Canton Cover-Up Part 119: Michael Morrissey Impounded Affidavit To Protect Wealthy Developer Campaign Contributor Accused Of Raping 14 Year Old


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In 2013 District Attorney Michael Morrissey was responsible for a four car crash in Milton that many suspected was the result of drunk driving. Morrissey claims that he blacked out behind the wheel due to a medical problem, and he was never charged.

Norfolk District Attorney Michael Morrissey says a four-car crash he triggered in Milton after crossing the center line came after he blacked out due to a medical problem caused by fatigue, dehydration and the extreme heat. In a statement Thursday, Morrissey said he was driving home Tuesday evening when he began sweating and felt lightheaded. He said the next thing he knew, he was outside his car, which was stopped across the road. Four were hurt, including Morrissey, who suffered injuries to his hand and torso. The 58-year-old Morrissey was in the hospital the longest. He was released Wednesday.

Morrissey said his medical records showed there was no alcohol in his system and that witnesses said speed didn’t factor into the crash.Morrissey was cited by Milton police, but they haven’t specified the infraction.

— Here’s Morrissey’s full statement:

On Tuesday, July 16, 2013, I left my office in Canton and was traveling to my home in Quincy. While traveling on Centre Street in Milton, I was involved in a multi-car accident. Prior to the accident, I had made a series of phone calls on my hands free wireless telephone. The last call I made was to order a pizza. Shortly after that last telephone call, I was perspiring and felt lightheaded and the next thing I recall is being outside of my car which was stopped across two lanes of traffic. At the time of the accident, I did not know what happened. Individuals at the scene told me my car crossed over the center line causing the accident. I have no reason to dispute that.

I was transported to Milton Hospital and received treatment until yesterday at 5:30 p.m. when I was discharged. My medical records reveal that there was no alcohol in my system. Also, witnesses indicated that speed was not a factor. Instead, my medical records will show that I suffered a medical episode that caused me to lose consciousness and cross over the center line into the opposite lane of travel. The visible injuries I suffered were to my hand and torso. Fatigue, dehydration and extreme temperatures contributed to my loss of consciousness. On my doctor’s advice, I plan to take some time off to recuperate.

Immediately after the accident, the Milton Police Department issued me a citation. A hearing will be held shortly to determine any criminal liability. It is my hope that this is a speedy process and my intention is to make my medical records available at that time to appropriate personnel. I am grateful that the other parties involved in the accident appear to be okay as they were treated and released from the hospital. I wish them a speedy recovery.

This is an unfortunate accident. I intend to be as transparent as possible in this process.

Morrissey had his case moved to Worcester to pretend to avoid a conflict of interest. The magistrate’s hearing where it was decided that no charges would be filed against him took place behind closed doors.

The DA of Worcester County is Joe Early, the corrupt son of former Congressman Joe Early Sr, who was forced to pay a $5K after we exposed his role in Troopergate in October of 2017. In that story, which we broke (and were cited for in the Washington Post), it was revealed that Early had asked Colonel Richard McKeon to force Trooper Ryan Sceviour to delete sentences for the arrest report of Alli Bibaud. Bibaud is the daughter of Dudley District Court Judge Tim Bibaud, a close personal friend of Early. Alli Bibaud had offered sexual favors to Trooper Sceviour, and when he would not redact the information he was reprimanded.

Sceviour’s lawsuit claimed that Worcester District Attorney Joseph Early directed a conspiracy that sought to “unlawfully tamper with court documents, to violate Trooper Ryan Sceviour’s rights, and to defame him.”

The story on the editing of the police report first surfaced in October in a local blog, Turtleboy Sports, which said it had heard from several state troopers who expressed “outrage.” Other local media picked up the story soon after. The settlement clears Sceviour of any wrongdoing and orders State Police to pay Sceviour $35,000 and Early to pay $5,000, reported.

Early has no code of ethics and showed in the Bibaud case that he was willing to use his office for personal favors for friends.

So now we are to believe that in an isolated incident Morrissey passed out during the middle of the day because it was hot out (and his AC I guess wasn’t working?), and the act of ordering a pizza was the final straw that incapacitated him.


Morrissey also has ties to Quincy developer and accused child rapist William O’Connell.

O’Connell was charged with 5 counts in Norfolk Superior Court after being accused of trading cocaine for sex with a 14 year old girl.

Morrissey had accepted campaign contributions from O’Connell while he was a State Senator, and they had done business deals. He therefore handed the case off to a special prosecutor in Norfolk Superior Court named Andrew Berman.


The affidavit filed by police in that lawsuit was impounded by Morrissey’s office, a theme we’ve seen in the Karen Read case.

State Police executed a search warrant at William O’Connell’s condominium in the Marina Bay section of Quincy last month. At the request of Norfolk County District Attorney Michael Morrissey’s office, Ziemian impounded documents that explain the basis for the police search and what was found.

Morrissey’s office has not publicly explained its grounds for requesting an impoundment. In addition to keeping the public from seeing the police statement justifying the search warrant, and the list of items seized, the district attorney’s motion to keep that information private also was impounded.


In a unanimous ruling, the Supreme Judicial Court backed a request by the Quincy Patriot Ledger newspaper to unseal the search warrant affidavit filed in Quincy District Court by State Police Trooper Kathleen Prince last year as prosecutors investigated rape allegations against O’Connell.

The documents were first sealed, but a district court judge later agreed with the newspaper and ordered its release, prompting O’Connell and the special Norfolk prosecutor on the case to ask the SJC to keep the record sealed. O’Connell argued his right to a fair trial was threatened by the disclosure, and prosecutors contended that record must be kept confidential under a state law making police reports on sex crimes confidential.

“If applied to judicial records, such a requirement would have unacceptably far-reaching consequences. A wide range of court records in cases involving allegations of rape or sexual assault would be subject to mandatory and permanent impoundment, regardless of the specific facts or circumstances of each case,’’ Duffly wrote. “The United States Supreme Court has emphatically rejected blanket prohibitions on public access to judicial proceedings.’’

Luckily for O’Connell the 14 year old victim died in a car crash in December of 2012, so the rape charges were dropped. O’Connell took a plea on the drug possession charges and got 3 years probation. The Norfolk County DA’s Office agreed to destroy DCF documents pertaining to the case, and repeatedly amended his probation restriction to travel to foreign countries for business.

Boston Magazine wrote a story outlining the 14 year old girl’s allegations, which the defense denied. She claimed that a 19 year old woman named “Kookie” introduced her to O’Connell, who made her watch as they had sex.

They first met in the summer of 2009. He was somewhere around 70. She was 14. She went to his condo, she later told police, on something of a pretense, invited by a girl she knew simply as Kookie.

“You just have to watch,” said Kookie, a 19-year-old aspiring nanny who said she planned to have sex with the man. He was rich, one of the richest in Quincy, and he would give them money.

And so, as the girl would later tell police while laying out her version of events, she and Kookie took a cab to his condo in Marina Bay, the kind of luxury development that attracted athletes and high rollers, and judging from the place — a sprawling duplex with a Jacuzzi in the bedroom, mirrors that covered the walls and ceiling, and a skyline view of Boston — the man fit right in. The girl stood at the corner of the bed as Kookie and the man removed their clothes and put them on the floor. On the television, the girl could hear newscasters prattling on about earthquakes in California. Watching the two of them have sex, as she had been instructed to do, was awkward. At some point, the girl later told police, he called her over. He wanted her to have sex with Kookie while he watched. He also wanted to have sex with her.

She was scared — mostly, she later told police, because this was not the plan she and Kookie had discussed, but also because he was so old. “It’s okay,” he told her. He didn’t force her. She didn’t say no. According to police, Kookie held her hand, the older girl giving the younger a look as if to say, “It will all be over soon.” And it was. He ejaculated on her shirt, which she later threw away. Then he put on his pants, walked to the bathroom, and returned with $200 in cash for each of them.

According to a police affidavit based on an interview with the girl, she went back to 1001 Marina Drive about once a week after that — sometimes more, sometimes less, but never with Kookie. The man never used a condom. Each time, he would give her money from a black wallet — anywhere from $70 to $230. He never talked about why he was giving her the money — “that’s just how it always was,” she told police — and no matter how much he gave her, she would not complain, even if she was disappointed.

But despite the fact that everyone knew he was charged with this crime and got away with it because the victim died, O’Connell went back to his life as a developer like nothing ever happened. He still donates money to politicians to this day, including a recent $1K donation to Attorney General Andrea Campbell.

These are the people who Michael Morrissey associates with. These are the political connections he has made over the years. These are the kind of people he does favors for. Morrissey went out of his way to prevent the public form knowing the horrific details about what one of his campaign contributors and business associates did to a 14 year old girl. Imagine the skeletons he has in his closet. Imagine what they know about each other, and how far they’d go to protect each other.

In the Karen Read case his office has impounded several motions that were supposed to be made public, as well as evidence that would shed light on the case. His office opposed a motion forcing Brian Albert to hand over his cell phone, after he and Albert attended Ken Berkowitz’ retirement party together.

Now Morrissey is issuing proclamations demanding that people stop talking about the Karen Read case, and making blanket statements about the Alberts and McCabes being innocent witnesses to a murder. Considering his past, Morrissey’s outspoken support for them in light of the overwhelming evidence linking them to the murder of John O’Keefe should concern all decent people.


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