Canton Cover-Up Part 114: DA Michael Morrissey Issues Statement Demanding That We Stop Protesting State Sanctioned Lynching Of Karen Read


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Norfolk County District Attorney Michael Morrissey declared war on the First Amendment today in the most cowardly style – with a Friday afternoon news dump that he recorded on video so that he could avoid questions from the media. In the five minute video he told us to stop protesting the fact that his office is trying to LYNCH Karen Red and cover up the murder of John O’Keefe. Every second of this video is more enraging than the last, and I listened to it for the first time on an impromptu live stream on my way home from the gym. Make sure you’ve subscribed to our YouTube channel by clicking here and hit the notification bell so you never mess an impromptu live stream. Warning: foul language.


I will have a lot more to say about this tomorrow night at 9 PM on the Live Show, and maybe another blog breaking down just how outrageous and dangerous this speech was. But for now, here are some quick thoughts:

  • We are going to protest this scumbag so much harder now as a result of this speech, and Jen McCabe, Chris Albert, and every other person complaining about it can thank this fat drunkard for that
  • We will NEVER remain silent and watch the most powerful people in our state murder a police officer, murder Sandra Birchmore, and LYNCH Karen Read
  • Karen Read saw John enter that home, and Ryan Nagel said he wasn’t in the car or outside of the car, so the only other place he could be was in the home
  • The only conspiracy theory is that John’s autopsy photos are a result of him getting backed into by Karen Read’s unscathed Lexus
  • This guy doesn’t represent the family of John O’Keefe, he represents Colin Albert, Jen McCabe, Matt McCabe, Brian Albert, and the rest of the white trash possy that thinks they can get away with murder
  • Phone evidence shows John was in the house
  • Brian Albert said Colin was in the house
  • Colin Albert was NEVER even questioned by police to this day
  • If we’re harassing Colin Albert, who I’ve never seen in person before, then what do you call what the FBI did to him on April 10?
  • These are the same people who had the audacity to ask the judge to gag the defense last month so they could spew lies and misinformation and poison and potential jury pool – NOT GONNA HAPPEN!
  • Colin Albert is the face of privilege in America. He is a throwback to something that liberal cultural revolutions were SUPPOSED to have rid our society of – entitled white male jocks who think they can get away with anything. Colin Albert quite likely murdered John O’Keefe, after spending his first 18 years on earth threatening and fighting anyone who got in his way, and not only was he never questioned about it by police, the DA himself is now acting as his personal attorney.
  • John was bit on the arm by Chloe the German Shepherd, which is why the prosecution tried so hard to prevent the defense from getting animal control records, which ended up proving their theory – Chloe bit multiple human beings.
  • He wants us to afford these scumbags the presumption of innocence and not make their lives uncomfortable while he uses the power of the state to LYNCH an innocent woman and ruin her life.
  • He told everyone not to listen to the Internet, while posting ON THE INTERNET!
  • He had the audacity to say that Michael Proctor “was never at Fairview Road.” Fact check – according to HIS OFFICE’S CHARGING DOCUMENTS, Proctor was at the scene all morning, and took John’s phone into his possession.

  • He said that Proctor didn’t have the opportunity to plant tail light, despite undeniable evidence that he lied about what time he towed Karen’s car from her parent’s home in Dighton
  • He had the audacity to say that Proctor had no close personal relationship with ANY of the parties, despite the fact that Proctor’s own mother calls the Alberts her “second family”

  • Our democracy was built on protesting and standing up to tyranny. Nothing is more American than what we are doing right now, and nothing is more tyrannical than what this EVIL monster is doing. Every defense attorney and media member in this state should be LOUDLY condemning what he just said. Silence is complicity.

He says it “needs to stop now,” but we’re going to do the exact opposite. There are 27 towns in Norfolk County, and I will be holding demonstrations in ALL OF THEM, to spread awareness of this case. I will be going to his house, to his office, and to his family events. He, and the people who murdered John O’Keefe, will not have a moment of rest moving forward. No justice, no peace, no murdering good police.

I will have much more to say on this tomorrow on the Live Show, so make sure you’ve subscribed by clicking here and tune in at 9 PM.





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