Hillary Clinton, by definition was more qualified than Donald Trump. Did I vote for her? Absolutely not. All politics in one form or another is local. Tip O’Neal was one of the longest standing Speakers of the House of Representatives- were there many more people “qualified” to be the speaker? I would think so.

      1. The Magna Carts makes sense. You, however have in all probability a double digit IQ. Name one instance in which I was in error either logically or factually in my post?

        Couldn’t find any errors. Guess that means you really are low IQ. Get some shit talking lessons asshat.

  8. What an absolute buffoon JC is. This guy couldn’t make a sincere apology if his life depended on it! He meant every word he said and every facial expression he so obnoxiously delivered!

  9. Waiting for government to save you or do the “right thing” guarantees you will die with no justice. On 9-11 the order was do not evacuate the towers, in Laihana they slept at the switch and said follow the detours. Governor Baker, Faucie, Biden said the experimental Vaxx is 100% safe and effective.

  10. The head the size of a pumpkin for a head, the color of a tomato and the size of a pea for a brain.
    “fat, drunk and stupid is no way to go through life, son”

  11. The head the size of a pumpkin, the face the color of a tomato and the brain the size of a pea.
    “fat, drunk and stupid is no way to go through life…”

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