Canton Cover-Up Part 110: Karen Read Interview With Matt Gutman On Nightline Gets Mixed Reviews From Supporters


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Last night ABC played a 10 minute clip on Nightline of an interview that Matt Gutman conducted with Karen Read. I thought it went extremely well, but a lot of turtle riders are upset that key information was left out, like Jen McCabe’s Google search, the planted tail light evidence, Michael Proctor’s personal relationships, etc. Watch for yourself, and then I’ll explain why I thought it went well.


  • She flat out stated “I did not kill John O’Keefe” definitively.
  • She praised John for being selfless, and said that what she admired most about him is how he adopted his niece and nephew after their parents died.
  • Brian Albert was featured several times, and ABC played eery music, which gives viewers the impression that he is the bad guy (because he is).

  • It showed John’s hands, which makes it look like he punched something. The DA’s Office looks ridiculous by saying there are no defensive wounds or signs of an altercation, while ABC chose to show autopsy photos indicating the opposite.

  • For the first time she denied what firefighter Katie McLaughlin claims she heard Karen say – “I hit him, I hit him,” by adding, “It was preceded by a ‘did,’ and it was proceeded by a question mark.”
  • It showed a massive crowd of people chanting “Free Karen Read” to a defendant charged with murder, which will immediately cause any fair minded person to assume there is something more going on here and look into it. All we have to do is grab their attention and get them to read about it and we win in the court of public opinion.
  • The “Free Karen Read” shirts are everywhere.


  • They made it seem like Karen’s recent argument with John on New Years Eve in Aruba was lingering on January 29.
  • They made it seem like more tail light was discovered AFTER the snow melted, when in fact tail light was discovered after more snow fell.
  • The most crucial evidence showing that this was a coverup was left out, so the average uninformed viewer just sees a defense attorney and a defendant, who are almost always guilty in scenarios like this, ranting about a conspiracy.
  • They said that “pieces of Read’s tail light were discovered at the scene,” but left out the most important part – they were NOT found there when Canton Police searched at 6 AM, but were there at 5:45 PM after more than a foot of snow had fallen.
  • They presented the Norfolk County DA’s lies without any pushback.

  • Colin Albert was never mentioned, despite evidence pointing to him as the most likely culprit.
  • Michael Proctor was never mentioned, despite the fact that he is ultimately the post important player in the coverup.
  • No mention was made of the scratches on John’s arm, the autopsy photos juxtaposed with pictures of her car, the animal control records, selling the house, redoing the floors, the dog disappearing, filling in the pool, Lucky Loughran saying there was no body, Lucky Loughran not being questioned at all, Proctor lying about what time the car was towed, Brian Albert not coming outside, the phone call to Nicole Albert at 6:07 and 6:08, the Canton Library tape disappearing, arm tissue samples disappearing, Proctor’s relationship with the Alberts and McCabes, lack of protocol followed at a crime scene, and much more.

Karen Read had to address the Aruba trip because the Commonwealth is going to bring that up at trial, and will likely have witnesses who are friendly with the McCabes who will testify about an argument they witnessed on the trip. The entirety of the Commonwealth’s case revolves around the lie that John and Karen hated each other. Karen Read has to be able to explain that in context.

This is where we come in. I urge everyone reading this to click on the video above and post a link to the video we made of “Framed,” in the comments. Leave a brief comment explaining the most important thing that you feel was left out, and then urge people to watch the video before copying and pasting the link. People always go to the comments to find out more information. We need to do this for Karen Read, because the ABC producers aren’t going to do it for us.

I get why Karen Read wouldn’t want to do an interview with me at this time – I’m controversial and have said a lot of really colorful things over the years. She is fighting for her life, and we don’t want to give them the opportunity to associate her with out of context clips of me making jokes about bestiality. I don’t communicate with Karen Read or her attorneys directly, but I’m sure they read our reporting like everyone does. So I want them to consider having Karen on for an interview with me, where I will not cut ANYTHING out. The mainstream media routinely ignores my reporting, but they won’t be able to do that if I have Karen Read herself on for an interview. They can email me at [email protected] if they’d like to consider this.

Feel free to watch my discussion last night with defense attorney Bob Motta from The Defense Diaries, and Dan and Steve from Publicly Buzzed.



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