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Canton Cover-Up Part 107: Twenty Three Responses To Combat Lies About Karen Read Killing John O’Keefe


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As the Karen Read story starts to gain more national attention there will be people like Wendy Murphy, Jennifer Coffindaffer, and others who will attempt to use their platforms to spread disinformation about the case, and paint Karen Read as a killer. We all know that she’s not, but we can’t allow them to poison the minds of people who have never heard about this case. When you see them spreading disinformation online it’s important to overwhelm them with the facts of the case so that their followers can see it. The problem is that it can be difficult and time consuming wading through 100+ blogs to respond to their lies. To that end we’ve put together this list of “evidence of Karen Read’s guilt,” and how you can counter it.

1. Karen Read told Jennifer McCabe and Kerry Roberts in the car that she had hit John O’Keefe. 

If Karen confessed to killing John multiple times she never would’ve been allowed to leave the scene of the crime after the body was discovered. At the very least she would have been brought back to the police station for questioning, if not arrested on the spot. Instead police allowed her to leave with the alleged murder weapon.

Yelling “could I have hit him” is not a confession to anything. The idea that John O’Keefe was beaten inside the house and placed on the lawn to die like trash, was not something Karen Read or any other person would assume that the people they just spent the night with would have the ability to do to their fellow man. Anyone’s natural reaction in a situation like this would be to ask a lot of questions, seem confused, and ponder if they accidentally caused the death.

Karen never once stated that she hit John O’Keefe. Jen McCabe, who benefitted from Karen Read being blamed because under normal circumstances she would have been considered a prime suspect, SAID THAT KAREN SAID “Could I have hit him? Did I hit him?” This is a question, not a statement, and Karen Read denies asking this.

Jen McCabe stayed at 34 Fairview Road from 6 AM to 11:30 AM, giving her 5.5 hours to sit with Nicole and Brian Albert and get their stories straight. She suddenly decided to amend her initial statement at 9 AM by calling Albert family friend Sgt. Michael Lank, and telling him that Karen said “I hope I didn’t hit him.”


2. Kerry Roberts has no reason to lie, because she wasn’t in the house, isn’t being accused of killing John O’Keefe, and didn’t know Jennifer McCabe. 

Jen McCabe and Kerry Roberts are good friends. They come to court together. Their children play sports together. They both have lived in Canton most of their lives. Kerry Roberts told police that Karen said, “John’s dead, Kerry, Kerry, I wonder if he’s dead. It’s snowing, he got hit by a plow.”

This is not an admittance of anything, and only shows how confused Karen was as she openly pondered how John had ended up like that.

Despite not knowing each other, Jen and Kerry had a 35 minute phone call at 3:57 PM. At 5:16 they had a 9 minute phone call.

Kerry ended that conversation early because State Police came to her house to interview her at 5:25.

Jen was making sure Kerry had her story straight and didn’t say anything that contradicted the stories Jen had been telling police.



3. Karen Read confessed to Canton Firefighter Katie McLaughlin that she hit Karen Read. 

Karen Read was in a state of hysteria and experiencing trauma by the time she spoke with McLaughlin. She was covered in John’s blood after performing CPR on her boyfriend, who she had seen alive 5.5 hours prior. Despite the fact that there were over a dozen first responders on the scene, McLaughlin was the ONLY one interviewed by Michael Proctor. Additionally, McLaughlin never said that Karen Read told McLaughlin this directly upon being asked, but rather she overheard her saying “I hit him, I hit him.” McLaughlin and Proctor failed to point out that McLaughlin, the only first responder interviewed, was best friends with Caitlin Albert, who was inside the house when O’Keefe was killed. Other firefighters who would testify that they never heard Karen say those words, were never interviewed by Proctor. If police believed that Karen Read was actually confessing when she yelled “I hit him,” she would’ve been arrested on the spot. This is very similar to the difference between “I shot the clerk?”, and “I shot the clerk,” in My Cousin Vinnie.


4. Karen Read’s tail light fragments were found adjacent to John O’Keefe’s body. 

Canton Police Lt. Paul Gallagher, Sergeant Michael Lank (who was not on duty), and Sergeant Sean Goode conducted a search for evidence around John O’Keefe’s body, and reported finding NO TAIL LIGHT fragments at 6:30 AM. The only evidence they found was a broken cocktail glass and six blood samples.

If police believed that John was struck by a car they would have no reason to collect blood samples for testing. If John had been lying in the snow for 5.5 hours with a two inch head gash there would be significantly more blood. The mere fact that he was missing a shoe and was not wearing a jacket was probable cause to search the house, because where else would his shoe and jacket be?

At 5:45 PM the State Police conducted a second search of the crime scene, which was not sectioned off, and multiple people walked through it with their dogs throughout the day. By that time over a foot of snow had fallen. Yet State Police were able to find ON TOP OF A FOOT OF SNOW, multiple pieces of tail light, brake light, and John O’Keefe’s missing shoe, all of which three high ranking members of the Canton Police Department somehow missed.

Finding the new tail light evidence did not require any digging on the part of the State Police. Large chunks of Karen Read’s red tail light had miraculously risen from underneath a foot of snow to the top of a snow bank.

In his report Michael Proctor stated that he arrived at Karen Read’s parent’s house in Dighton (35-40 minutes from Canton) at 4:30 PM, and that he had the car towed at 5:30 PM.

However, Alarm.com footage from the Read household shows the car being towed at 4:12 PM.

This gave Trooper Proctor 1 hour and 18 minutes of time in which both he and the car were unaccounted for. The SERT team search occurred at 5:45 PM. If the car was towed at 5:30 as Proctor claimed he would not have had time to plant tail light evidence at 34 Fairview Road. But he would have plenty of time to do that if he towed the car at 4:12 PM, which is why he lied about the time in his report. More importantly, Proctor had no reason to tow the car to the Canton Police Department since the State Police had taken over the case and there were MSP barracks closer to Dighton.

Additionally, Proctor claimed that he did not see Karen Read’s vehicle until 4:30 PM, 18 minutes after it was towed. But police call logs show that he called the Dighton Police Department at 2:31 and 3:02 to have the car towed, which he would have no reason to do if he hadn’t seen the vehicle.

Jen McCabe told Michael Proctor that when she looked at Karen Read’s car between 5 and 6 AM, that she observed a “cracked tail light” with missing pieces.

But when Trooper Proctor observed this same tail light he described it as “shattered” with “a large red piece of plastic missing.”

If Karen Read broke her tail light by striking John O’Keefe then the hundreds of homes with Ring cameras that she passed along the way would show this. We spoke with several people along this route who had Ring cameras and none of them were ever questioned by police.



5. There is no other way to explain how Karen Read had a broken tail light. 

Ring camera footage shows Karen Read backing into John’s Chevy Traverse as she goes out looking for him at 5 AM. You can clearly see his tires move in this Ring video.

Proctor lied in his report when he stated that Karen merely came close to John’s car.

When Karen pulled away from the house you can see that the tail light is slightly cracked, but not “shattered” as Trooper Proctor described it.



6. Jen McCabe’s deleted 2:27 AM Google search for “how long to die in cold” never happened, and the Commonwealth’s forensic expert Katie Hyde agrees that it never happened. Jen McCabe was Googling her kid’s basketball team at that time. The Defense’s expert Richard Green is a hired gun who would say whatever the defense paid him to say. Jen McCabe only Googled “hos long to die in cold” at 6:24 AM because Karen Read told her to upon discovering the body of John O’Keefe. 

Experts in any criminal or civil case get paid for their time and services. Richard Green is a certified computer examiner, and holds certifications in cybersecurity, computer crime investigations, and digital forensics computer investigations. He swore under the pains and penalties of perjury that he had “no personal interest in the outcome of this case,” and was just doing the job he was trained to do.

Richard Green never said himself that the search took place at 2:27 AM – Cellebrite did. Cellebrite is the industry standard for cell phone data extraction, which found the deleted search for “hos long to die in cold” on McCabe’s cell phone at 2:27 AM.

iPhones all have an internal clock that begins counting seconds from January 1, 2001 to the present, called COCOA time. The exact COCOA time was over 665 million seconds, and coincides exactly with January 29, 2022 at 2:27 AM.

The defense DOES NOT DENY that McCabe also Googled “hos long to die in cold” at 6:24 AM, because it also came up in the Cellebrite extraction report.

However, this 6:24 Google search was not deleted because unlike the 2:27 search it is not incriminating, and happened after the body was discovered. Karen Read denies telling McCabe to Google that, and the defense contends that McCabe did this in the hopes that it would override her 2:27 search.

Commonwealth expert Katie Hyde DOES NOT DISAGREE WITH THE DEFENSE. Her report states that the reason the time stamp for the deleted search says 2:27, is “unknown.”

The Cellebrite report states that McCabe had a window open at 2:27 with the Google search, but deleted the Safari tab. The Commonwealth’s expert agrees that the Google search tab was moved to the background at that time, which was why the Ozone basketball page propagated on McCabe’s phone nanoseconds later.



7. John never stepped foot inside the house, and every witness agrees. There is no way this many people could keep a secret for that long without getting caught in a lie. 

The only witnesses police interviewed were Brian and Nicole Albert, and Matt and Jennifer McCabe. The totality of their lie was not complicated – John O’Keefe never went inside the house. Several witnesses like Colin Albert, Brian Albert Jr, Julie Nagel, and Sarah Levinson were not questioned by police. Every witness told police that they did not see John O’Keefe’s body on the front lawn, despite driving right by where he was supposedly dying after Karen Read backed into him.

However, Matt and Jen McCabe still found a way to screw up the lie. He told police that he observed Karen’s car from the kitchen window, and after she left he saw v-shaped tire marks in the snow, suggesting she did a three point turn.

But the kitchen is in the back of the house, not the front. And if he saw tire marks from that far away he would’ve surely seen a body right in front of them. Additionally, his timeline of Karen leaving at 12:45 conflicts with Ring video from 1 Meadows Ave that shows Karen arriving home at 12:41. The deleted library footage was from 12:37 to 12:39.

The Apple Health Data shows John ascending and descending 3 flights of stairs between 12:21 and 12:24, which would be impossible to do if he was in a car. He had to have been inside the house.

Video footage from the Temple shows Karen and John driving by at 12:17 AM. From the Temple it takes between 2 and 3 minutes to drive to 34 Fairview Road. This coincides exactly with the cell phone data showing O’Keefe arriving at 12:21, running inside (in 5 seconds, which explains why Ryan Nagel didn’t see him) and then going down to the basement.


8.  Brian Albert didn’t come outside because he was sleeping. 

There were dozens of first responders on his lawn, a barking German shepherd, and a hysterical woman screaming. Jen McCabe also called Nicole Albert at 6:07 and 6:07 and Nicole answered both phone calls, which she later deleted. As a trained first responder it was his duty to go outside, but he didn’t. As a result he was never photographed or had his body examined for cuts and bruises.


9. Chloe wasn’t dangerous to humans, and those aren’t dog bites on John O’Keefe’s arm – they’re abrasions from blunt force trauma. 

These are not abrasions.

The parallel cuts are scratches from a dog, and the small punctures are teeth marks. Here’s what dog scratch marks look like on a human face.


According to Canton Animal Control records, Brian Albert’s 6 year old family dog Chloe, which has disappeared, was aggressive towards strangers and sent two other people to the emergency room.



10. There was glass and a human hair embedded on Karen Read’s bumper. 

This means nothing.The defense doesn’t object to the hair being tested, and we have no idea who the hair belongs to. If it’s John’s hair it doesn’t mean anything because they lived together. But it’s inconceivable that a piece of hair and a singular piece of glass could remain on the bumper of a vehicle after Karen Read drove in in a blizzard from Canton to Dighton, and then it was towed back to Canton by Michael Proctor.


11. Karen was blackout drunk and had 7 drinks in an hour at CF McCarthy’s. 

Both McCabes and Chris and Julie Albert told police that Karen didn’t seem drunk. If she had 7 vodka drinks in an hour she would be blackout drunk, puking everywhere. Instead John O’Keefe let her drive him. Jennifer McCabe and every other person in that house had been drinking all day, and all of them drove to Fairview Road.


12. Karen hasn’t turned over her cell phone. 

Karen turned over her phone immediately and doesn’t object to the prosecution looking through it, as long as the texts between her and her lawyers is privileged. Police got a search warrant for her phone in February of 2022 and were able to see exactly where she went at what time. They know the exact time she left 34 Fairview Road and are hiding that information.


13. Karen saw John’s body when Kerry Roberts and Jen McCabe didn’t, so she must’ve known it would be there. There was no way for her to see the body because Jen McCabe said it was under 6 inches of snow. 

There are no obstructions that would prevent anyone from seeing a 217 pound body just 12 feet from the curb. Less than 2 inches of snow had accumulated by 6 AM. Pictures from the scene at 9 AM prove this.

Jen McCabe also told police she could see his cell phone, despite the fact that the phone was underneath his body, and she stayed in the car to call 911.

Kerry Roberts told police that John had fresh blood coming from his nose and mouth, despite allegedly being left to die in the snow 5.5 hours prior.


14. Karen Read admitted she did a 3 point turn, and said she never saw John go inside.

Michael Proctor SAID that Karen Read said these things, but she denies both. Additionally, if she did a three point turn then she would’ve struck O’Keefe with her right tail light, not her left tail light. She also did not have nearly enough space to accelerate to 27 mph in reverse, and there is no damage to her vehicle at all, besides the tail light.



15. Karen Read is only coming up with this conspiracy theory now that she has high priced attorneys. 

Court filings dating back to March 2022, long before we had ever written about this story, show Karen Read’s attorney David Yannetti accusing the Alberts and Michael Proctor of covering up the murder. Yannetti filed a motion to preserve John’s clothing and tissue samples for DNA testing in August of 2022, which was allowed. To this date the Commonewealth has not tested the clothing. Arm tissue has simply disappeared, despite the existence of this court order.


16. Attorney Yannetti initially said that Karen Read killed John accidentally. 

Yannetti said that she loved John and should never been charged with manslaughter.


17. Michael Proctor had no conflicts and barely knew the McCabes and Alberts. 

Michael Proctor had been close family friends with the Alberts for years, and was photographed at a family party with two of Jen McCabe’s daughters in 2017. Proctor’s mother called the Alberts her “second family” in a Facebook post in 2019. Proctor and Colin Albert were both in Courtney Proctor’s wedding party in 2012.


18. John O’Keeefe’s phone was moving after he was dead, therefore the cell phone data showing him inside the house is unreliable. 

John’s phone didn’t move between 12:31 and 6:04 because he was unconscious. It began moving after that because police picked it up and moved around.


19. The Medical Examiner said that John was struck by a car and the cuts on his arm are from blunt force trauma.  

The ME was told by police that John died from being struck by a car and worked backwards from there. Her report states that he died from hypothermia, which both sides agree. She merely OPINES that his injuries were from blunt force trauma. The Commonwealth has offered no explanation for how John got those scratches on his arm.



20. Colin Albert wasn’t in the house because he left at 12:10 AM, before O’Keefe and the other adults arrived from the bar. 


Brian and Nicole Albert’s grand jury testimony stated that Colin was at the party at their house. Since they arrived well past 12:10 and saw him there, it means he couldn’t have left at 12:10.




21. John O’Keefe’s niece and nephew told police that Karen and John had a toxic relationship. 

John’s children were not interviewed until almost 4 weeks after he was dead. By that time Jen McCabe had already poisoned their brains into believing that Karen Read was a blood thirsty killer.


22. There’s no way this many people could be involved in a conspiracy. 

The conspiracy really only involved five people – Matt McCabe, Jen McCabe, Brian Albert, Nicole Albert, and Michael Proctor. Four of them had to protect themselves from prison, and Proctor had family pressure to protect his lifelong friends. They were all interviewed together and had hours alone to get their simple story straight.


23. Fairview Road was never plowed by Canton DPW drivers. 

Michael Proctor stated this in his report, but DPW driver Lucky Loughran told me that he did plow Fairview Road, and that there was no body on the front lawn at 2:30 AM.



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  1. These viscious canton CUNTS need to fry.
    Depraved pieces of shit. The whole lot of em.

  2. So much doubt! Karen will never be found guilty. The Canton Corrupt Cult will be judged by their maker … but until then, they will always be looked upon as the ones who murdered a man and tried to cover their crime. The lifetime bullies of Canton have finally have Karma (along with their friends).

  3. First off – Who gave Wendy Murphy a law degree? What an embarrassment she is. It does not take a genius to figure out that Karen is innocent and what really happened here…Look at the facts. Prosecution has nothing besides what they tried to plant themselves. Where is the dog? Where are the test results from John’s clothes? Testing from his wounds? Where is ANYTHING?? Cmon… this is absolutely insane. Time for the feds to step in.

  4. Zero chance Karen will be found guilty – so much reasonable doubt in this case – from the mishandling of evidence to the prosecution not testing John’s arm wounds. John was clearly wearing different outer clothing that seems to be missing
    How much is this farce costing the tax payers of Massachusetts. Open check book for this DA and we foot the bill. Lally is incompetent. My lawyer who only handles real estate closings would beat him In this case.

  5. Why didn’t two seasoned homicide detectives, who had just arrived to interview a women they had reason to believe was a vehicular homicide suspect, take pictures of the “shattered” taillight on the car in the driveway in Dighton?

  6. Just a couple things to clarify:

    6:07 and 6:07 phone calls. (Maybe it’s supposed to be 6:04 and 6:07 or something?)

    Right taillight and Left taillight (I think TB has it accidentally backwards)

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