Canton Cover-Up Part 148: Jen McCabe Tells Motorists They Are Being “Taken For A Fool,” Makes Jokes About Karen Read Drinking


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Jen McCabe used to be a regular at the Karen Read hearings, wearing her Justice for JJ button and giving back rubs to drama hungry wine moms, pretending to care about John O’Keefe.

She continued to show up even after it was discovered that she had Googled “hos long to die in cold” at 2:27 AM before John’s body was left on the front lawn of 34 Fairview Road to die.

But after I escorted her to her car on May 24, and after she tried and failed to get a harassment prevention order against me, and after I confronted her at her kid’s lacrosse game, she has been nowhere to be found.

Jen did not attend yesterday’s hearing in the Karen Read case, nor did she attend the last hearing in July. Jen liked it when she could pretend to be the victim, but now that she is been exposed as a sociopath who conspired to kill a police officer she’s too much of a coward to show her face in court.

This, in of itself, is a victory. Jen McCabe should be a social pariah for what she did. She should be rotting in a jail cell, and every moment she is breathing free air we will be there to remind her of what she did to John O’Keefe, Karen Read, and the two children John left behind. We have shamed the most shameless woman on the planet into staying at her home for Read’s hearings.

Apparently during court yesterday Jen was at home when a passerby noticed her in the driveway. Instead of going inside like a normal person who everyone knows helped cover up a murder, Jen began to film the people filming her and in doing so made herself look like an even bigger twatwaffle.


“You guys are being taken for a fool.”

“Bye! Keep sending money to Karen!”

The arrogance this woman has is like nothing I’ve ever seen before. She puts on a front that this is all just a big joke to her, much as she did when I confronted her outside of court and at her kid’s lacrosse game. She doesn’t have it in her to do what Brian Albert, Brian Higgins, and Colin Albert have done – keep a low profile. Her narcissism doesn’t allow her to. But down she is frightened and loses sleep over the impending fear she has that one day her nightmare will become reality, and she will be indicted for her role in murdering John O’Keefe.

However, what really matters to her more than anything are appearances. Jen was once Queen B of Canton. The youngest of four daughters, she grew up spoiled and entitled, and somehow managed to rig the senior superlatives so that she won “best looking.”


This woman tried to get her to walk away and stop.

But she’s incapable of that, because keeping her reputation as a suburban soccer mom on the PTO matters more to her than anything. Innocent people don’t hide. Brian Albert has given us the W by moving out of his house, selling his dog, and hiding. Jen McCabe is incapable of that. Her narcissism prevents her from publicly taking the L.

But she will one day, when the FBI knocks on her door with a warrant for her arrest.

Jen McCabe is a psychopath. She saw John O’Keefe’s lifeless body inside Brian Albert’s house, and instead of doing something to try to save the life of her daugther’s friend’s father, she called her 17 year old daughter to be the killer’s getaway driver, and thus become an accomplice to murder. She then went home and Google “how long to die in cold” to make sure Karen Read didn’t find his body until hours after it had been placed on the front lawn.

Jen McCabe is not losing a second of sleep over the prospect of Karen Read spending life in prison for a crime that Jen knows she didn’t commit. She is evil incarnate, and a deranged lunatic who justice will soon be coming for. I can’t wait to see her cry the first time when she finally realizes that she’s not as untouchable as she thinks she is. After that she’ll not only lose her freedom, family, and home, but also something that is even more valuable to her – her reputation.


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