Canton Cover-Up Part 108: FBI Agents Served Colin Albert With Subpoena In His Dorm Room On April 10, Bridgewater State Police Pulled Him Over In Black Ford Edge Last August 


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According to a public records request from Bridgewater State University, Colin Albert was visited by two FBI agents in his dorm room on April 10, 2023, and was handed a subpoena to appear in front of a federal grand jury.

This completely eliminates the lie that the Alberts and McCabes have been trying to spread  through bad faith actors on social media, that Colin is not a suspect in the murder of John O’Keefe. Lucky Loughran also confirmed last week that he was picked up by a FBI agent in late April, with GPS data showing that he had plowed Fairview Road the morning of January 29, 2022 (and told them that there was no body on the front yard of Brian Albert’s house). That is now two definitive confirmations on record, proving that there is a FBI investigation into the murder of John O’Keefe.

The FBI would have no interest in investigating Karen Read. She has already been charged with murder in Superior Court by the Norfolk County District Attorney’s Office. The ONLY reason the FBI would convene a grand jury for this case is if they believed that Karen Read did NOT kill John O’Keefe, and that someone else did and it was covered up.

The FBI would have no use for Colin Albert if they did not believe that John O’Keefe went inside 34 Fairview Road, and that Colin was inside when he arrived. What else could they possibly want to know from a college freshman if he and John O’Keefe weren’t in that house together.  We do not know what questions Colin Albert was asked in front of the grand jury, or by members of the grand jury, but we have known that he hired Attorney Joe Krowski in April, who has been in attendance at Karen Read’s court dates.

The April 10 date is interesting because it happened two days before Alan Jackson filed the 94 page motion that revealed that John’s phone data shows him going up and down stairs inside the house, and shows Jen McCabe deleting her incriminating phone calls and 2:27 AM Google search. It was also 7 days before I began writing my story, which I first posted about with this tweet on April 17:

This means Colin Albert becoming a suspect in a FBI murder investigation happened PRIOR to my reporting. Therefore, anyone who has suggested that Colin is only a suspect because he has been wrongly accused by my reporting, is provably wrong.

The April 10 date is also interesting when you consider that Chris Albert, who was a long time diehard turtle rider, messaged me on Facebook on April 17,  and told me it was unfortunate that I tweeted that.

He sent this message exactly one week after he knew his son was visited by FBI agents in his dorm room, and issued a subpoena to appear in front of a federal grand jury. He has known this whole time what actually happened, but until April 10 he thought they would get away with it. His world began crumbling then, and when he saw that his favorite award winning journalist would be exposing his family, he thought that he would be able to talk me out of it.

This changes everything, and is a huge piece of the puzzle. We now know that Chris Albert knows that his son is in serious trouble. A source reported to me on Friday that they saw Colin and Chris Albert in the vicinity of Moakley Federal Courthouse on Thursday, the day of the week when the federal grand jury has been convening, with attorneys. We know that Chris has likely been advised not to talk about this case at all, but he couldn’t help himself last month at the Waterfall Bar and Grille when he lost on two women wearing “Free Karen Read” shirts.

1:28 – “Karen Read f***ing ran John over.”

He said those words despite knowing that his son had two FBI agents visit his dorm room because he is suspected of murdering John O’Keefe.

You may also recall from my interview with Lucky Loughran, that he told me that when he went to plow Fairview Road again he decided not to because he saw a black Ford Edge parked in front of Brian Albert’s house. Brian Albert owns or owned a Ford Edge, but Loughran told me it was not his. I thought he may be mistaken, but according to another Bridgewater State report from August 20, 2022, Colin Albert was pulled over on campus driving a black Ford Edge registered to his mother.

“Operator was a confused football player who didn’t know what direction to go at the intersection.”

This happened before school was in session, and he was new to campus and there to practice football, so it makes sense that they’d refer to him as a confused football player.

But it would also make sense that if Colin Albert delivered the fatal blow to the back of John O’Keefe’s head, that Brian Albert would order him to come back to the house to help him stage the body.

I have opined that when O’Keefe walked through that door he was surprised to see his confrontational former 17 year old neighbor there, and they exchanged words. I have no idea who punched who first, but a fight clearly broke out after John went up or down a flight of stairs. I believe that John O’Keefe got his licks in, which explains the bruising on his hand, and the shiner that Colin had less than 2 weeks later in this picture he posted:

I believe that only a teenager would be foolish enough to continue posting pictures of himself on social media after being involved in a murder.

Brian Albert, who wasn’t friends with John and didn’t interact with him at the bar or invite him over his house, instinctively sided with his nephew during the fight, which instinctively got the dog to attack John.

I believe that during the altercation John was knocked down and in a fit of rage Colin hit him in the back of the head with a blunt object. He was the only one in the house young enough and stupid enough to make such a poor decision. Brian Albert might punch someone in the face, but he’s smart enough not to do something that is likely to be fatal. Colin isn’t. He was an out of control, temperamental teenager, possibly driven by roid rage, and teenagers do dumb things in the heat of the moment, especially when alcohol is involved.

I believe that after Colin hit John with the blunt object there was likely a moment of shock and horror as the people who witnessed it realized what the consequences of that would be. They likely felt bad for Colin, realized that he had his whole life ahead of him, and didn’t think he deserved to go to prison for a snap decision like that. Their goal moving forward was to protect Colin Albert at all costs, but Brian wasn’t going to let him walk away without helping him stage the body.

I believe that Brian Albert and Brian Higgins took John’s body out of the basement via the bulkhead, dragged him through a gate in the fence, and used the Ford Edge as a shield to block the neighbor’s line of vision as they left the car exactly where Karen Read was last seen waiting for John to text her back.

They couldn’t get rid of the body because then they’d have to explain to his family where John was, and couldn’t blame it on Karen Read if they did that.

I believe that John was attacked while Karen Read was sitting outside the house for 10 minutes, which is why Matt McCabe made note of seeing her there. I believe that it was the longest 10 minutes of their life, as they all silently prayed to themselves, “please don’t let her come in the house.” The moment she drove away must have been the most relieving moment of their lives, up until the moment she was charged with murder.

I believe that Jennifer and Matt McCabe, Brian Higgins, Julie Nagel, Brian Albert Jr, Chris Albert, and Sarah Levinson were aware of all of this, and don’t believe for a second that you could be in that house and not know what had happened. I believe that Jennifer McCabe didn’t leave until 1:47 because they were freaking out and figuring out how to protect themselves and Colin. I KNOW that when she left 34 Fairview Road John’s body was not in the yard, and I believe that she had discussed with the others that the plan was to leave his body in the snow, let him die from hypothermia, and convince Karen Read that she may have done this accidentally.

I believe Jen McCabe was very nervous about this plan and unsure that he would have enough time to die before being seen by a plow driver. I believe that this is why she freaked out and made the horrible mistake of Googling “hos long to die in cold,” within minutes of arriving home. I believe that she was consumed with anxiety, which is why she couldn’t sleep and was awake when Karen Read called at 4:53 AM.

The FBI agents were only in Colin Albert’s dorm room for 5 minutes, but it must’ve been the longest 5 minutes of his life. Until then he thought he had gotten away with it, and was back to posting videos on social media, threatening to “f*** up” the “advantage boys,” and other rivals.

I believe that the only reason Colin Albert has not been charged with murder is because he is not the main target of this investigation. I believe that the FBI is going after the Norfolk DA’s Office, and is giving them the rope to hang themselves by seeing how far they will push this Karen Read nonsense, knowing full well that she was not the person who killed John O’Keefe.

Tonight I was sent this threatening text message from a burner account:

I won’t be deterred by these sorts of threats, and I’m not the least bit scared of the LOSSSSAAAAHH Albert family, who had to resort to using junkies and deadbeats to threaten me in a last ditch attempt to stop me from helping to send them to prison.




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