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Canton Cover-Up Part 111: Former FBI Agent Jennifer Coffindaffer Accidentally Reveals Her Source Is Chris Albert While Making Up Lies Defending Colin Albert


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This is former FBI agent Jennifer Coffindaffer.

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Jennifer Coffindaffer is a lot like Attorney Wendy Murphy, in that she seeks out the spotlight by presenting herself as an expert on all things law and order, and often ends up on TV as a result. She is a frequent guest on Surviving the Survivor True Crime podcast, which had me on as a guest last week as well.

She knew nothing about this story until recently when she began to use her Twitter account with 70K followers to spread misinformation, lies, and act as the official mouthpiece for the Albert and McCabe families. In particular she has been defending Colin Albert vociferously, framing him as a sweet, innocent 17 year old boy whose life has been ruined by a “blogger.” We know that she’s being fed this information by the Alberts because she’s repeating the exact same lie that Jill Daniels told me when I spoke with her on the Live Show – that Colin wasn’t there. She claims that there are call records that show Colin left the house at 12:11 and was home at 12:16, but she hasn’t shown them. She also stated that there’s a picture of Colin’s family drinking beers and trespassing on John’s property, but that it was merely an inside joke that John was a part of.

But how would Jennifer Coffindaffer know that was an “inside joke?” She’s obviously being fed this information by Chris Albert, who is desperate for someone with a following to take up his cause.

Jennifer also claims to speak for the O’Keefe family, who wants the “false accusations” against the Albert family to stop, and she urged disgraced Attorney Wendy Murphy to file a defamation lawsuit against me.

The Alberts and McCabes love to hide behind the O’Keefe family, whose son and brother they murdered. I would also LOVE for the Albert family to hire Wendy Murphy to sue me. Why haven’t they? I’m accusing them of conspiring to murder a cop, and have drastically changed public opinion towards them. If anything I said was untrue this would be an open and shut defamation judgement against me. So why aren’t they?

Yesterday she began to defend Colin more, posting pictures of what she claims are February 9, 2022 images of Colin doing the Canton salute, showing no cut marks on his knuckles.


“He wasn’t even there.”

Then why can’t you show the evidence you claim you have, proving Colin wasn’t there?

Oh right, it doesn’t exist.

Brian Albert himself stated that Colin was at the party after he got back there between 12:15 and 12:20, disproving the lie that Colin left at 12:11.

Jennifer is a bad faith liar, so she’s been showing this document as “proof” that Colin wasn’t there.

Except this document was written by Adam Lally in a May 2 motion. Look at the difference, and what he intentionally left out.

“Both indicated in their sworn testimony before the Grand Jury in this matter, that their nephew Colin Albert, while present at the home upon their arrival, had left their home well before any of the gusts arrival from the Waterfall.”

Brian Albert, Jen McCabe, and John O’Keefe all left the Waterfall Bar around the same time – after 12:15. Colin Albert’s supposed alibi, according to Jennifer Coffindaffer, was that he left at 12:11. This document she posted proves the alibi is a lie.

Her source that Colin was home in bed by 12:30 was actually Colin’s deadbeat mother Julie, who defaulted on yet another civil lawsuit on Friday. The same document that laughably says that Brian Higgins decided to clock into work at the Canton Police Department after a night of drinking.



Jennifer accidentally gave away her source in the tweet she posted, before removing it and editing out what she missed the first time.

She accidentally showed the world that she got this picture of Colin Albert from his deadbeat father, Chris Albert.

She wanted you to “note his knuckles” to show there were no cuts on the image, which was allegedly posted on February 9, 2022.

Except posting a picture on February 9 doesn’t mean it was taken on February 9.

This image of Colin was posted on February 12, showing a noticeable swollen eye.

Jennifer readily admits that after posting she was skeptical about Karen Read she immediately began to receive DM’s from the Alberts and their supporters, who were thankful that someone with a decent sized following was dumb enough to believe their lies.



Jennifer was nowhere to be found on this case until she suddenly took an interest after the July 25 hearing. She presented herself as an expert on the matter. Normally I would ignore idiots like this, but Coffindaffer has over 70K followers, and is using her platform to spread misinformation about this case, so it needed to be addressed. She began by stating that Karen Read hesitating on the courthouse stairs when asked if she killed John O’Keefe was “TELLING,” saying that the defense should have a gag order placed on them, and suggested that protesters were “throwing up smoke screens.”



She went on to mock “YouTube armchair detectives” who have been following the facts of this case closely, and said the dog bites are lacerations.


Except it is the Commonwealth that is saying that those are abrasions, not lacerations.

Despite admittedly not having read the court documents and being unfamiliar with the details of the case, she nonetheless was able to state definitively that there was no coverup. She suggested that the Canton Police didn’t find tail light at the scene because they had been scattered while first responders tried saving his life.

Except the Canton Police searched the scene AFTER his body was taken to the hospital.

I sent her a DM inviting her to come on my show to discuss the case, since she seems to like attention and suddenly had an interest in the case which I have been on the forefront of investigating. She said she would come on after reviewing all the documents, despite definitively stating already that there was no coverup.


She said that the FBI’s involvement was “unsubstantiated,” because it only came from the defense.

The federal grand jury convened in this case was first pointed out by Jennifer McCabe’s attorney Kevin Reddington, and has since been confirmed by plow driver Lucky Loughran and Colin Albert, both of whom were questioned by FBI agents. Don’t expect Jennifer to admit she’s wrong though – she’s not the type.

I asked her to explain the Google search.


I once again invited her on the show since she was tweeting about it so much, but she said she had “heavy work demands” until at least September 16.

She tweets all day and doesn’t seem to have a job, so she’s definitely got plenty of time. She’s just too much of a coward to face someone more knowledgeable than her.

Jennifer did have a long career at the FBI, but she never worked murder investigations. She has worked in counter-terrorism and drug trafficking, but doesn’t know the first thing about anti-corruption or this particular case.

But at this point Jennifer began to dig in her heels based purely out of anger with me. She wasn’t going to have some “blogger” or “YouTube armchair detective” make a fool out of her online. She’s really important, even ask her.

Jennifer called Karen Read “evil” last week for defending herself against depraved murderers who are trying to send her to jail for a crime they committed.

You know who’s evil? Someone who after being presented with evidence that a woman is being framed for murder, spreads lies and propaganda at the behest of the murderers.

When it comes to Jen McCabe’s Google searches she they’re inaccurate and problematic, and claims there is no evidence tail light fragments were planted by Michael Proctor.


  1. Karen Read never once exclaimed to any witnesses that she hit him.
  2. The crime scene was disturbed the entire day and was not sectioned off from the public.
  3. The house was never searched.
  4. The Google search was found using Cellebrite, the industry standard.

According to her though, “Google time stamps historically have issues.”

She’s had no experience in this field whatsoever, but at this point she was no longer looking for the truth, she was simply trying to win the argument.

She went on to deny that Brian Albert didn’t come out of the house, said that it didn’t matter if Michael Proctor had close relationships with the Albert and McCabe families, and said that Colin never had a black eye.

She stated that the cuts on John’s arm were from the cocktail glass (something the Commonwealth has never asserted because they don’t have a theory), and tried and failed to explain the lack of bruises on John’s midsection.

She falsely stated that Chloe had never bit any humans, just other dogs – something that has already been proven wrong by animal control records showing that Chloe sent two people to the ER.


She says that Chloe is living in Vermont.

She has no evidence of this, other than what Chris Albert spoon fed her to post.

When Jennifer found out that Lucky Loughran told me that he was sure that there was no body on the front lawn of Brian Albert’s house when he plowed Fairview Road, she accusing Loughran of lying because John’s body was hidden under the less than 2 inches of snow that had fallen at that time.

But Lucky didn’t tell me that he didn’t see a body. He told me definitively that there was no body there at all, and he will testify to that at trial. When confronted with facts and eye witness testimony Jennifer likes to put words in their mouth and tell you what they’re “actually” saying. Makes you wonder how many innocent people she’s put in prison.


Since the facts weren’t in her favor Jennifer shifted focus from the lack of evidence to crying about “harassment” of John O’Keefe’s family outside court.

We booed Karl Dugal, who is not related John, because he previously heckled Karen Read on the courthouse steps on May 24. Additionally, there was video footage of me on the courthouse steps, specifically asking protesters not to boo John O’Keefe’s mother, who nobody recognized in the first place.

When someone pointed the fact that she was caught lying about me booing John’s mother, Jennifer once again ignored the facts in front of her face because she’s a dishonest hack.

She went on to hilariously state the the Commonwealth’s position is supported by facts, while the defense is supported only by gossip and rumor from “laymen.”

You’re just not as smart as the person who got caught outing Chris Albert as her source.

When Jennifer found out that the feds had convened a grand jury she baselessly stated that they weren’t investigating the murder of John O’Keefe, but was merely investigating the corruption involved in the investigation.

What corruption, Jennifer? I thought everything was on the up and up? And how do you know so much about a grand jury that you previously said wasn’t convened at all?

While she was in the middle of tweeting this it became public that Colin Albert was visited by 2 FBI agents on April 10, who issued him a subpoena to appear in front of a federal grand jury. This proves that the FBI wasn’t investigating Colin because of anything I wrote, but because they had evidence that he was inside the house when John O’Keefe arrived. But Jennifer is a bad faith liar so it meant nothing to her.


She attempted to explain it away by claiming that Colin was just a witness, not a subject, and accused the source of doxxing for posting a public police report.

She can’t stop turning this person into a victim:

Except it’s not doxxing since Colin doesn’t live at that address, and is the subject of a FBI investigation into a murder coverup.

But Jennifer, if Colin is simply a “witness,” then what exactly did he witness? Her position is that Colin wasn’t there when John arrived, and if that was the case then the FBI wouldn’t want anything from him. The only reason they’d grand jury him was because he was there, and they have proof of it.

For the record, she’s wrong though – “witnesses” are often targets of FBI investigations.

But she knows that. She’s just lying because she’s a dishonest person by nature.

According to Jennifer Colin was only served a subpoena because he was a witness for an ongoing corruption case.

Because everyone knows that if the FBI wants to investigate widespread corruption the expert witness is gonna be a 19 year old college student. Leave Colin alone!

Jennifer knows full well who I am, and the influence our reporting has had on this story. But she continues to refer to me as “the blogger,” and says the FBI has no interest in what I report.

Except the FBI just charged a guy last week and cited my reporting as the primary source.

She claims I’m irrelevant, but she can’t stop talking about me.



Finally today she chimed in on Karen Read’s interview on ABC, and determined that she’s guilty of murder because of the way her eyes moved and the fact that she didn’t cry on command.

Jennifer Coffindaffer is a professional liar, and a horrible human being. She’s conspiring with murderers who killed a cop, despite being former law enforcement herself. Like Wendy Murphy, she deserves no platform and shouldn’t be taken seriously by anyone.


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  1. The link to a forum about GOOGLE DOCS as being evidence that the time stamp is off is cracking me up. I’m not sure if she realizes, but google doesn’t power their world leading search engine with the free google docs program form submission feature.

    This is the extent of her research, throw into google “google time stamp issue” copy, paste, presto evidence.

    Hos long does it take to send crow meat?

  2. Former Agent Coffindaffer definitely needs to bone up on this case. First, I believe the Federal Investigation originated from Brian Higgins being a Federal employee, (ATF). Like other municipal and State agencies, the Feds conduct their own internal affairs investigations on their respective employees who are involved in, or are witnesses in a major crime on or off duty. I’m sure as this Investigation proceeded, there were more layers of inconsistencies that Fed. Investigators uncovered. As TB stated the mere fact a Federal grand jury has convened is very telling. This would not be in place unless an indictment(s), were forthcoming . Could the Feds also be performing their on DNA analysis on the clothing etc? I’m not sure if the US attorneys office Trumps State authorities during a State Murder trial, but it’s a possibility depending on the circumstances… hence the delay in discovery evidence. If they were investigating the Norfolk County DAs office, they would not be telling them when or where they are doing something as pertains to their Investigation. Again, grand jurys are convened to establish probable cause for criminal charges. My guess is Agent Higgins has been cooperating for some time. As has been discussed, some federal investigations last a year or longer. But their conviction rates speak for themselves. Miss Coffindaffer, some unsolicited advice, please do your research before dueling with TB.

    1. Your point is interesting. I still think it’s unlikely the FBI initially got involved because Higgins might be a material witness. There has to be a federal interest/crime violated for any sort of federal criminal probe. And if it started as some sort of internal affairs probe merely because he might be a material witness I’d think it would start within his own agency (ATF) and not the FBI. I have no specific insight into this besides my general understanding of normal practice. However, inquiries by the FBI likely started from allegations of violation of federal law which is still curious in this case. Murder and even corruption are not typically federal crimes. FBI agent could typically witness both and have no legal jurisdiction to launch federal investigation. If indictments follow it will be interesting to see what they are for. Civil rights violations? Fraud from an agency that receives federal dollars? The federal connection still seems very unclear to me.

      1. Good points, I believe ATF falls under the purview of the DOJ, if their was an internal investigation into a DOJ entity I always thought the FBI was the main investigative body of the DOJ , so they would investigate. Either way like you said FBI doesn’t insert themselves often in State cases; especially motor vehicle Homicide. Which makes this even more curious.

  3. Jennifer Coffindaffer and Wendy Murphy are a lot alike and the sense that Wendy Murphy looks like a living corpse. While Jennifer CoffinDiver looks like she should be in one.

  4. How does Chris Albert have any time to make mediocre chicken parm? It seems all his time is spent trying ( not succeeding) in getting the heat off his fucked up son and commenting and downvoting all the true comments on this page?? Care to reply Chris? We know you’re here right now.

  5. Best line: “You’re just not as smart as the person who got caught outing Chris Albert as her source.” Go TB!
    Justice for John & Karen

  6. Please ask her why it’s so damned important to convince everyone that Colin wasn’t there IF THE HOUSE WASN’T A CRIME SCENE?

      1. Exactly! This is one thing I can’t get past. “Colin wasn’t f-ing THERE!” Ok, if John wasn’t killed in there then why the desperate need to tel people he wasn’t in the house.

  7. This retired agent is like so many former FBI retirees who try to build a “brand” around their career. Partly to generate income but mostly due to their unrestrained narcissism…”look at me the next Donnie Broscoe!” “Aren’t I something?” – not really. You and your agency are vastly overrated as any one who lived in Boston while Whitey ran that agency can attest to. Don’t forget the Ruby Ridge and Waco fiascos. More recently, read about their handling of the Larry Nasser sex abuse case. The DOJ OIG report details shocking incompetence by yet another FBI agent ignoring horrific allegations for a retirement job – 70 more girls were subsequently abused by Nasser. In one word – SHAMEFUL. (“Please don’t argue these points with me”). Don’t have space to discuss the Tsarnaev debacle. Yet they keep claiming to be the greatest law enforcement agency in the world. Famous But Incompetent is more accurate. Not all of course but when I see this type of blowhard who won’t consider exculpatory factors in spite of all the evidence presented by Aidan, I’m pretty sure which category she falls into. The fact 70k people listen to her is incredible. Instead of arguing, shut up and hear what Dr. Turtle has to say – you may learn something.

  8. What this former agent’s involvement as well as Murphy’s points too is the proverbial “circling of wagons” to deflect , minimize and discredit the inquiry into the corrupt handling of this case because there is a BIG FISH on the national scale who is connected. Brian Albert has real dirt on a major player, likely political elite on the Federal scale, who risks getting exposed if Albert decides to roll. Lotsa rumors about drugs, sex parties, organized crime… all on the table.

    1. Piqued my interest for sure with this comment. Makes sense as there is always more to the story than we will see but do you have any context? Can you discuss hypothetically what type of info you’re relying on?

  9. Aidan: this may be worth looking into further: There is a retired FBI agent from Belmont, MA named Jim Siracusa. I believe he is Elizabeth Proctor’s (either) father or uncle. Jennifer Coffindaffer likely worked closely with Jim Siracusa as they served in the FBI during the same time span. This is yet another extension of the coverup to engage retired FBI wonks start to cover for the Canton crime family!!

    1. I believe TB covered this in part 30 of the Canton cover up series . Her brother is a Belmont Detective, her Father works, or had worked as an investigator for the Inspector Generals Office.

  10. This lady looks like an Elvira cardboard cutout but if you bought it off wish. All couples fight, and this chick is crazy to act like this couple would or should be an exception. Furthermore, Karen not crying on TV doesn’t prove a thing, not everyone shows their emotions the way others do or think they should. Somebody needs to bake her 100 crow pies.

  11. Talked to someone the other night that said everyone at Xavierian Brothers HS said the Albert
    brothers would end up in jail or would be a cop, Irony or Coincidence?

  12. I did not do 28 years in the FBI, however when I zoom in on those knuckle pics she gave it looks like someone touched them up. Because when you blow them up they are blotched and blurry. It also looks like they went a little heavy on the photo shope because it looks like there is a 6th finger defined on the bottom of the fist.
    Compared to the other guy where they look normal and well defined.

  13. Canton is a StarWars bar scene kind of town.
    Maybe I will ship some illegals there to spice things up

  14. The Alberts couldn’t have picked a better spokesperson. This chick is dumber than a box of rocks. “A grand jury and a judge…” This is called an argumentum ad verecundiam aka appeal to authority, and is a fallacy, dimwit. If you can’t speak about the evidence, shut up. The world doesn’t need to hear your worthless opinions.

  15. She discredits YT’ers every chance she gets yet she shares KP’s video on KR like it’s gospel. Just another corrupt pos.

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